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Natpress: Appeal of KCR public movement of youth "Adyghe Khasa" to the Head of Russian Federation President Administration

posted by circassiankama on November, 2009 as CIRCASSIA ADIGA

Appeal of KCR public movement of youth "Adyghe Khasa" to the Head of Russian Federation President Administration 


To the head of Administration of the President of Russian Federation

Naryshkin Sergey Evgenevich,

To the plenipotentiary of the President of Russian Federation in the SFD

Ustinov Vladimir Vasilevich

Copy - to President of KCR B.Ebzeev

On October, 14th, 2009 the deputies-Karachais of the National Assembly of KCR had broken the session of the Parliament of the Republic. Karachais-deputies refused their belonging to this or that political party, having regarded as the paramount importance their national interests once again.

They just left the hall of the session in order again, already for the fourth time!, to show their unwillingness to support at the elections of KCR National Assembly representative in the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of Russian Federation the candidature from the party “United Russia” only because that candidate is Circassian Vyacheslav Derev. We consider the actions of Karachai deputies of KCR National Assembly as an offensive attack to the address of the whole Circassian people of КCR. But the open demarche had revealed the essence of the interethnic relations in the republic, and we should be grateful to unknown initiator of the scandalous appeal to the President and the Speaker of KCR Parliament who stated incontestable proofs of the aspirations of "Karachai majority" to follow all the aspects of the public and political life of our Republic the interests of Karachai people.

Such rough actions were directed on depriving Circassian people of the will and imposing Circassians a political figure suitable to the Karachai majority. We are indignant with absolutely groundless and provocative statements of Karachai deputies about that "V.E.Derev is connected among people with aggravation of the interethnic discord, destabilization of the situation in KCR", "they insist on his candidature to please the clan of the Derevs"; and we declare with our responsibility that Vyacheslav Derev's name associates among people with factories, industrial units and workplaces. And, as a consequence - with growth of the well-being and self-belief for tomorrow of thousands and thousands families though, unfortunately, on the background of the growing unemployment in KCR, caused by incompetence of the leadership of the Republic. And the impudent, almost insolent statement of the Karachai deputies that they are ready to vote for any Circassian except V.Derev, sounds like a barefaced dictatorship developed in KCR by Karachai ethno-cracy, a dictatorship which they try to broaden in the National Assembly (Parliament) of KCR. But, expressing their readiness to support "any candidature" except V.Derev's one, the Karachai deputies appeared to be a factor of deepening the interethnic discord and destabilization of the situation in the Republic. Therefore we shall insist on Vyacheslav Eduardovich's candidature as the only one nominee for the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of Russian Federation from Circassian people, no matter convenient that to the developed in KCR Parliament "Karachai deputy fraction" or not.

After those provocative actions of the Karachai deputies among the public of the Republic rumours about that the alternative nominee for the place of KCR Parliament representative in the Council of Federation was the head of the Federal tax service management across KCR Ruslan Kazanokov. Concerned with such situation, on October, 22nd a delegation on behalf of the Council of Adyghe Khasa visited Ruslan Kazanokov. Ruslan Kazanokov declared that those rumours had no ground. At the same time, he said that since January, 2009, the tax service was inspected for 50 times by the commissions of various levels - from republican up to federal ones.

It is easy to make a conclusion that the organizer of those inspections is no else but the representative of the President in the Council of Federation of Russian Federation Ratmir Aibazov who had the purpose to push off the head of the regional tax service Ruslan Kazanokov and to lead on that post Karachai Robert Karabashev, the chief of the interdistrict tax service inspection # 3 across KCR. Undoubtedly that R.Aibazov supposes his sister Muksimat Dzhamaeva holding at present the post of the deputy chief of the interdistrict tax inspection in R.Karabashev's place. The ultimate goal is taking away that place from Circassians and transforming the Management on taxes and tax collections into a political tool of Karachai political elite.

Stopping the opportunity of further wide spreading of such hearings, we declare that they are called to create conditions of nervousness in KCR National Assembly and directed on escalation of the interethnic intensity and discrediting of Circassians - heads of the republican level. Trying to clash representatives of Circassian people in authority among themselves in struggle for the post of senator, they have the ultimate goal to transform the developed intensity in Karachai-Circassian relations as a result of the provocative actions of the Karachai deputies of KCR National Assembly into the sphere of the intra-Circassian disagreement.

