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posted by eagle on August, 2009 as CIRCASSIA ADIGA


15.08.2009 14:57 Posted by: SAH 

These days, an event which is of importance, can be described as historic, although the majority of residents Cherkessia and third-party observers of the ongoing processes in our region went unnoticed. 27 Circassian (Adygea) - Citizens of the Republic of Turkey addressed to the internal affairs Adygea to grant them permission for temporary residence in the territory of the Russian Federation and then will ask for admission to Russian citizenship.  
This event is historic because for the first time in 145 years since the end of Russian-Caucasian War in 1864, returned to their historical homeland organized group of descendants mahadzhirov returned itself. How to remember just the first group of organized returnees - Kosovo Circassians EMERCOM Russia had been evacuated from the area of armed conflict. That is the first group consisted of refugees fleeing their lives, and it is normal and the other, "Turkish" group - is voluntary returnees who knowingly, of sound mind and sound memory preferred living in a relatively prosperous country life is not equipped historic homeland.  
What is it? Desperate march-shot group of patriots motivated or sign over, the first robin, for which potyanetsya string, and then a rapid stream? Today, no one can answer this question, only time will do it. But each of us must realize his destiny, that he may become a party to the creation of that reply. Of course, all of the Diaspora will closely monitor the fate of the "troops" to gain and retain, in spite of all difficulties - severe socio-economic conditions, our bureaucracy, corruption, a complex crime and other problems to which we are so accustomed to that already, and do not notice. How do these people - our brothers take root in our home and how to settle, as soon will become full-fledged citizens of their new country, depends to a large extent, from each of us, our relationship to them.


Kosovo Circassians lived with us for 10 years. The rising generation "Kosovars", for which Adygea, Circassian land - it is not their historical homeland, but homeland, place of birth. Kosovo Circassians obzhilis, work, share with us of joy and misery. Problems with them are the same as us, they only slightly more complicated, it is necessary to get used to the unusual, but this is the price return of ancestors, which fate has forced them to pay. They obzhilis and become part of us because they helped all the Circassian world, has helped Moscow, Russia helped. This is Russia, which lives under the very flag and thus the coat of arms, by which Russia lived another empire, which expelled their grandfathers and great-grandfather. "Kosovars" have helped, assisted, as a skill. Arguing, cursing, sometimes hauling brick home with a "nationwide building" Mafehablya. Any case, which alone bear the sin.

What we have, such is the main thing - to change for the better, understand the bad in itself and its izzhivat not vpadaya in samoedstvo. And British flag with the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, which came down the stairs to the "Kosovars" - it is a symbol of the era, a symbol that is changing lives, changing world, Russia is changing. It should be noted that after the Six Day War of 1967 between Israel and several Arab States, a large group of Syrian Circassians, including those living in the Golan Heights, has asked for the repatriation of Soviet power, but they were denied, and then they emigrated to the United States.

Let's hope that the federal government, saying "A" and say "B", Circassians giving the right to obtain Russian citizenship through a simplified procedure. Now for the receipt of necessary to live in Russia on a temporary resolution of at least one year, then get a residence permit and live in our country another 5 years continuously. Duration of residence is considered to be continuous, if the person traveled outside Russia for no more than three months within a year. It is necessary to know Russian language. In a simplified manner, ie, without compliance with these requirements can obtain Russian citizenship, foreign nationals and stateless persons who have residence registration in the territory of the Russian Federation, selected for their permanent residence in accordance with the state program to facilitate the voluntary resettlement to the Russian Federation of compatriots living abroad. Unfortunately, the Circassian diaspora, the second largest after the Russian diaspora of ethnic Russians, are still not included in this program. Moreover, Circassians abroad - it is not voluntary diaspora emigrants and exiles - the victims of the genocide policy of Russian Empire. This preamble to the Federal Law "On State Policy of Russian Federation in respect of compatriots abroad" states that "Russia - there is a successor of the Russian state and pravoprodolzhatel, the Russian republic. The Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic (RSFSR) and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR ), and "Institute of Russian citizenship related to the principle of continuity (continuity) of Russian statehood." This means that the modern Russian state should care to the plight of the Circassian diaspora, since it was formed "because" the actions of the Russian state to model the 19 th century, the legal successor and pravoprodolzhatelem which itself recognizes . These steps described in the President and the State Council - Hase Republic of Adygea in the State Duma of the RF genocide in April 1996, but today it is the word many are afraid to say, considering it kramolnym and are outweighed by the inter-ethnic relations. However, they cast a shadow over the lies and hypocrisy, ill - approaches to national policy, for example, vozdvizhenie in the territory of historical Cherkessia monuments of the organizers and perpetrators of genocide Circassian people. We need to be irresponsible politicians to imposing monuments Lazareva, Sasse Yermolov or not to think about what would be the reaction of the indigenous people, remember these royal officers as the executioners, not characters.

