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posted by eagle on May, 2009 as CIRCASSIA ADIGA

May 28, 2009


PRAGUE, May 28, the president of the Institute of Eastern Partnership, a journalist, Avraham Shmulevich, specifically for the FSB.

Each year, the day 21 May is widely celebrated in the world as the Circassian Genocide.That day in 1864 in Krasnaya Polyana near Sochi, where today is the summer residence of the President of Russia, and laid the track Winter Olympics, a solemn prayer and the parade of Russian troops was celebrated the end of the Caucasian War and the adoption of Russian domination in the North-West and North-East Caucasus.

This year the date is almost circular - 145 years. For many years, Russian authorities apparently stayed at a loss - what to do with this difficult and uncomfortable anniversary. But now there is reason to believe that this round date the FSB and Russian officials responsible for national policy, was, finally, a strategic decision - a simple solution, as all the brilliant of the Kremlin in the Caucasus - "Vice adygskuyu problem under the carpet." No publications - no problem. This year, unlike previous years, the inconvenient date was completely ignored by federal mass media.

And only a few independent resources, incidentally touched on the topic. Meanwhile, the author of these lines received by May 21, several benevolent light from Russia: "the request to reduce the activity" in the publications of Circassian question, "In Russia, all structures will be very negative and painful receptive to your activity in this field, and in this context, "You too will be attacked because you are very active, promote Circassian issue. We must sbavit tempo," "undermining the Circassian issue in this context, may seriously hamper our work, and substitute a blow as the government and special services. I have to you, please be extremely cautious in the publications "- asked me a number of well-wishers.

Indeed, as political scientist and journalist, dealing with processes in the post-Soviet space, including the Caucasus, I have nothing to go past the "Circassian problem, because I believe that the Circassian node - is the key to stability in the Caucasus and Russia as a whole. 

I must say that it opened up my publication "Circassian question and to the general public and to Moscow's" experts ", namely, I brought up the topic at the level of new information, after it had ignored for decades. Expert discussions on topics in federal Cherkess media just went after my publications.

At the same time and at the Caucasus and in the West of "Circassian question" did not forget anyone - it is intensely studied, forget about it and worked with him - all by anyone other than the Russian federal authorities ... 

Councils is not restricted. By the anniversary of "adygskogo genocide" in the Russian media in a few publications have been ordered vbrosheny clearly "expose" article about my activities aimed at destabilizing the situation in the Caucasus. " In the good old tradition of Soviet anti-Semitism, it turned out that the entire blame for the Israeli secret service, and the Caucasus splits or other than Rabbi Avraham Shmulevich, who was trying to "create a political nation« Circassian », plums of all the indigenous peoples of Northern Caucasus, with the exception of Vainakhs immediately to do this new product out for ethnopolitical "

Moreover, my plans are, once again quoting from the FSB konspirologov: <separation of Chechnya and the entire North Caucasus, as well as the creation of «Great Cherkessia» from Sochi to Anapa. Prior to 2025 it is to make the Crimea Tatar and separated from the Volga region of Russia. By 2030 - to separate from China's Xinjiang province and proclaim the empire>.

Author (s) of articles from the FSB, who wishes to remain anonymous, writes: <Especially for the case a month ago, Israel was established Eastern Partnership Institute (headquarters located in Jerusalem). So work on the so-called "Circassian project> to the rank of sovereignization certain areas of Russia is now in full swing as never before. President of the Institute is well-known Israeli political scientist, an advocate of liberal gipersionizma Avraham Shmulevich (born 1968). The head of an international Jewish organization <Bead Artseynu!> (<For the Motherland!>), Is the spiritual rabbinate, bratslavsky JAZID included in the organizing committee of the World Jewish pilgrims to the tomb of tsadika Nachman in Uman.

All the black work for him at a bargain price structure will, like twenty years ago, in the case with "the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria> talented Russians>.

At the conclusion of all horrors: <project is of great interest to Turkey, some circles that you see in the dream of a vast Euro-Asian network of open spaces pantyurkistskoy>.

