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Window on Eurasia

posted by eagle on December, 2013 as ANALYSIS / OPINION

Putin’s Visit to Armenia Highlights Sad Fate Awaiting Those Who Cooperate with Moscow

Kremlin’s ‘Ideal Enemy’ is ‘a Gay Central Asian,’ Moscow Sociologist Says

Russia’s Northern Peoples Want Their Nationalities Listed in Passports

Ukraine’s Muslims Support European Choice for Kyiv -- as Do Some Muslims in Russia

De-Russianization Accelerating Across Central Asia

Non-Traditional Muslims and Jihadists Overlap but Don’t Correspond in the North Caucasus, Study Finds

Russia Remains a Threat to All Its Neighbors despite NATO and EU Expansion, Stromakhin Says


Tyutchev’s Ideas Help Explain Putin’s Latest Moves

If Putin Really Wanted to Integrate Russia, He’d Build Decent Roads

Domestic Division, Not External Aggression, Threatens Russia Now, Tishkov Says


Sochi Countdown – 9 Weeks to the Olympiad in the North Caucasus


Ukrainian Events Leave Russians Feeling More Isolated from Their Neighbors

Misunderstanding EU Association Agreement Could Lead to Disaster in Ukraine and Russia, Shiropayev Says  

The Nationality Line Returns to Russia

Toward a Tipping Point? ‘Already’ One Russian in Three Doesn’t Back Putin

Kremlin’s ‘Pravoslavization’ a Simulacrum of Clericalization, Ikhlov Says

GUAM May Now Have a ‘Serious Future’


Russians Asking Themselves Why They Can’t Act Like Ukrainians


Few Ethnic Russians Remain in North Caucasian Administrations


Who is Trying to Destabilize Tatarstan and Why?


By Dashing Their Hopes, Yanukovich has United Ukrainians, Krylov Says

 Media Stories on Possible Russian Disintegration Double Since 2010 -- Real Fears or Something Else?

 Minority Languages in Russia Not Dying Out, Tishkov Says

New Districts in Daghestan Threaten Republic’s Delicate Ethnic Balance

Regions ‘Quietly Sabotaging’ Moscow’s Nationality Policy, Expert Says

Scholars Find Five ‘Community Clusters’ around Moscow’s Ethnic Cafes

Balkar Land Seizures Threaten to Split Two North Caucasian Republics

Russian Nationalism Can and Must Be Democratic, Krylov Says

Russia’s Penal Institutions Said Breeding Grounds for Islamist Radicalism

Up to Four Percent of Novosibirsk Residents Said HIV Infected

Sochi Countdown – 10 Weeks to the Olympiad in the North Caucasus


Moscow’s Bullying of Ukraine Undermines Putin’s Neo-Imperial Projects -- and Harms Russia as Well

Tatars – Crimean and Kazan – Back European Choice for Ukraine

Moscow Drafts More Dagestanis But Fewer than Makahchkala Wants It To


Russians Back Moscow’s Repressive Laws, Polls Show

Separatist Talk Works for Kremlin Tactically But Not Strategically, Svyatenkov Says

3.With Exit of Soviet-Trained, Russia Faces ‘Total De-Professionalization,’ Gontmakher Says

Russia ‘Doesn’t Deserve Putin,’ Moscow Columnist Says

Half of Moscow Residents Were Born Elsewhere and That Matters, Historian Says

Will Dividing Daghestan Administratively Save It or Destroy It?

Sochi Countdown – 11 Weeks to the Olympiad in the North Caucasus


Baku and Kyiv Seek to Have Turkey Join GUAM

Russian Authoritarianism Degrading into Despotism, Pastukhov Says

Word ‘Russky’ Now Irreversibly Ethnicized, Scholar Says


Three Small Moves with Big Consequences on Russia’s Nationality Front

Russian-Language Media in Baltic Countries No Longer Pro-Russian, Moscow Official Complains

Putin’s Common History Textbook Won’t Promote Patriotism, Tsipko Says

Russia Can Escape Crisis Only by Ending Hyper-Centralization, Zubarevich

Russia’s Problems Reflect that It is Still an Empire, St. Petersburg Student Says

KPRF Says Separatism Must Be Punished Because Liberals are Using It


Moscow’s Anti-Separatist Effort Linked to Plans for New Putin Constitution

Changing the Russian Constitution Fraught with Dangers, Experts Say

Moscow Wins UN Support on Okhotsk Sea Claims But Lacks Resources to Push Larger Arctic One


Rogozin’s Call for Renaming Russian Far East Won’t Make It Any Closer

‘If Russia Disappeared Tomorrow,’ Belarusians Say They Wouldn’t Feel a Loss


Kremlin Fights Separatism to Suppress Freedoms Russians Still Have, Podrabinek Says


In Russia Today, Torture has Become ‘Routine,’ Rights Groups Say


Putin Said Making Russian Courts Irrelevant

Buddhists Push for Buryatization of Buryatia and Closer Ties with Mongolia

Trash Heaps Increasingly Undermine Health of North Caucasians

Sochi Countdown – 12 Weeks to the Olympiad in the North Caucasus


Will Russians React to Kremlin’s Unprecedented Prediction of Stagnation Ahead?

Separatism Both Natural and Inevitable, Kazan Editor Says

Aral Sea Can’t Be Saved but It Could Become a Forest, Experts Say

Prohibiting Calls for Separatism Seen Promoting Disintegration of the Russian Federation

Toward a Putin Constitution?

A Spanish Solution for Russia?


