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Evil Russian Imperialism Haunting Diaspora Circassians

posted by eagle on March, 2010 as CIRCASSIA ADIGA

Evil Russian Imperialism Haunting Diaspora Circassians




Unfortunately, there is a phenomenon that levels the Circassian communities where some individuals who employ negative effects on their communities are working their best to provide suspicious services that is meant to be there to divert and scatter the Circassian constants, and to "try” to drag Circassians to be preoccupied with matters other than the main task of interest and concern to all of them alike.

The development of Russian imperialism in Circassia since Russian ambitious plans had been launched to conquer and occupy Circassia had been developed for implementation in order to reach the warm waters of the Black see irrespective what the consequences would be, which turned to be a total destruction of Circassia, genocide that led to the elimination of half of the population, forcible deportation that sent a big portion of the inhabitants to compulsory exile, that had also its tragic consequences such as the loss of tens of thousands during the tragic ordeal either as a result of the sinking ships that had no seaworthy, the spread of infectious diseases,  exposure to extreme cold and hot weather conditions, hunger and thirst of all deportees who had lost all what they own in this life on top of their dear homeland.


The Russian / Circassian War Consequences


The Circassian nation is one of those unlucky ones who got to deal with a long lasted and devastated war that resulted in destroying Motherland, mass genocide against the majority of the population that had touched everyone, forced deportation for the majority of those who managed to stay alive, and oppression of the remaining population (10 %) of remaining inhabitants who fled to the mountains, and/or managed to stay.

The deportation that took place more than 145 years ago, had contributed to inflame the situation of the tragedy when hundreds of thousands of deportees had to be deported by the tyrant powers involved, by using worn-out ships that hundreds of them had sunk with all their passengers, and had great difficulty to sail through the crashing waves and harsh weather conditions of the Black Sea, had brought those who were expelled from their sacred soil to arrive in new territories, away from the cradle of their hearts, the land of their fathers and great-grandfathers, until the time permits to return home with dignity and pride.

Displaced Circassians had suffered from the horrors of displacement away from home and subjected to the impact of harsh weather conditions of extremely high and low temperatures, beside rain, snow, storms, and sunstrokes. 

The spread of infectious diseases, severe diarrhea, and bronchitis pneumonia had been other direct reasons for discrimination that the deportees suffered of, in the ports of tragic arrival, which made the local inhabitants refuse the stay of the arriving refugees in their cities and communities, and/or to be settled close to them in order to avoid getting infected with unwanted multiple diseases.

Circassians from those ports of arrival had to be distributed later, on the Ottoman territories according to a Turkish plan for the optimal use of those demoralized people who were put in a position that it was planned for them to be used for defending the Ottoman Empire’s interests in the former occupied nations in the Balkan and the Arabic region.

As a result, monitoring Diasporas by those who are employed for maintaining a Russian (Slavic) superiority over other tens of occupied nations and peoples that were either forced and deported out of their original homelands, or stayed under colonial occupation forced out of their original homelands as a result of the Russian occupation and forced annexation of their homelands to be part of a false and forced Russian so-called federation.


Fabricating Weakness to Strength and Influence


The most important issue of the Russian occupiers is to maintain direct control, and  to sustain an authoritarian central rule on the necks of the colonized oppressed people, where only 10% of Circassians still reside in their homeland; the chain of events that had taken place in recent years, since the Russian government’s announcement of intention to host the 2014 Winter Olympic Games on the occupied Circassian land, had witnessed also the Russian colonialists’ celebrations with all their agents, employees and puppets, of the so-called voluntary association with Russia (when Circassians voluntarily had chosen to enter to the monster’s stomach!) that is totally false, then to the approval of the International Olympic Committee to hold the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, the "Land of Circassian  Genocide”, and the Russian naked lie in the speech of the then Russian president, Vladimir Putin, announcing in a ceremony of accepting Sochi as the host of the games, when he mentioned that other ancient nations including the Greeks had inhibited the area before, but he intentionally ignored mentioning the Circassian nation, that got an ancient history and civilization of more that 6000 years old, where the Russian invading army had celebrated in the year 1864 their so-called victory over the Circassian nation through a military parade in Sochi, where the cemeteries were filled of Circassian patriots and heroes who defended their sacred soil until the last drop of blood and the last breath of life.