Comment this paranoid delusion out from under the pen 
FSB-eshnyh "political" would not make sense - if not for the fact that often the "analysts" such a level is the basis of decisions taken by the Russian authorities.

What I would like to respond to my opponents out of the FSB:

Besides the fact of the Institute for Eastern Partnership, an independent political expert organization, the president of which I truly, all the other "information" contained in the article - speculation incompetent "ethnographers in mufti."

"Cherkess matter" really exists. And invented "one Circassian nation" does not Rabbi Avraham Shmulevich - an objective fact which, however, long tried to deny the Soviet "party ethnography." Circassians had been artificially separated, and now they live in the four-unit of the Federation, and all - in communal flats, together with other nations. In addition, outside of Russia live Multimillion Circassian Diaspora. Such a situation is a result of the unprecedented tragedy - the forced deportation of 95% of the Circassian population in the Caucasus during and after the end of the Caucasian War in 1864. In the course of military action and ethnic cleansing have killed hundreds of thousands (an estimated 750 thousand), Circassians, although the dead and the dead, no one believed. In Soviet times, all this is ignored - Soviet historians wrote about the "voluntary resettlement". Version, it's idiotic, but it works: Caucasians knew, as was the case, but even better to know that they better keep this knowledge with them. For residents of other places of "multinational" version that Highlanders voluntarily left the land, where they lived for thousands of years, seemed no more absurd than the other pages of Soviet history textbooks.

However, the "Circassian genocide" was studied in the West, in countries in Circassian Diaspora in the post-perestroika times gone quite objective works on this tragic page of the recent past. Silent and still silent, only the authorities of Russia.

Circassian Diaspora are many and well-organized, the descendants of the diaspora of exiles living in some 50 countries around the world. Virtually all countries with a relatively large number of Circassians, the merits of their organization, and international The International Circassian Association in 1994, is a member of Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO - The organization of nations and peoples, without representation). Circassians have long established a powerful international lobby. Modern Circassians - is formed, material security and well organized people, able to enjoy all the advanced ways to achieve their national goals.

In contrast to the situation in Russia, the West look to the "Circassian about" long and seriously, it is given a great deal of attention - and in academic and political circles. Thus, shortly before the official ignored Moscow's anniversary, from 23 to 25 April 2009, at Columbia University in New York hosted the annual conference "2009 WORLD COVETION OF NATIONALITIES", one of the most famous and prestigious annual scientific and political events of great the impact of policy the U.S. administration. An entire session of the Conference was devoted entirely Circassians.

In early 2006, Jordan earned Circassian World TV channel. "Nart" - "National Adiga Radio Television" ( "Adygskoe National Radio and Television"). The signal will be broadcast from Amman to the Middle East - Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Turkey and the Black Sea coast and the entire North Caucasus.

In mid-March 2008 Circassian delegation first appeared in the hall of the UN General Assembly. «Club of the First Ladies UN», led by Ban Sunn-Taek - wife of UN Secretary-General, held in the General Assembly of the UN cultural evening on International Women's Day. Among the speakers was the folk dance ensemble adygsky «Nart» from New Jersey. Cherkess delegation presented a public Helene Yousfi, chairman of the committee «Women for Peace», the first lady of Algeria to the UN. «History is people, who lived for many years on the slopes of the Caucasus. Most of them were expelled from the homeland, like the leaves, lost a strong wind and scattered all over the world. Today they are here with us in the hall of the UN General Assembly »-," she said. According to an official press release at the end of the concert, the Circassian community organizations "have the opportunity to talk with the organizers of the concert and by the UN."

In Israel last year, at the request of the Circassian community, the decision of the Knesset on 21 May was declared "Day of Remembrance of Circassians - the victims of the Caucasian War." In addition, in practical terms, this means the following: participation of official representatives of the State in the Circassian community events on that date, the Ministry of Education will assist schools chrkesskim include topics related to this day, in school curricula; Israel is mandatory for all weekend days - the Jewish religious holidays and days associated with the independence of the state (Day of the declaration of independence and the liberation of Jerusalem Day). In addition, for each of the recognized religious or ethnic minorities have a list of dates where a representative of this minority has the right to take the day off and the employer, respectively, is obliged to provide it. Since last year, for the Circassians, except for Muslim holidays, such date is May 21.