You can suppress, to rewrite history and even prohibit, close access to the archives, as it was prior to the time when in Russia it is time freedom and truth. But getting access to documents, we just got confirmation of what already knew from their parents, grandparents and great-grandfather knew a song of mourning, "IstambylakIue" knew of nadryvnogo voice, sounding on this day from the deep bowels of the deserted land. What more can be called that word, when you come home, kill your family and ostracized, burned houses, destroyed livestock and crops in the field, depriving of food, whip on the Black Sea coast, which is waiting for hunger, cold and fever, and everything is done just because you belong to the people who disagree with the fact that someone has decided on his own to dispose of the land on which your ancestors lived for thousands of years?  

The Convention on the prevention of genocide and punish clearly, that, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group as such:  
a) killing members of the group;  
b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;  
c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about physical destruction of it;  
d) imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;  
e) forcibly transferring children from one group to another group.  
The available documents are more than enough to set in action Sasse and Yermolov of "extermination recalcitrant" the existence of at least the first three signs of the crime of genocide, while sufficient to establish at least one of them.  
It is clear that the inertia and conservatism of thinking, perhaps, elementary laziness seriously hampered by federal politicians to address issues related to the Circassian diaspora, including the repatriation. But the question has long been overdue, and its relevance will increase. It would be better for all to work on proactive, rather than late to respond to the ongoing processes. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met with the leaders of the Circassian community of Turkey immediately after the Georgian-South Ossetian conflict in August last year. Thus, for the first time in 145 years after the end of RKV began a dialogue with the Diaspora at the highest level, and it can not encouraging, as the meeting - a signal the willingness of Russia to resolve the issue Circassian.

Referring also to their fellow citizens, I would like to appeal to them: it is impossible to live with the pain of old wounds, the wounds should be treated. And to treat the pain of the Great Exodus mahadzhirov can only help their descendants who wish to return to their homeland and build a house, plant trees, raise children. It is time to shake, rotate the head forward and ask ourselves the question:

"What we are doing here and now to make sacrifices of our people were not in vain". Protecting home and care abroad, our ancestors fought in the first place, for the preservation of the Circassian people, their national spirit and Adyge Habze. The times of weeping and moaning should end. "Nobody is forgotten and nothing is forgotten and we'll have to go ahead, but not in the Great Depression, which fell Circassian people after Russian-Caucasian war, survived the shock and loss of faith in themselves. And this way we have is one thing - to return.  
Our land and our people zachahnet dissolved among many people, if you will continue to live in a scattering of small islands. In fact, only land - the land of the Caucasus can be a life-giving source of moral and physical forces that supply our body and soul, giving the opportunity for survival and prosperity. Only then, when returned to their homeland, if not great, at least a substantial part of Circassians, will sleep peacefully, not experiencing the future of his people. Circassians of Caucasus fulfilled its mission - kept the fire in the national hearth, his Circassian diaspora - kept most of the people. Now the left one common mission - to return home, the mother of sons and daughters, so long sway over the others' corners.  
We must understand one simple thing - the gates shall be opened by hammering them, and not those who, silently and quietly, standing on the porch. Our brothers who live in foreign land, we'll have to go and knock at the door. They are worth remembering, in which the terrible conditions of their ancestors were, where were able to get to the Turkish coast, and realize that today the opposite bank of the Black Sea is not so terrible and awful to live, and it is already understood everything but still very Circassian diaspora. 

We are also living here, you need to ensure that the doors to our brothers were always open, day and night, to open these doors guaranteed Russian law, but when they let their homes, we must help them in all. It is our duty to family and duty to the Motherland, mother. Let us help you to start "27 paratroopers and take public control of their destiny.  
Hamid Bzhaho

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