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A Deceiving Questionnaire

posted by eagle on July, 2009 as ANALYSIS / OPINION

A Deceiving Questionnaire

Questionnaire is a way of gathering essential information and data that are needed for certain purpose or purposes, which is considered a cheap and inexpensive method that would assess the opinion of the decision maker by observing contributors’ participation, who can be potentially large number of respondents, in order to obtain a “powerful evaluation tool”, which is a reasonable way to reach a number of reviewers, large enough to allow statistically analyze of the results. 

A well designed/predetermined questionnaire can be directed and guided in accordance with the objectives of those who are behind such plan of gathering data in accordance with chosen information and questions that are selecting and presenting the query which could be the supporting element of the policies that are assessed and tackled.

A deceived questionnaire was sent to many Circassians through Internet, that was originated as stated from the Institute of Research in the Humanities, Sociology Section, of the Republic of Adygea, which will be described and disscussed in the following:

{The Republic of Adygea Institute for Research in the Humanities, Sociology Section, had issued recently a questionnaire under the title of “The Caucasus War: History and the Present”, which was started with a paragraph as saying: “In May 2009 witnesses the 145th anniversary of the day when the door under the name of Caucasian War ended. There are different points of view regarding some controversial issues related to this event, including the name of the war itself. (We remind that an analogous study was carried by us 5 years ago. The results of the interrogation carried out in 2004 can be looked here)”.}

Looking at this seemingly guided agenda, especially when assessing and examining the wording and the way that the questions were presented, as if providing the people with the answer that should be given, in order to satisfy their ego of misleading the participants and to frame them within certain lines and replies. Steps were designed carefully because the final results needed were the weakest link in this suspicious questionnaire process!

The questionnaire was viewed as a multi-stage process beginning with erroneous definition of the articles that had to be examined and continued with personal information questions ending with given conclusions in the form of questions. It is not logic to ask a question then the answer that they wanted the participants to reach, would be considered in later questions as an undisputed or unquestionable postulate.

Professional and directive questionnaire should be as good as the questions it contains. The organizers had included hypothetical and semi-demographic questions for the participants, in order to be used to associate performance and satisfaction among participants. When someone feels uncomfortable, then respondents will not trust or care for the whole issue, because the planned objectives are not ethical, not understandable and not free of bias, and intended mistakes had caused great changes in meaning and interpretation.

All questions were of the “Closed Format” type which restricts the answer set forward, but it is easier for the organizers and more useful to their agenda, because it is easy to act as if they calculate percentages and other hard statistical data over the whole participants. Also closed format questions would allow the organizers to filter out un-needed and un-wanted answers that might occur in an “Open Format” question; but on the other hand, an ideal situation, it would allow the participants a margin of freedom to answer the questions freely and without short-cuts or red-lines.

The whole issue can be described as:

No clarity, which brought up information in vague means.

There are lots of leading questions that force a certain type of answer.

 Questions with phrasing that had neither a positive nor a negative concept.

Hypothetical questions, that were built on guessing or fantasy, which force the participant to give thought to a reply that was never considered.

Prestige bias, which allows the tendency to participants to answer in a way that make them feel better, and Sometimes there, will be no way to phrase a question so that all the answers are noble! Also written questionnaires mailed to participants are considered better off for the convenience of the participants. The farther away the critical eye of the researcher is, the more expedient the information provider is.

The questions and multiple-choice answers will be presented in the following, as were presented in the said questionnaire:

1. In your opinion: which name best reflects this historical event?

Russian-Caucasian war
Caucasian war
difficult to answer

The presented answers show a way of choosing one of three answers that would show for the first while that it is an honest multiple choice procedure.

2. Are you interested in historical events of 19th century?

Yes, I'm interested
rather yes than no
rather no than yes
I have to be interested
I have no interest

The organizers are searching for the percentage of people who care for such historical events.

3. Caucasian war was a necessity for Russia in order to get an exit to the Black Sea and to defend Caucasian lands.

rather agree
rather disagree
difficult to answer

The way that this informative type of a question was directed to the participants, gave no room to find an appropriate answer.

4. Caucasian war was aggressive from the part of Russia.

rather agree
rather disagree
difficult to answer

In this question, the organizer had continued his informative method, which got no choice but to form the question and to try at the same time to form a system of making the participant going along with the name given to the war in further questions.

5. It is a fact that as a result of the Caucasian war, people of the North Caucasus were given the chance to "come nearer" to civilization.

rather agree
rather disagree
difficult to answer


Again, the war was called by the organizers: “the Caucasian War”, then added poisonous information in a vulgar method that is wrapped within the question to touch a Russian claim that is categorically not true.

6. If it wasn’t Russia who conquered the North Caucasus, other states would do it.

rather agree
rather disagree
difficult to answer


This question is touching the edge of another Russian claim about other countries’ interests in the Caucasus, which made the questionnaire organizers to show that Russia was competing with others who were looking to occupy  the Caucasus.


7. Caucasian war in every respect was unfair, and had led to genocide of Circassians.

rather agree
rather disagree
difficult to answer


The organizers are describing the war again, being a Caucasian war, and gave a floating description that in the logical meaning of it, it would lead to other meaning, especially in the next questions.


