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Did The Tbilisi Conference Come late?

posted by eagle on April, 2010 as CIRCASSIA ADIGA

Did The Tbilisi Conference Come late?

On the basis that the works are measured by their results, any activity or event, its significance or importance lie in what is produced from variables on the ground, to affect positively or negatively the course of events whether relatively or totally, and it affects the interest or lack of interest thereof, which derive from a case due to effects gained from the topics raised by the specialty holders during working sessions.

The deadlock which took the Circassian Question throughout that time, the dreadful, and the emergence of signs and positive trends in recent years to begin to get the Circassian Question to the European and international forums, are clear signals for everyone who is  aware of the magnitude of the Circassian tragedy, that the rights of the Circassian nation are unchanged and firmly established, and must be retrieved intact and Inalienable by any party or entity, if resolving the issue did not achieve, a comprehensive settlement, for everyone to be given his rights, and by equity.

It is not surprising that the Circassian situation is described by some of these foggy painting or sarcastic description as an effect for the strong impact of the accelerating news, and the reason is that after the elapse of more than one hundred and forty-five years of the Circassian catastrophe, the Circassian matter has emerged so clearly and with such strength, and as a beginning on the Websites that emerged to be one of the fruits of interesting developments, in the spread of information technology and communications, which took upon themselves to address the problem of the spread of the Circassians in more than fifty countries in the world, displaced from their homeland, while we find our decent people living in the homeland they still "grab at the embers”, as they face violence and arrogance of the Russian executioner, which still occupies the Circassian land, did not reach at the intellectual and moral level of the wise who behave in a civilized manner, and those who show importance for Human Rights affairs that suits what human civilization has reached, and there are some fellow country-men who assist the Russian occupiers, have abandoned, all values, norms and humanitarian principles and worked to serve the colonists and opportunists, and to implement conspiracies by supporting and encouraging keeping the vast majority of the Circassian nation out of homeland, through the vague titles and suspicious ways and means that many do promote for , in order to legitimize exclusionary policies away from Circassian homeland, to be the maximum that Circassians can achieve and "just-in-exile", in Diaspora, where the various Russian agencies and in cooperation with some of the Circassian organizations and individuals in the follow-up and application of these procedures.

To be fair, and far from the case of "self-flagellation”, matters must be taken in a rational way and the following points must be taken into account:

The Circassians since their forced deportation from homeland as a result of the Russian genocide war, kept considering to return whether themselves or their children and grandchildren to the occupied homeland, when the demise of the reasons that led to the move away.

Parents did not hesitate to instill patriotism in the hearts and minds, poets, writers, and did not forget the committed poets, writers, and novelists to mention the homeland in their literature; all of this not to interrupt the bonds of affection, love and dedication with their homeland.

The establishment of the various Circassian institutions and associations in the whereabouts of the Circassians and when they could, which had happened to keep the contact between the people of one nation united and ready to help each other in all occasions and circumstances.

With regard to the participation of some of the Circassians or part of the Circassians in conferences or gatherings, some of those events can be mentioned in the following as an example, but not limited to:

Circassians had worked on the establishment of the International Circassian Association, in the nineties of the last century in order to claim the Circassian rights, but unfortunately the Russian intelligence agents had worked to penetrate in, for its polarization, and to transfer its headquarters to Nalchik and to change its objectives, they even added to that by making the chairpersons and the principal staff of the personnel have connections with various Russian intelligence and repression agencies.

Because Circassia is a member of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) in The Hague, the Circassians were involved and they participate in meetings and activities of the organization.

Some Circassians participated in the establishment of the International Anti-imperialism Front (IAF) in the Ukraine in 2007.

On 21 May 2007, The Circassians had participated in a specialist Conference organized by the Jamestown Foundation about Circassians’ past, present and future.

Circassians held important conferences, and symposiums on the Circassian Question at Harvard University and William Paterson University in April of 2008.

A symposium held at the Circassian Charity Association in Amman / Jordan on 20/5/2009 and during the symposium two speakers had talked about two subjects, the first entitled Circassian Mobility between the North Caucasus and Diaspora and the second entitled the Legal Status of the Circassians.

Circassians had participated in a conference that was held at the Finnish Parliament on 25 and 26 May 2009.

The last conference was attended by the Circassians as well as other Caucasus nationalities, is the Tbilisi Conference, which brought its results according to expectations and hopes that predicted by who participated in the preparation and organization of the conference, and showed that it was not too late to hold this forthcoming conference, long-awaited to be held anywhere, but came to realize the ambitions which had continuously wishful thinking to be held on Caucasian territory of Caucasus, and that was it.

It remains to say that we urge our young generation to meaningful work without selfishness, tendency to individuality or in imitation for those working in accordance with a selfish tendency and that the result may come to be against the basic principles of methodological and institutional coordination of activities, so it looks for the independent observer as a failure of the working team of a certain project, which in result help to frustrate many. Work should be accomplished and to emulate those youth of young men and women who have moved to travelled to various destinations in the United States of America, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and last but not least, the to the Georgian capital city of Tbilisi in order to explain and clarify the tragedy of our nation, in order to move forward in helping those who stand firmly in support of "our noble cause", through a long way to restore the legitimate rights of the Circassian.

Our youth (the future of our nation) should ignore negative inputs of some individuals who are trying to impose themselves on Circassian communities, which would indicate the self-centeredness, the self-performance and self loving, and certainly there is no sane person who can take control his senses would allow this to happen!

Live and let go,
let us live as long as we are alive!
We got tired of you...
So, get off our backs!
Stop using our corpses,
bridges linking ambitions!
When truth is verified,
faith will lead our way...

4 April 2010

Justice For North Caucasus Group

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