The reasons of such inadequate behaviour of the Karachai deputies of KCR National Assembly are rooted in the events of ten years' prescription when Stanislav Derev in 1999 had won the presidential elections in KCR even in the first round. Despite of it, he was forced to leave the republican political arena to not aggravate the situation and to not push off people of Karachaevo-Circassia to an armed opposition.

Making of such uneasy decision by Stanislav Derev was initiated in not smaller degree by actions of the Federal Center which appeared to follow by notorious "the Karachai majority".

Unfortunately, as we were not once convinced of it, that circumstance was estimated by Karachai politicians as a weakness of ours. It promoted that in the Karachai public consciousness and their political elite a certain stereotype of their superiority as a relative majority in KCR was formed. Owing to that only representatives of Karachai people should carry out the Supreme authority in the republic. A naive error if to consider that the basis of KCR are still Karachai and Circassian autonomous regions, and the Supreme authority in the Republic should be carried out by representatives of the two subject-making peoples. But using a safe, in their opinion, factor of "the Karachai majority" promoted that the Federal Center went again after the unlucky arithmetists and appointed to the post of KCR President Karachai Boris Safarovich Ebzeev.

Coming back to the elections of 1999, we should note that B.Ebzeev showed himself from not his best side in solving ethnic questions. Especially brightly it was showed in the materials of the newspaper "Visit" – the official press organ of the pre-election headquarters of B.Ebzeev not having missed a chance to pour streams of dirt and slander not only on his opponent - the candidate for KCR President S.Derev, but also the whole Circassian people. One of those materials was publication "From Bekovichs to Derevs" in which Y.Kalmykov, Stanislav Derev, Nazir Hapsirokov, Boris Akbashev and all the Circassian people which they represented “got in equal way”. It is clear, why B.Ebzeev could have taken only about 3 % of the voices of the voters. Peoples of Republic did not see on the post of KCR President a person who could not be above his own nationalism.

Why, in that case, the Federal Center staked on a figure so not perceived in KCR? But, trusting the Center, Circassians had not expressed their protest in occasion of B.Ebzeev's appointment to the post of the President. Having become the President in 2008, B.Ebzeev after 9 years did not get rid of his nationalist intoxication, and under a pretext of struggle with ethno-cracy started superseding Circassians from the high-ranked structures of the state authority KCR. Only the Parliament was left for Circassians. But that post has only a nominal character. In fact over 50 % of deputies of National Assembly (Parliament) of KCR are deputies of Karachai nationality as Karachai make only about 30 % from the general number of KCR population. As a consequence of it they block any questions connected with the interests of Circassian people. And the Speaker of the Parliament - a Circassian - is always a hostage of the Karachai majority of people's choices.

We are convinced that the happening in Republic is not resulted by a group of the deputies, or one person, whatever high post he cold had. It is a result of the precisely coordinated actions of the Karachai public and its political elite, directed on full Karachaization of Republic.

Analyzing the events of the last 10 years, we state that interethnic opposition of 1999 had been unblocked by achievement of the special arrangements, and in Republic a relative peace appeared. But rough actions of KCR President B.Ebzeev had aggravated again the interethnic relations and returned Republic to the situation of 1999.

We could demand from the Federal Center immediate measures on unblocking the situation in Republic and arrangement of correct accents in the politics in Caucasus. But it had already been made. And not once. But it had no any effect. We are not going to bear further such attitude to our people any longer and if in the near future there is not taken radical measures on unblocking the situation, we shall raise the question about self-determination and we shall call for this the other peoples of Republic which are in the same conditions. Confirming resoluteness of our intentions, we plan to lead in the city of Cherkessk in November, 2009 the All-Russia forum of Circassian youth with invitation of delegations from all the regions of Circassians’ compact residing and a delegation of independent Republic of Abkhazia with the subsequent coming to a meeting on the central square of the city of Cherkessk.

Chairman of Council of youth public movement "Adyghe Khasa" of KCR

Zhuzhuev Timur Muaedovich

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