8. Which of the names listed below, that are connected to the war, is less familiar to you?

Evdokimov N.I.
Lazarev M.P.
Zass G.Kh.
Khadzhi Kerenduk Berzek
Sheretluk Tuguzhoko Kizbech
Seferbi Zanoko
Ermolov A.P.
Raevski N.N.
Difficult to answer


The names given are mixed of Russian criminal leaders and some of the North Caucasian resistance leaders, in order to sample the knowledge of the participants about certain aspects. This method as if mixes the good and the bad. There is a temptation to find out the knowledge and the memory of the participants for further action, depending on the results!

9. In your opinion: In what scopes do people of Adygeya and the Kuban region face the negative "traces" of the Caucasian war in modern life? (1-2 answers are possible)

In international relations
In monuments and names of some settlements
In return of repatriates to their historical native land
In counter-terrorist action in Chechnya
difficult to answer

 This wicked way of addressing questions, gives wrong and misleading information within the subjects covered, in a way the description of the Kuban Region (the way the Russians describe that part of Circassia), and again the Caucasian War description is given in order to make it as the correct name for that Russian provoked war. The subject is not only negative traces as such, but consequences of crimes of genocide and ethnic cleansing, within the dimensions of “All-out War” for more than a Century

10. It is known that war, whatever it was, reminds of itself for a long time. In your opinion, what actions should be done to eliminate the still existing negative consequences of the Caucasian war? (Mark 1-2 items)

To publish books; text-books revealing the historical truth about the Caucasian war events.
To recognize the genocide of Circassians in UN organization and in state organs of power in Russia.
To restore historical and geographical names of settlements and regions of Kuban and Adygeya regions.
To commemorate the day of 21-st of May (the day of the end of the war) every year as the Memorial Day of the war victims.
To overcome the negative consequences of war together with the people of Adygeya and the Kuban region.
To exaggerate less this topic.
To forget about this war; because only very few nations exist who didn't fight against each other.
difficult to answer


In this question, as if the organizer is shy to mention numbers when used long war expression that is used without using accurate terminology in mentioning the 101 year long war that took place between the Russian Empire and Circassians, and the second part of the wrongly informed question is more misleading, when asking the opinion of the participant about actions to be done to eliminate so-called still existing negative consequences of their portrayal “Caucasian War”! Still they want the assistance of the partly victim participants who are the direct dissidents of the victims, to tell the occupiers what to do in order to get out of their plight.

11. In your opinion: does The Federal Centre by its policies in the North Caucasus take into account the lessons of the Caucasian war? To what extent?

Yes, it does
it rather does than doesn't
it rather doesn't than does
it doesn't take it into account at all
difficult to answer


In this question, the organizers are trying to implement the title “Federal Center” and the described, policies in the North Caucasus; but again their trade-mark expression “Caucasian War” is used.


The following personal questions that the statistical information needed, for the purpose of finding out about who are concerned with this type of activities, the geographical distribution, age & gender interest in this matter, education, concentration of Circassian communities in different countries & nationalities, all concerned the occupation, beside source of income, in order to sample the opinion of people about the Russian imperial policies, but without calling things in their real titles:

Please give some information about yourself:

12. Your gender:


13. Your age:

under 19
60 or more


14. Your education:

Incomplete secondary education (8 classes and less)
Secondary education (finished school, trade-school)
Secondary technical education (technical school)
High Education (finished or un-finished)


15. What is your nationality?

The representative of other Caucasian nationality
The representative of other slavic nationality
The representative of other people


16. What is your occupation? What is your source of income?

Great Britain




It is good to know that this suspicious-guided questionnaire, had presented the Russian imperial agenda by differentiating between the Circassian nation, when described in the ninth question the people of Adygea and  the Kuban Basin, forgetting or in fact intentionally forgetting that this part of the people is part of the Circassian nation that is distributed in other parts of historical Circassia and Circassian Diaspora, which is important to remind the stubborn Russian colonialist that the residence of Circassians is between the Kuban River in the North to the Black Sea in the South, and from the land of the Circassian Kabardian tribe in the East to Anapa in the West, and there is 12 Circassian tribes that got a black history and disastrous events with that who accepted to be occupier, colonialist, and criminal, and those who oppressed others, will know what would be their status later on.

When committing destruction, robbery, confiscation, killing, ethnic cleansing, genocide, and forced deportation, which effected millions of Circassians, and at the end, the colonial Russian state, instead of presenting the apologies, recognizing the genocide, mistakes and other crimes, and offering reconciliation and peace, they were boldly describing their Effrontery and Shameful acts against humanity as made any one to be described as nearer to civilization!

Who is nearer to civilization in this case? Is it the victim or the criminal?

Circassians were made to persist; because that is the way they found who they are. Aggressors have to remember that the Circassian nation had existed for more than 6000 years in spite of difficulties and challenges, taking into consideration that other nations and peoples had come to extinct, and what counts is that we must keep going despite the obstacles in front of us, for keeping on, we recall: “The race is not always to the swift, but to those who keep on running”.

Charles Darwin had said in the survival of the species: “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change”.



Justice For North Caucasus Group



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