It is worth mentioning though, that Russia had gained more territories and more of colonial domination on the ground in the Caucasus, in the summer of 2008, when its forces claimed that they were defending South Ossetia and Abkhazia, and at the same time Russia obtained more power over the two Caucasian republics due to the fact that Georgia had not succeeded by then to solve out those two vital issues peacefully and logically, in a way the two problems would be solved  in accordance with legitimacy and the right of self-determination of both the Abkhazian and the South Ossetian nations and in accordance with the International Law.


Extending Evil Arms beyond Allowed Boundaries


The  revealed crystal clear tendency as a result of the Russian control of Circassia and beyond, had developed a policy to tackle the elements of the presence and future, which lead to the consequences of extending its arms of evil to Circassian Diasporas in their compulsory exile which had become in the recent few years, as one of the top priorities and objectives that had been taken as a major task of the infamous Russian Security (Intelligence) Services’ branches such as FSB,SVR, GRU and others that got different names, titles, tasks, sizes, importance, and effectiveness, supported by under-cover staff, agents, and spies in Circassian and other occupied nations’ institutions world-wide, and those recruits are dictated what their missions are to be, in regard to collecting information and data, beside following Diaspora activities in all its detailed elements and factors, to include imposing lots of Russian policies and orders that would make Russia, fait accompli, which enables those appointed who are hired individuals with the observation and full monitoring of the Russian Embassies intelligence staff, in order to control Circassians in Diaspora in all walks in life starting from their institutes and organizations to identify trends and activities that must be adhered to in form and content.


Russian Spying Worldwide


The Russian guidelines through their bustles and hustles are projects of short and long term dimensions, are dealt with officially by all government branches with the Foreign Ministry being the most important of all and the "security establishment”, on one hand, and on the other hand by all the agencies and subunits, agents, spies, and cooperators of the security services both within the boundaries of the so-called Federal Republic of Russia, and overseas and beyond the political boundaries to reach any targets that they see it might form a danger to their policies of increasing their influence in any issue that might be of interest for their obtrusive and malicious policies, and the main task is to spy on other countries in order to maintain certain strategic competition in regard to military forces and equipment, to keep up with technology, information, weapons, and armament balance to the degree that Russia determines it is adequate to maintain certain image in the world.


The Effect of Russian Involvement in Circassian Diaspora


After Circassians settled and resettled few other times in certain cases, before they reached a permanent stable status, which the new conditions in the new homelands had improved their conditions of life and living, where they had started to rethink recovery of the Circassian nation and the order of priorities for the future and viewing the restoration of rights when the time is suitable.

The Russian authorities had always followed the footsteps of the Circassians in Diaspora countries through policies of the consecutive Russian governments and regimes, in order to keep them controlled away, and diverted from returning home in large numbers.

It started during the Tsarist Imperial regime by the use of the Russian diplomats, and the employees of any Russian commercial establishment, that got any possibility to collect information.

Continued during the Soviet regime when the revolution violence flames subsided and the Communist Party had started their peaceful means and methods of modern government, which lead to the establishment of Cheka, OGPU, NKVD, and KGB, that used to be the most important part to coordinate the various efforts, without under estimating the Soviet embassies, the Soviet cultural centers world-wide, and the foreign students that used to obtain scholarships in various Soviet universities and institutes.

The post Soviet regime brought up the title of FSB instead of the KGB that brought the Russian presidents Boris Yeltsin, Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev, has developed its way of dealing with Circassians and others. Even though technology was very important to upgrade the Russian typical methods that used to be more of a semi-primitive, the most important factors turned out to be the human element through:

Foreign Ministry employees had been reinforced with FSB personnel as civilian employees and diplomats.

Russian embassies and consulates were better organized for better performance, and feedback through employees and envoys.

To manage the supervisors and managers of Russian Cultural Centers, and one of them have just started working in the Jordanian capital city of Amman.

Agents and cooperators that work for the Russian intelligence officers in various Russian embassies of the world capitals are considered an important source of information and at the same time a mean of conveying messages, spreading rumors, and even delivering imposed Russian policies and orders for institutes to implement and to pass the Russian policies mainly to Diaspora Circassians when the necessity requires to have such spying nets in certain countries for specific reasons.

The introduction of extraneous concepts such as the so-called "450 years of voluntary association with Russia”, and the suspicious projects such as the so-called "CIRCASSIAD”, will lead to results involving the Circassians in both Motherland and Diaspora, with dire consequences.