And only in the Russian Federation "art in civilian clothes continue to publish the" analysis ", where the Circassian problem is advertised non-existent, and even made-up" Abraham Shmulevich, and other powerful dark forces.

But the Circassians are real - and the Circassians and the Russian diaspora, there are a number of challenges and demands that they for years unsuccessfully trying to bring to the attention of federal authorities. Like almost everything that happens in the Caucasus, Circassian site "highly complicated, but most of Circassian leaders and activists with whom I spoke, aware of the complexity of the issues, want to solve these problems in the Russian legal framework. They wanted to start a dialogue with federal authorities. While the would.

Requirements moderate wing of the Circassian diaspora have been formulated in the case. called. "Amman memorandum" Jordanian Circassians, who was to be handed over to Vladimir Putin during a meeting with representatives of the Central Hase Jordan during his visit in February 2007, the message was agreed upon by the Circassian diaspora in Turkey, Syria, Israel and the United States.

1. To simplify the procedure for granting Jordanian Adygea residence permit to live in the Russian Federation, reversing the practice of unreasonable delay or preconditions.

2. Grant Jordanian Adygea unconditional right to obtain Russian citizenship while maintaining citizenship Jordan.

3. Introduce a simplified procedure for granting visas to representatives of the Russian diaspora in Jordan adygskoy on the recommendation of Cherkess (adygskogo) Benevolent Society.

4. Positively address the issue of full restoration of the Russian nationality Jordanian Adygea wishing to return to their historical homeland for permanent residence, in accordance with applicable Russian legislation.

5. Grant Adygea Jordanian law for the purchase of residential and commercial facilities on the territory of the Russian Federation with the right to use them for living, renting, opening of tourist facilities or industrial purposes.

6. Grant Jordanian Adygea right to freedom of acquisition of land in the territory of Russia: agricultural land plots for construction of all kinds of objects - commercial, industrial, tourism, etc.

7. Revise the provisions of Russian legislation on investment in order to facilitate Jordanian Adygea opportunity for investment in Russian economy.

8. Open a regular (weekly) flights between one of the cities of the North Caucasus and Jordan. "But the text referred to was not - Putin at the last minute canceled a meeting with the Circassians.

Aggravates the situation and the upcoming Olympic games in Sochi - Olympic trails will be laid directly on the mass graves Circassians, and the official information on the venue of the Olympics on the indigenous people of Sochi and its environs did not say a word, the date of the founding of the city called Sochi 1870's, although he first referred to as ubyhskoe settlement Shuache in 1641 
The government in fact brought to the attention of Circassian organizations that they need to shut up and not disturb the entire suit on the ground the last Feast of the center (actually the capital city) Freeport Grand Unity (ie Cherkess Confederation), the site of ancestral graves.

Government's "return of compatriots' only worsened the situation. In legal terms, it is based on the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated 22 June 2006 № 637 «About measures to facilitate the voluntary resettlement to the Russian Federation of compatriots living abroad». It turned out that Adygea are not subject to the "return of compatriots." The concept of "compatriots" as it is now determined by the law include the descendants of those who have Russian citizenship. We evicted Adygea was not his, they just fought for what would not be subjects of Russia.

At the end of April 2007 in Nalchik meeting the Board passed the International Circassian Association.Speaking on the Zuher Haj Ibrahim (Syria) said that "Putin was asked a question on the subject, and he responded that representatives of the peoples of the Caucasus are also compatriots." But exactly how - Putin did not explain. Needless to say, as the program did not apply to Adygea, and does not apply.

Requirements adygskih Russian national organizations, except for a declaratory recognition of the genocide, are as follows: "First, the most important part - the material. The issue of return and resettlement of wanting to return Adygea assumes the federal government. Secondly, to re-establish the integrity adygskogo ethnic group in its territory. In-retih, Adygea should receive as part of its historic territory of a single national education - the republic. " [Interviews leader Cherkess Congress Adygea Murat Berzegova. Newspaper "Circassian Congress" in April 2007].

