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To Circassians From Exile…

posted by eagle on May, 2009 as CIRCASSIA ADIGA

To Circassians From Exile…

The second half of the Nineteenth Century, had witnessed the reaping phase of tens, no but hundreds of years of sowing, cultivating, and planting evil, murder, hate, greed, ethnic cleansing, and genocide. The “Russian-Caucasian War” was approaching its end, and the scenes of destruction, burning, looting, mass graves and cemeteries, mass-displacement and mass-deportation of the Circassian Nation, in addition to other nations in the North Caucasus, which reached the peak of evilness, and wickedness in the year that the war had officially ended, that was marked with 21, May, 1864.


The beginning of the Twentieth Century had started to be the end of imperialism in the world, when countries like Great Britain and France attempted to grasp to their colonies, paralleled by trends and demands for end of colonialism, and to restore national independence, liberty, and freedom in addition to condemn oppression and containment. The struggle of the subjugated nations for national sovereignty and for peoples to rule their own countries such as Ireland in Europe, as well as the insistence for self-rule in colonies like India, and tens of nations located as per the description, the “Third World”, which resulted at some times in clashes and confrontations, often led to atrocious endings, but with national victorious conclusions.


The mentioned active rule of the anti-imperialism and anti-colonialism throughout the world couldn’t at the beginning to penetrate the Soviet Iron Carton, that had to be challenged before the end of the 20th Century, by peoples and nations, which lead to the destruction of the so-called the Soviet evil empire, and the militarily and economically dominated Eastern European states had been liberated, beside all those who were considered in fact, colonies and subjects in the so-called 15 Soviet republics (which was in reality, a system run by Russians under the Soviet glittering title), and those who used to be orbiting in its artificial satellite structure. At the same time calls for freedom, self-determination and independence, couldn’t impinge on the gluttonous and greedy appetite that soughed to keep events under the central control of Moscow’s Kremlin, which ruled those subjects in an unprecedented iron fest method that had a system of reaching all those who might think of gaining any sort of freedom, that went as far as a comical comment had described it as: “counting the breath cycles of the individuals”. It is worth mentioning though in this aspect that the Soviet Union used to pretend that it was on the side of the colonized nations by other imperial states such as Britain and France, and always had supported such demands in the United Nations, and even went to the extent of presenting military training and weapons for those who used to work for the liberation and independence of their nations, which shows a duplicate and double-standard approach, that would remind of the famous proverb: “Practice what you preach”!


Hypocrisy had been and still, the name of the game of the consecutive imperial Russian authorities since Evan the Terrible of the Muscovites, through the Russian Tsars, then the Soviet Communist leaders, until reaching the presently so-called Russian Federation. In actual fact it is a coalition amongst selected rulers and leaders of the regions and provinces (that are populated by approximately 120 colonized nations), most of them are in close contact to the “KGB/FSB Soviet/Russian System”, that are appointed by the central dictatorial system, with their bosses who delegated them for such duty, which got nothing to do with the real meaning of federalism, because the description didn’t develop or evolve from a real democratic progression and process, but it was meant to be an impressive ornamental title depiction.


The Russian early entry into the game of imperialism neither exempts nor acquits the Russian state of its moral and human responsibility from setting free all colonies occupied by military force, starting with the nations of the North Caucasus, and to permit freedom of choice, and self-determination of all oppressed nations by Russia, which requires the Russian authorities to solve out all troubles, harms and consequences resulted from its unequal wars against the occupied nations, especially the Circassian nation which is brought as an example in this context, because of the tragic memories of the catastrophic aftermath of the crimes committed by the criminal invading forces. Also, ethically speaking, if Russia is intending to be part of the civilized world, the Russian people should be granted liberty, civil rights equality for all citizens alike in accordance with the law, and in the full sense of the word.


Wiping out Circassia from the face of the earth is not possible and vain, because a distinguished, ancient, highbred, deep-rooted, and inveterate nation with civilization, culture, and language that is more than 6000 years old, and still exists after all evil and devil plans and implementations of military invasion, criminal and immoral actions, for the purpose of extermination had not succeed.


 It is true that Circassians were three to four million in the nineteenth century, when the total population of Egypt at the time was about the same population, and looking at Circassians’ population in comparison with Egyptians we find out that total Circassian population in both Homeland and Diaspora (more than 30 countries) is approximately 10% of the population of Egypt! 

Is that an indication of any sort?

Does it point to a crime of any nature, against the Circassians, and their Homeland?

Would the malevolence of deleting Circassia from the map (thinking that they are wiping Circassia from the face of the earth), to be replaced by other artificial and non-Circassian titles and names, pertain to any sincere Russian initiative towards those Circassians of the “Circassian World”, that extends between Motherland and Diaspora, who were deceived and betrayed by many sides?

What is the future of all the procrastination and vindication performed by the Russian authorities concerning the recognition of the genocide and ethnic cleansing?

Can the decision of holding the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Circassian Sochi, be a good gesture towards Circassians and Adigas?

How could building the prospective Olympic structures after leveling and flattening the area that contains the cemeteries of the brave Circassians who perished while defending legitimately their people and their Homeland, make whoever was behind this illogical decision, to live with no guilt conscious, when humiliate all those who were killed and those who are still living while the vital issues of genocide, occupation, and self-determination are not resolved yet?

Is dancing and playing Olympic Winter Games on the bones and skulls of the deceased Circassians who were buried, in the battle field where the Russian invaders fought with defenders to take over their Homeland, a blessing for the games and for civilization?

Until when Circassia will stay "denied by genocide”, where the world had observed Tsarist Russian forces’ butchers inflicting their criminal acts during the Russian-Caucasian war that had ended in May, 1864, and when there are important issues will be dealt with in regard to restoring the forgotten Circassian rights?

When the important issues would be dealt with in regard to restoring the Circassian dignity, in accordance with the International Law, Charter of the United Nations, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

It is appropriate for Circassians to answer these mentioned queries, because the typical Russian rubber-stamp reply is well known to all those who followed their policies, stratagems and tricks through the years!


Circassia should reborn again; rights should be restored, regained, and retained. Circassia needs recognition, freedom, and independence. Europe and the civilized world are ethically committed, and they should activate efforts to end up Russian Imperialism in Europe, and Mount Albros, is the highest peak in the European Continent, which is located in Circassia. Sochi Winter Olympics on the bones and skulls of the brave Circassians should be cancelled. Justice for Circassia and other Russian colonized nations should be served against aggressors, also the sensitive documents in the Tsarist archives should be promptly published for the world to read and to know the Russian own wrong doings that were written and documented by their own spoiled and criminal generals!

End of Imperialism is a preferred world-wide tendency, and one day the browbeaten colonized nations will wake up to reality, in order to restore their dignity, freedom, the right of self-determination, free of subjugation, and containment.



 Justice For North Caucasus Group

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