The individuals and nets of agents and cooperators who are mainly considered from the academic sector of the society, who were either Leftists and Communists, or who are consisted of a significant proportion of those who went to study in Soviet and Russian institutes, and who have graduated from there in ways that are cheap and trite which reflected a scope of corruption. This type of Russian influence is the most effective in the daily and short term strategy that includes spying and implementing certain tactics.


Contaminating Circassian Institutes


Some of those who are supposed to be Circassians or of North Caucasian origin are mobilized by Russian Intelligence officers world-wide especially at the Russian embassies, consulates and cultural centers, they are organized to carry out distributing, circulating and executing Russian policies and guidelines within the Circassian Societies (Khasas), institutes, organizations, clubs, schools and social foundations.

They are always available and coordinated to carry out their tasks at any occasion that might take place in the Circassian institutions of civil society.

Their main mission is to persuade Circassians as much as possible to think and act, the way the Russian colonial authorities want them to be, and to divert their minds to avoid remembering or mentioning anything that is considered touchy for the criminals and perpetrators of the Russian invaders.

To guide the Circassian main stream opinion (whenever possible) away from their main cause in regard to the Circassian Question such as the very vital issues of Deportation, Genocide, and the elimination of Circassia from the map of the North Caucasus.

To force all institutions to ignore any events that take place in Motherland or elsewhere that would be considered a Russian colonial private or internal affair that in result Russians will not be accountable for whatever they say or do.


Penetration Examples


Assessing the penetration of the Circassian communities both in Motherland and Diaspora is essential to have a hint of the real and direct threat to the Circassian nation’s presence and continuity.

At homeland, the Circassian society (10 % of total Circassians in the world) is controlled by the Russian occupation authorities represented by FSB and all its branches supported by the criminal semi-mafia organizations and veterans, consisted of Cossacks and other organized crime groups. Some of the Circassians whether the well known opportunists, or those who voluntarily or compulsorily participate in the authorities’ administration, they convince themselves that they are doing something extraordinary to serve the communities or the so-called republics of theirs, while they blindly support any Russian step to obliterate the legitimacy of Circassian presence.

There are lots of patriot Circassian groups, youth forums and individuals that are subjected in many occasions to ill-treatment by the occupation authorities who announced more than once that they will never give up their long lasted search for the way to restore their nation’s civil liberties in accordance with human rights.

Not to underestimate the actuality that the public image hides lots of hidden atrocities, unrest, and corruption.

As for the Circassian Diaspora, which is distributed in more than 30 countries of the world, the majority of the institutional establishments in most of those locations are invaded, penetrated, controlled, and directed by the Russians through forces and personnel guided by various Russian influence techniques, upon them is to manipulate those who are narrow-minded, naïve, parochial, selfish and opportunists.


The Diaspora of the Circassians of Turkey, being the largest Circassian population living in one country of the world (Population is larger than the total Circassians all together living in Homeland). There are tens of Circassian and Caucasian associations, which are located all over the country; but they are divided into two main streams, the first one of them is the part with Russian authorities and Russian intelligence agencies’ ties such as "KAFFED” which are connected with the Russian controlled, Nalchik based, "International Circassian Association”, that was founded to be the most important association that would unite all Circassians and will be the component or the element that would be responsible for dealing with the consequences of the "Circassian Question”.

The second stream is the other associations and institutions that have independent and most of the time a Circassian and/or Circassian/Caucasian national agenda.


Syria’s Circassians are afflicted by the scourge of the students that used to go in large numbers to study in the Soviet institutes and universities, which had the majority of them as an effect of the communist regime to make all kinds of influence to convince them to embrace left-wing or Marxist doctrine without a consideration to their origin, which made them after returning to Syria to stay hooked with their newly adopted outdated principles, but unfortunately and with regret they kept on sympathizing with the Russian state after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, and worse than that, they divested the Circassian institutions and associations, and they have tried to lead all walks of life towards silly, unimportant and inconsiderable objectives, that got nothing to do with the real Circassian issues, especially that the whole government system and due to the close and friendly relations with Soviets and later with Russians, which gave the Russian embassy and bodies affiliated to it a wide range of maneuverability, that had dedicated conditions and circumstances to help in keeping the situation as is, as a result all Russian official policies pass unquestioned.


Israel’s Circassians, are more independent of any foreign influence, with high ceiling of freedom to express opinion, with little effect of Russian political manipulation, and less Russian agents, however they are in an enviable situation, because of the unstable situation in regard to Middle East unsolved and broken peace issues.