The requirement to repatriate adygskih central organizations. For them, this is not simply a matter of psychological compensation, restoration of historical justice, but the survival of the nation. In the Diaspora Circassians simply assimilate. Similarly, the cost and the issue of reunification of Adygea Russia in a public entity. Divided existence not only seems unnatural to them, it destroys the unity adygskoy nation, it weakens in the face of external challenges, not to develop national culture and just sooner or later lead to the division is still a single nation Adygeya into three even close, but different people.

About the tragedy of genocide and deportation of the media and federal authorities did not say a word. The situation is simply absurd: at the federal level there are regular "anniversary of the voluntary joining Kabarda in Russia." Contrary to all the facts of the myth of the "voluntary accession" arose only in 1950-s. The first time it was noted in 1957 ( "400-years").

In September 2006, Putin signed a special decree on the celebration of 450 anniversary of the voluntary joining of Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia, and Adygea (historical Circassia) to Russia. " Moscow has contributed to the celebration of more than 7 million dollars. The ceremonial opening, with the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin, in the presence of a large number of dignitaries, was held on 5 October 2007, the State Kremlin Palace. In celebration lasted several days, was attended by the presidents of all three republics adygskih - Kabardino-Balkaria Republic, the Karachay-Cherkessia Republic and the Republic of Adygea.

At the local level each year, with the participation of local authorities and with the complete silence of federal authorities, 21 May, commemorates the "Circassian genocide" and "forced exile during the Caucasus war."This day officially declared by the adygskih republics as a day of mourning and non-working day, when the canceled all entertainment events.

Shizofrenichnost situation, when the Center is celebrating the solemn anniversary of the voluntary peace becoming a part of the Russia Federation entity, but in the very subject of the date of re-entry into Russia as a result of which lasted more than a hundred years of war there as a day of national mourning - and all this is happening with the same Responsible comrades - no trouble, either in Moscow or in the "Subjects".


Of course, the implementation of national requirements Circassian - a difficult case, the situation in Russia, and so complex. Advances in the Circassian issue will inevitably violate the prevailing balance of forces in the Caucasus. Decisions here should be taken carefully, competently, with a light and the burdens of the past and contemporary economic, political and ethnographic situation. However, just with deliberation and competence of the federal and local authorities, the FSB, the Ministry of Defense, the State Duma, the situation is badly out of hand. It seems, therefore, they tend not to notice the problem, and so offended when someone tries to prevent them blessed lethargic sleep. 

In doing so, on the one hand Cherkess society is experiencing a cultural and ethnic recovery, on the other - covers common to the Caucasian republics of crises. The situation is not something that tensed every year - every month.

Here are the words of one of my correspondents in the Caucasus, the Russian businessman in Nalchik: "The recently met with some" big cones. Their prognosis: the situation in the CBD will move into a phase of armed conflict until the end of 2010 the maximum. "

In their words will be the main fault of the "Circassian / Karachai-Balkaria", why is not running KCHR, and in the CBD. In doing so, since it does not solve the problem of unemployment, low wages and so the trend in the growth of Islamist sentiment among young people is also unfulfilled.

My prediction is largely similar, however I can not tell time - this, in the next year or later, but that the explosion in the CBD will be - that's for sure. To ensure that this does not happen you need to increase the number of jobs in order to increase wages and times. Now people get 100-200 dollars a month.

In doing so, the eyes of young, athletic, ambitious, the vain young Caucasian men, "tusuetsya" local "golden youth whose fathers-officials, as everyone knows in the country, receive a good income corruption. Girls look to those guys. In general, the psychological discomfort terrible. You either have to build a powerful reaction in the statement, or act to restore justice ", or emigrate. All who could leave - had already left. Only those who are not on the means or force, or who can not, for whatever reason, (parents, etc.). Irritation is very strong. This is the main environment in which the growing influence of the "Vahabov" as they are called. Up to 25% of young people in the CBD, as a Circassian, and Balkarian left under "Muslimov and they have gone under the local crime, which is very bad sign - the people holding his nose to the wind. Last year, Wahab trembled all local vodochnikov, "etc. - they unstrap.

