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posted by eagle on July, 2009 as CIRCASSIA ADIGA


22.07.2009 13:07 Publisher: Chergi 

Against the background of ongoing efforts in Ingushetia, Chechnya and Dagestan, a terrorist war against Russia and the peoples of the North Caucasus by the so-called global terrorism (which, note, it is a state «registered») less visible processes on the «quiet» Kabardino-Balkaria. Republic has two «title» ethnic groups, who gave the name of this subject of the Russian Federation. Resisting the elites of two ethnic groups in Kabardino-Balkaria republic, has always occurred, further worsened after coming to power of President A. Mr Kanokov.The situation in the republic strained especially since the revitalization of the militias in spring 2009, just over the past few months in the country had to undertake several major operations to eliminate illegal armed formations (NWF). For example, in March, had been destroyed two militant bases in April destroyed 2 NWF party, and May became a «record» in this respect: assassinated the deputy chief SIzo Nalchik, shot dead by police officers in Tyrnyauz, a special operation in the heart of the city of Nalchik to eliminate pockets of resistance NWF. Experts attributed the growth habit of instability and an increase in terrorist attacks with grave socio-economic status. But it is hardly worth talking about it as the primary reasons for the increase in tension. Official statistics noted improvement in many areas of life. According to figures published by RIA Novosti 13 May, 2009 , The number registered in the territory of Kabardino-Balkaria crimes in the four months of 2009compared to the same period last year dropped by 6.6%, including the number of serious and very serious - 12%. According to the President of the CBD, AB Kanokov, the republic has demonstrated drums growth in construction - 119% in 2008 compared with 2007, average wages, according to preliminary data, the amount for the year 9220 rubles, which is 28% percent higher than last year. Given the growth of consumer price growth in real wages was 10%. There is a rising trend in fertility in the country. That is, according to official data, the situation in the country improves. Moreover, «strange» looks like the growing number of terrorist attacks and the activation of the militias. The point is that the situation is complicated by inter-ethnic tension between the two parts "covers" of the population, (kabardintsami and Balkars) and increasing fundamentalist sentiments. However, the influence of Islam in the CBD is significantly weaker than in the eastern part of the North Caucasus, - Chechnya, Ingushetia and Dagestan. In the CBD, the spread of Islam is limited to the existence of socio-cultural "cushion" in the form of Russian population, which amounts to about one-third. At the same time, in Kabardino-Balkaria and supporters of "pure Islam" is in almost every area and in very many locations. Meanwhile, the issue is a proper religious education in the country. Continuation of departure for further study of local youth in the Middle East could destabilize the whole region.Alarmingly reaching in Kabardino-Balkaria and the processes of radicalization of ethnic Kabardian (Adygea-Circassian) people. Numerous conferences, seminars, websites and forums to pedaliruyut nationalist sentiment among kabardintsev There has been a visible attempt to once again draw attention to the Caucasian War 1817-1864 biennium. The essence of all statements in this regard is extremely simple: the main victim of the war became adygsky people (destruction of over 90% of the population: from 2 to 4 million people), Adygea, several million were forced to emigrate abroad (Turkey, Syria, Albania), the most violent resistance to the aggression of Russian empire had Adygea and symbolic place of the end of the war Krasnaya Polyana has become (especially the issue circulated in connection with the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014)All this agitation is not in the past and the future. Fueled demands return of land previously owned by Adygea, and now members of the Krasnodar Krai, Stavropol, and more e.In these circumstances, the Republican leadership is trying, on the one hand, to prove loyalty to the center, but on the other - not to lose credibility among the population. Significantly in this regard, a statement by the President of the CBD, AB Kanokov, who in an address to residents of the 21 May, 2009 on the occasion of the 145th anniversary of the end of the Caucasian War, said: As the magnitude of losses, the length and brutality of the Caucasian War still holds a special place. Through tactics of "scorched earth", the royal autocracy aimed at not only the conquest of the Caucasus, but also to cleanse large parts of the province of the people. The main result of the tragic war to ygea in the lies that is large in those times, the people scattered around the world crossed the past and without confidence in the future. "Stigmatize thus imperial state in Russia, the Republican leader there and then hastened to stress the positive aspects of joining the Russian state adygskogo ethnicity: help in the fight against foreign invaders, the salvation of strife, etc As we approach the Olympics in 2014 adygsky etnoradikalizm will grow just like the idea of Adygea in one unit of the Federation. As chairman of the NGO «Adyge Hase» Adygea Aramby Khapaev today need to think about changing the names of the republics, so that everyone knew about the residency of Circassians, united in one word - «Adygea». For example, the KCHR include Adygea-Karachaevsk republic, the CBD can be Adygea-Balkaria. Another reason for worsening the crisis in the country is - a permanent conflict between kabardintsami and Balkars. Balkar, the Turkish people, as opposed to kabardintsev do not have such influence in the country, including by virtue of its small size. Attempts are at the socio-political level, leading to opposition from forces seeking to complete dominance in the republic. For example, in 2008, "Council of Elders of the Balkar people of Kabardino-Balkaria (SSBN) was banned as an extremist organization. Balkar people had no influential people in government positions in the CBD, which also led to his radicalization.In the illegal armed groups, are involved as kabardintsy, and Balkar. The authorities have accused many of the CBD in that clan Kanokov podmyal under a republic. Posts, land, etc. are given only under the guarantee of personal devotion. Moreover, unlike the former President Valery Kokova, the current president, some experts believe, has no proper authority to «shoot» a contradiction between kabardintsami and Balkars. As a result, Balkar social movement activity by the end of the 1990's and early 2000's went down almost to nothing, again.Combat hazards in the sensitive sphere of interethnic relations is, taking into account the interests of all the peoples of this or that republic. A special role must be given a presence in the Kabardino-Balkaria Russia as a guarantee of inter-ethnic peace. Quite a large Russian population in the CBD distinguishes this republic of Dagestan, and especially from Chechnya, where Russian population after the war, 90 years of almost no remaining. There have been some positive developments in the issue of emigration of Russians from the republic. To leave were lower. However, this is largely due to the fact that go nowhere, because real estate prices in the country are relatively low, and buy for the money an acceptable housing in Russia is impossible.Remain in the country or people of retirement age, a Russian married to kabardintsami or Balkars. The duty to correct this situation is not so much on the republican authorities, but at the federal center. Carefully and have come to the «clanism», using this factor in the public interest. Tradition, the whole way of life the Caucasus is such that people closely associate themselves with the social community - clan, genus, family. Politics «checks and balances» by the Center to local clans there is only one possibility. Moscow must understand that today we are dealing with a new attempt to soak from Russia about the «quiet» Republic - adygsky stir the whole world in the Caucasus. Help Moscow Abkhazia - Adygea immediate relatives - a few нивелирует mood of protest actively heated in adygskoy (Kabardian) environment, but there is no guarantee that the closer to the Olympics-2014 contradictions that have accumulated in the Kabardino-Balkaria and other republics of the Western Caucasus, did not lead to an explosion . 

Sergei Draft


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