Circassians of Jordan are recognized for enjoying stability of their conditions through respect and appreciation for their role in building of modern Jordan. The relations between Circassians of Jordan and Motherland had changed dramatically from the Soviet era and present-day Russia, where Jordan had taken a strong stance against communism, in addition to the free world, which made the initiation of contacts start through official channels that spread later on to students scholarships that were mostly presented through the Circassian Charity Association of Jordan, and then contacts had started on individual basis for persons who were travelling to what was used to be then, the Soviet Union, only to the tourist areas, permitted, and then evolved into a group visits to the Motherland to visit tourist areas, which were the tourist resorts in the North Caucasus such as the resort of Sochi on the Black Sea, until the time in which a new regime had formed, but left holding on the peoples of the North Caucasus in addition to other peoples, who were kept under the direct rule of the government residing in Moscow.


Circassians in the European Union where most of them came from Turkey and the Balkans, who have created Circassian communities that, are no different from other communities that had descended from, but presumably with different type of democracy and freedom of expression.


Circassians in the United States of America had arrived from many different Circassian communities such as Syria, Jordan and Turkey, and even from the North Caucasus, when the some military personnel who participated in the Second World War to remain in the West, and eventually most of them after few years, had migrated to the United States of America, with the passage of time, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and many of the Circassians had commenced contacts with their relatives in the North Caucasus, and some them had established good relations with their relatives in the North Caucasus, and some them had established good relations with homeland, but with different intentions.


It should be mentioned that one important aspect in bringing Circassians together, is that the relations between the Circassians had been characterized as common that it is linking Circassian communities, families and individuals with each other, which made possible for the eventual possibility of the international monitoring by the organs of the Federal Security Services and to steer the destiny of Circassians!


The Evolution of Suspicious Movements

The outcome of the repercussions of the disintegration of the Soviet Union, and the establishment of 15 independent republics, that was not one of them from the North Caucasus, although the nations of North Caucasus were occupied and colonized too, but have been retained within one of the former Soviet republics that have emerged in the early years of nineties of the 20th Century, which had two main and direct factors: 

Positive results were the kind that shake the feelings, and helped to increase and strengthen the national stream and the patriot Circassian, which has never ceased since the arrival of the Circassians to a land far from homeland, and when ancestors did not discontinue telling their stories on the brutal Russian war against the Circassians, which resulted in killing, total destruction and the deportation from homeland.

Negative results were in the establishment of a political entity of so-called Federal Republic of Russia, which in turn, with the outbreak of the first Russian/Chechen War (at present time), Russia re-organizing the remainder of the villain KGB, and to name the new intelligence institution, FSB (Federal Security Service); but this is not the issue here! The Issue is the new policies adopted by the Federal Security Services, which differ slightly from those of the KGB, which was based primarily on different levels, contrary to the Federal Security Service, which began to penetrate the Circassian Diaspora communities as well as other communities of the North Caucasus! When the Federal Security Services began to penetrate the International Circassian Association, which led to the appointment of former KGB agents, to work on the management of the Circassian scene and those agents eventually, had put into practice what Moscow had demanded, which was the decision to transfer the International Circassian Association to the city of Nalchik, the capital city of the Republic of Kabardino - Balkaria, where lies a nest of the Russian intelligence. That it did not stop at this point, but the Russian hack and the participation in the domination and dictate the fate of the Circassian Diaspora is equally at homeland for the Circassians as well, where this phenomenon has taken a more visible and has become more realistic.


Agents and spies working for the Interests of Russia

Networks of individuals and groups who benefit from being slaves for the same tyrants who still work within the same strategy to eliminate the Circassians, but now with different ways and means, which, strangely enough to be by the State that it is pursuing the grandchildren of the people, that had suffered of a genocide and forced deportation, but not for an apology or to correct the errors committed, but to provide new ways to encourage integration and assimilation in the communities in which they live! They always claimed that they are helping these communities, but to make them forget the Motherland, by forgetting the right to return to their homeland, and distracting people to stay busy with silly matters contain promises and prospects. with empty Contents. Those agents who are working against their Circassian nation are very well known in all the places mentioned above, Turkey, Syria, Jordan and the United States of America, in addition to homeland. If those agents and conspirators become more of an impact in disregarding the rights of the Circassian nation and persistence in criminally dealing with enemies of the nation and the homeland, then revealing the names would be appropriate, even necessary, and would require the importance of sweeping away those agents from the Circassian scene.





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