Will the power to make something? Szyszko most want to be a knob, so think of doing anything they can not, moreover, that most will try to iron out all the angles as much as possible. What happens when the shooting starts? They are afraid to think about it, anyway, to voice their thoughts on the matter. "

Authorities, or take refuge in silence, or with the awkward repression against those who have just come across her by the arm - and Muslim extremism, and with it terrorism, sabotage, guerrilla warfare, more and more covered adygskie republic.

Power struggle with him very bluntly - very loyal, peaceful Muslim believers, if they do not shave their beards or just jealous relate to compliance with the Shariah, are very likely to fall under the distribution of "power, to be accused of" Wahhabism. "

This effective propaganda against Vahabov "no, they do not refute, not ridicule, of them do not make mockery of - instead of the bodies with their own hands created institution of martyrdom, literally shtampuya shakhids conveyor method.

We can not say that the authorities completely inactive. Specifically, local officials and bureaucrats in Moscow, responsible for the region if that's the case, the only area in the replenishment of their personal accounts and the rubbing of glasses superiors. Power authorities - the FSB and GRU are working, the question of just how effectively. Adygskie republic nashpigovany volatile groups GRU, aimed at combating Islamic extremism, many of which are very well prepared, their soldiers know the languages of local people and acting under the guise of local residents, the Federal Security Service creates a network of local agents, etc. - But it brings results rather opposite desired - an armed underground continues to operate, the number under the influence of Islamist propaganda youth is growing all the time, extremist Islam is slowly but surely becoming a major factor in integrating the local population. Of course, the influence of Islamists is different: from moderate to Kabarda and relatively low in Adygea. And yet she, the degree, not decreasing, but growing. The young priests who have received a spiritual education abroad (Turkey, Egypt), are found in explicit or implicit opposition official muftiyatu (in the person of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of Karachay-Cherkessia). The influence of radical Muslim groups can be found in many schools (especially in rural madrassas), and they have their own press. As it was told by an authoritative estimate of up to 25% of young people in the CBD, as a Circassian, and Balkarian, is under the influence of Islamist propaganda, by those same left local crime. 

Active, but less efficiently, working the FSB to the Circassian diaspora. Here aspen efforts directed not that Circassians abroad would not have raised the issue of "genocide." Leaders of foreign Circassian convinced that if the "twitch" the Circassians in the Caucasus will be much worse, the issue of repatriation quite close.Agitation in this direction and were agents of influence of Russian special services, and official Russian Circassian leaders, including presidents of Adygea and Kabardino-Balkaria, Hase leaders of these republics, and Karachayevo-Cherkessia.

Last year, it would seem, the FSB has made impressive progress. (I am confident that the true and the case was presented in the report "top" and not one officer was promoted and awards). Namely: was able to convince the leaders of the old Federation of European Circassians, especially Ehsana President Saleh and his entourage that any holding mourning activities are harming Circassians living in the historic homeland.And the old leadership of the Federation of European Circassians, in spite of protests by the majority of Adygea diaspora, all mourning activities on the Circassian Genocide. This "success" the FSB, if vdumatsya is sokrushayusche anti-act: a powerful western Circassian leaders able to inspire, that the situation of their brethren in Russia is so awful, but the Kremlin holds so terrible policy that is able to undergo massive repression Circassians, the citizens of Russia just for the fact that, in European capitals will be mourning ceremony that Putin and Medvedev, in fact, behave like Stalin in his worst years! "Victory" Russian Knights cloak and dagger, and it proved prirrovoy: that Russia - the country and the arbitrariness of national oppression, the European Circassians believe. But the idea of celebrating the Day of Genocide is not rejected. Many activists simply left the old organization - and a new Federation Cherkesov Europe (Federation of European Circassians), led her up Dasdemir Admiral (Admiral Dasdemir), which organized this year not only to mark the Day of Genocide of black Cherkess event in Berlin, but Circassian Day in European Parliament. One of the leaders of the new organization is an influential politician obschenemetsky, Circassian nationality Cem Özdemir (Cem Özdemir) Member of the European Parliament and co-chairman of the German Green Party. So it was a triumph nedolog.