MVD Says Russian Forces have Killed 3500 Militants in North Caucasus over the Last Decade

Young Russians in Northwest Overwhelmingly Say They’re Europeans and Don’t Want to be Part of Putin’s Eurasian Union

Kremlin Adopts New Moves to Control, Subvert Opposition

Populations of Former Soviet Republics Have Fallen or Increased Less than Projected in 1990

Cossacks in Russia Can Now Register as Separate

Siberians Seek to Reclaim Their Own ‘Day’

Moscow Must Reject National Rights or Face Separatism from Russians and Non-Russians Alike, Dugin Says


Moscow Winning Support among World’s Micro-States

Russian Nation Said to Have Lost Its Ability to Assimilate Others

Putin Moves to Re-Establish Nationalities Ministry He Abolished in

Saying Russian Courts are Rigged, Jewish Defendant Fires His Lawyers

Sochi Countdown – 13 Weeks to the Olympiad in the North Caucasus

‘Tribal Consciousness Turning Russians into a Small People,’ Moscow Commentator Says

Another Three Disturbing Developments in Russia

North Korea’s ‘Enemies List’ a Model for Putin’s Russia, SPB Professor Says

Non-Russians – and Some Russians Too – See ‘Third Rome Becoming the Fourth Reich’

Russia Still Held Back by ‘Pseudo-Constitutionalism,’ Ufa Legal Scholar Says

Syrian Crisis Undermines Moscow’s Control of the North Caucasus

In Russia, ‘Death has Become a Way of Life’

Sakha Residents Face Soviet-Style Deficits in Goods and Services

Does Russia Need a Protestant Reformation?

Window on Eurasia: Sochi Countdown – 14 Weeks to the Olympiad in the North Caucasus

Putin and Kirill 'Bid Farewell’ to Democracy in Russia, Lunkin Says

Gontmakher Calls for New Treaties between Moscow and Federal Subjects

Sochi Countdown – 14 Weeks to the Olympiad in the North Caucasus

Russia Divided by Two Very Different ‘Unifying’ Ideas, Shiropayev

Where Beria’s Limo Still Runs But Isn’t Seen – Moscow at Halloween

The Most Important Question in Russia Today – What’s Your Nationality?

The Other Russia

Tatar Nationalism in Kazan Increasingly Regional and Pan-Turkic, Bashkir Writer Says

Unlike in Beilis Case in 1913, Russian Officials Now Ready to Go Along with Kremlin Inventions, Nosik Says

Sochi Policeman Tells Jewish Visitor to ‘Pray in the Toilet’

Activists in Ethnic Russian Region Call for Suspending Military Draft

Moscow Counting on Karachay ‘Wedge’ to Keep Circassia from

Ethnic Russians Said to Form Fewer than Half of Country’s

Sochi Countdown – 15 Weeks to the Olympiad in the North Caucasus

Kremlin’s Use of ‘Internal Enemies’ Hurting Moscow’s Ties with Neighbors, ‘Vedomosti’ Warns

North Caucasians have Higher Aspirations than Central Asians and thus Provoke Xenophobia in Muscovites, Drobizheva Says

Post-Soviet States Differ Enormously on Integration with Russia, Poll Finds

Putin Says Government Banning of Islamic Works ‘Counterproductive’

Russians Remain Culturally Soviet and That is the Source of Their Problems, Academician Says

Three Problematic New Russian Legal Innovations

Russians Can Escape Chechen Yoke Only by Dispensing with the North Caucasus and Putin

Could the Provincial Middle Class Lead the Next Russian Revolution?


Russia’s ‘Road to Nowhere’: Highway Spending Cut Because Corruption Out of Control

Russian Population's Age Structure Means Births Will Decline and Deaths Rise, Moscow Demographer Says


Sochi Countdown – 16 Weeks to the Olympiad in the North Caucasus


Russia Again Caught Between Disintegration and Dictatorship, Editor Says

Has Moscow Become a Nation of Its Own?

Moscow Experiencing Its Own ‘Second Generation Immigrant Problem’

Toward a Third Reich in the Third Rome?

Three Disturbing New Russian Legal Initiatives

Russian Left Divided over LGBT Rights


Russian Political Debate has Shifted from Liberals vs. Derzhavniki to Left vs. Right Nationalists, Pain Says

Three Uniquely Russian Developments

Tatars Mark Anniversary of Fall of Kazan in 1552


Biryulevo Violence Only Latest Pogrom in Putin’s Moscow

Russian Police Tell LGBT Activists They’ll Be Beaten So They ‘Can’t Stand Up Before Sochi Games’


Putin’s Drive to Create ‘Neo-USSR’ Recreating All Soviet Problems -- Including Prospect of Collapse, Akhmedov Says

Chuvash Case Highlights Moscow’s Fears about Support for Idel-Ural State

‘Autocracy, Orthodoxy, and Profitability’ – A New Russian Trinity But Not for Long, Scholar Says

For Putin Regime, A Traditional Muslim is a Soviet Muslim

Where ‘No One Thinks of Greenland’ Really Happened

Putin’s Russia a Descendent of Mongol Khans, Khakass Historian Argues

Is Russia about to Return to Gigantist Development Projects of the Past?

Ethnic Enclaves Forming in Russia’s Smaller Cities Faster than in Capitals

58 Percent of Russians Now Say Kremlin Using Repression

Tatarstan is the Lithuania of the Russian Federation, Kazan Editor Says

Rising Ethnic Tensions in Afghanistan Exacerbating Dushanbe-Tashkent Relations, Russian Expert Says

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