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KAFFED'in "Evaluation" About A Review

posted by eagle on April, 2010 as CIRCASSIA ADIGA

KAFFED'in "Evaluation" About a Review

Time 12:27 Thursday 08 Nisan 2010

A notice some true and accurate and exaggerated case to read, the author (click on the) political stance to see the block is not some right of writing from some no theology has not been the form on our mind, some question marks creates. 

"To be aware of evil and not to resist it is a betrayal of your inner man."

Mahatma Gandhi  

A statement some true and correct their exaggerated form to read, the author (click on the) political stance to see the block is not some right of writing from some no theology has not been the form on our mind, some question marks will create."Georgian, Abkhaz and Ossetians killed," said a person in Russia yesterday Come and do it today did not say anything about the war in a corner of our mind I think I need to keep. Second, our enlightened (?) That we owe, "Georgia and the United States is not ours, think their own interests" to be able to identify the "state of necessity" to have known of the answer is probably sufficient.

For all the people who make this determination, but when it comes to people who can not Circassian "Circassian representation" claims Let's remember: "your protector" removing troops from Russia in August 2008 Tsinkval'e felt their interests. Abkhazia had rented for 49 years from now (?) Lands at the naval base in Abkhazia is not set up for the sake of the good. Well, Circassian (Adyghe) when people will start thinking about their own interests? Sir, Do you have more time?Narrow the time, especially in the mindset of the term ...

Let me say clearly, KAFFED'in statement is a partisan statement, but it can write the Caucasus, a local political elite, who claim to represent the diaspora, an NGO in summer (a) maz. Ha also by the water away from the shallowness of sanity is not in any assessments.

"Assessment" also passed, as the so-called anti-imperialist slogans, hurled this clique into question must be asked is: rapidly to extinction drifting Circassians historical rights to obtain for both Çerkesya'da and in the Diaspora was carried out in the fight who by the will?

Development particularly in the last 4-5 years Çerkesya'da conspicuous silence and indifference about the events of this clique and who are party to do what gives us an idea. This mentality, the Circassian Genocide recognized by any state to be certified in the international sense, with the recognition by Russia of the historical rights and status in an effort to obtain Are?If so, develop strategies to ensure that Russia is simply to wait to have a heart?

Russian-imposed top-down policies, tragicomic-comic in the North Caucasus through direct to the Olympic preparations for Sochi and its surroundings make up the environmental and social disasters, the region's owners and their historical rights to ignore to be nothing to say they do not find a mentality, the chance that always riding to the forefront of Georgia's historical errors that clearly tells who is a party.

They do not know, 92-93 war soon after, even today, the Abkhazian government's top positions in the people of Georgia an agreement with the ground to call (which it ground, then Georgia's moves and were destroyed) for the various federal relations suggest that they, neither Russia nor Georgia-eternal enmity with or without sualsiz allegiance, not national interests, considers reasonable and necessary and that the establishment of relations of two countries / peoples of the world, our neighbors would be quite there.

Disturbingly, this clique, the Georgian Abkhaz administration more than the enemy, Russia's more notorious Russian pressure from local elites represented by the discourse of the diaspora who could think? Let me say, what may represent the Abkhaz nor the Circassians.

KAFFED'in "evaluation" of them to the same clique of the kalemşörlerinin writings ABA under the sticks shown, marginal, such as to show the cutting, Tbilisi conference in the negotiations in the first condition as the Abkhazia issue any of the agenda are not, Abkhazia and the Circassians, through a discourse guarantee has received. Georgian officials have said that clearly: "The Circassians blow to the independence of Abkhazia over as if you have an idea, forget it!" Namely, "evaluation" of good writing do not make it, and have demonstrated their intent. In addition to participating in the conference agenda as the Circassians, mutual guarantees, although it is not being taken to end with a move related to the Abkhaz issue:

1. Log-aggression treaty 
2. Do not avoid traveling to Abkhazia 

The Georgian parliament passed on to demand the incumbent has more than brotherhood. By global powers in this area that is not tepiş but the true owner of land on the game is played, in this regard to protect the rights of the sentence to be involved in the global game has been announced to the world.

In a word, this party, "party" is not. So, what is beyond the party by whom? Does not seem to mind the conscientious people, was squatting on top of this clique KAFFED'in who is a party?

"Assessment" at last shape with a "principle of" so-called pasifizasyon principle an opening to bring Cihan Candemir's a television program said, "We in Turkey Adyghe-Ossetian-Abkhazian represent you," he mentioned in 3 / 7 's formula to take a look. At least until the population of Ossetians in the Diaspora as well as other Caucasian peoples, somehow (!) Aside, separating the "Caucasian" because only three people of the Federation of Associations "representation" is? The rupture occurred in August 2008 that reserved the answer.

Two of these three people "protective" role in Russia's Lavrov and his foreign affairs minister in August 2008, immediately after the Candemir in Istanbul to discuss the message, and the opportunity of this protective role in the formula 3 Circassians of the people that you know, 80% of water küsürünün diaspora to engage the Russian policy in this context is to pump the Adyghe-Abkhaz brotherhood.

Russian policy is trying to show that cute ball of fire that razed the school of Beslan, but the fragments remain bitter over his scythe national rights altogether. This policy is a governor appointed "president" on his hand Circassians and Karachay-videotape between ethnic friction in provoking, if necessary systems in opposition to young people's way of their 'marginal movement pushing to destroy is, civil society leaders minted, the silence by and slaughtering their own guidance in the DCB Apart from the emergence of a national movement does not allow.

So, while their feet DÇB'nin Turkey, so click on the bet of the night "seems quaint village 'and it' cute show 'approach that gave the public what, what was taken? Georgia enters the race for flay, how it will account for?

To break up in August 2008 with representatives of Abkhazia in Turkey to acknowledge the legitimacy of the committee and explain why they support a year later as a tick stuck to the Abkhaz problem? Anti-democratic nature of complaints the committee established by the alleged and the committee compared to the inherently relatively democratic will be obvious that an Abkhaz-Fed's organizations against the region carried out in the organized opposition, the Abkhaz authorities as a partner pointed Abkhaz-Fed'e and official representative, addressed betrayal of up to What is the reason for crime? I wonder if something is not to look for Abkhazia, Circassian Is case of not dealing with the problem? In this case is taken off the hands of the Resurrection "brotherhood" They think they can swallow their tale?   

Abkhazia was out today and had to walk or in the lane, not only the Circassians, who fought for national issues in other Caucasian peoples, such as walking should be easy to understand that luxury. This is real politics, not to tell tales of brotherhood.

I know that the free will of the peoples of the Caucasus area of self-reference is part of the equation for the market produced by the "brotherhood" of any military academy is not a capital-I. Pumped by clicking the above mentioned pseudo-Abkhaz Adyghe "brotherhood" is essentially a trap that was set up on the floor of the fraternity. In the diaspora and the Caucasus in the patriotic parts indicted, the Abkhazians and Circassians to confront trying the more Circassians fronts by dividing their original policy decision to stop dealing with this clique, "unity" tales, accompanied by his wrists in handcuffs to the diaspora to her wrist trying to get is.   

08 Nisan 2010 
Shumaf Sencer

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