However, thanks to this anti-"black" propaganda the Russian special services, in general, has in recent years to some extent, put out the momentum of political activity, among the Circassians originated in the West end of 1980. But now the time when Western Circassians acting with great caution in the Kremlin's reaction to an end right before our eyes. Curious coincidence - it ends, with minimal lag, аккурат with the fall in energy prices.

Among the Circassians abroad are increasingly distributed demands complete independence Cherkessia, to withdraw her from the Russian Federation, the need for strong pressure on the Kremlin, and even acting in solidarity with the Caucasus Islamist underground - although, until very recently, Circassian nationalists tried to distance itself from radical Islamism.

Secular nationalism, however, also is becoming more radical and aggressive. The territorial dispute with Balkars in the CBD and the associated increase in the permanent pressure from the Balkar activists eventually rastolkali Sleeping Beauty Kabarda "and caused the reaction - the growth of nationalist sentiment, which nalovilis on the desire to consolidate all of the Circassian Circassian enclaves in the Caucasus and In turn, the desire to consolidate with the Diaspora. But given the momentum parallel to the confrontation with the Turkic world. I do not know whether this is coincidence, or "set vector" and asked him what a "good" guys, but the rhetoric Circassian nationalists within the Russian Federation and the use of terminology makes a strange impression: instead of being cut off the enemy from potential allies, watering soul recent oil Circassian nationalists use to refer to Karachai-Balkaria following terms (incremental): Gore (profit), Tatars, Gore (WIDE), Turks, Tatars, Turks. That is, while nationalists are investing in these definitions only to "Karachai-Balkar", but citing to the outside observer can see a clear run at the maximum of all the Turks and Tartars all minimum.

This is even more to add oil - not even oil, and gasoline - in the popular uprising in the fire of conflict and makes almost inevitable armed confrontations between Adygea and Karachay-Balkar (recall predictions officials listed at the beginning of the article). Not of principle, whether there is worsening of itself or as a result of "smart" special action - the authorities take no action that would extinguish the fire of war run high.

But apart suddenly erupted Kabardino-Balkar and Karachay-Cherkessia land of contradictions, there is still sleeping Ossete, Circassian, Vainakhs-Circassian, Cossack, and the Russian-Circassian Circassian land disputes. Now, these conflicts remain potential, though all the historical conditions for their occurrence are - and there is no guarantee that any "smart heads" in the government offices do not decide to apply, and then the old, but in terms sngodnyashnego Caucasus is a losing strategy for the center divide and conquer. " 

All these crises are processes with complete information blockade that occurs in the Circassian world remains unknown and the expert community, and the central authorities and the general public.

I have tried in their publications somehow break the embargo - in particular, to call themselves Circassians, including making the cycle of interviews, representative covering the entire spectrum of views existing among the Circassians and the Russian diaspora: the extreme nationalists, the leaders of public organizations, moderate and more radical, "the people of the people" - "lay Adygea, might bring" the voice of the streets ", the Islamists," independent of expert representatives of Circassian intellectuals, bureaucrats and representatives of the authorities Cherkess Republic. Find interlocutors of course work - Circassian very intelligent people and the As a rule, perfectly aware of the importance of publications in the media and public discussion of their problems. principled agreement on interviews achieved even with the leaders of the Islamists - even though, unlike virtually all other Circassians, among them a very strong anti-Semitic sentiments. The only group that flatly refused to talk - the authorities Cherkess Republic. I have sent formal requests to interview the heads of all adygskih subjects of the Federation, was trying to work through their friends and in Moscow in the field - the result was zero, officials, or take refuge in silence, or expressly stated that it is not wanted and are afraid to give an interview I tried to persuade them to tell about the problems of the people entrusted to their care and land anonymously - also to no avail ...

Summarizing all the above, I would like to assess the work of the official authorities adygskih Russian republics, the Russian officials and Russian security services, working on part of the media and international relations: 
Such guardians and with the administration's enemies do not need the Russian Federation.

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