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NatPress: “Circassian-Network” Association’s Presentation In Cologne (Germany)

posted by eagle on October, 2009 as CIRCASSIA ADIGA

“Circassian-network” association’s presentation in Cologne (Germany) 


The public association “Circassian-network” (CN) of Germany prepares for carrying out on October, 30th a presentation of the web-site and the work plan. The action will be lead in the city of Cologne, and this time as the organizers hope, it would become more scale than the previous one.

As NatPress was explained on phone by Inal Temzok, one of the leaders of the association, at the last presentation which had gone right, too, and took place on September, 26th in the same place in Cologne, there was again elected mayor of the city of Yurgen Roters. Besides known economists, politicians, art workers participated in the action. The chairman of the board of the association Bilial Idis notified the audience on the cultural part of the evening. And after the supper Aikut Sahin performed his own compositions.

At the evening they discussed the question of “Circassian Culture Year”, about expansion of communications among Circassians, about the interethnic cultural cooperation of the migrants in Germany and Europe. The CN supports such interaction, promoting development of the contacts within the limits of Europe, helps associations, unions, enterprises with organization of thematic actions.

As Inal Temzok said, if the first presentation, despite of the presence of some honoured guests, passed in the atmosphere of "home" cosiness, in “the circle of relatives” the next measure should have the character of more socially significant action. “In fact, eventually, the area of our acquaintances is not limited with Germany or Europe. These are the Near East and Northern Caucasus, too”, - the interlocutor emphasized.

“And on November, 5th, - he told, - we arrange in Cologne “Adyghe Djegu”.

Let's note, earlier NatPress had informed about a meeting with Inal Temzok in Maykop. Then he briefly told about what had been made, about the plans of the association. And his present information about the presentation is the story how business moves ahead.

Let's also note that Cologne is the most ‘Adygeyan’ from among all the cities of Europe. On informal data about 5 thousand Adygeyan families live there.

NatPress - Oct 13, 2009

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