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«Us and them» – in response to Mansur Mazaev

posted by zaina19 on November, 2007 as ANALYSIS / OPINION

From: MSN NicknameEagle_wng  (Original Message)    Sent: 10/25/2007 2:27 PM
October 25, 2007

«Us and them» – in response to Mansur Mazaev

SIA CHECHENPRESS, October 25, 2007


56(63). «And if they turn away, well, God knows of those spreading rot!’
(Koran, Surah III, ‘The Family of Imran’).

Dear Mansur! We all knew what was happening in the Caucasus while Anna Politkovskaya was still alive, before she was murdered by the enemies, yours and mine. She is no more, and we can only guess who is killing whom now in Ingushetiya and Chechnya. It makes no sense to plunge headfirst into the mirky whirlpool of nationalism. We all understand full well that a genocide of the Chechen people is taking place in the Caucasus, and any minute this genocide can spread to the rest of the Caucasus.

Those who have unleashed this dirty war in the Caucasus need no better argument that if we clasp the bogey of fascism and use it to argue our point. The easiest thing is to go ‘smash the cat’s face in’ just because he is a cat. Nationalism of any kind is a folly. As Kozma Prutkov would put it: ‘Try to get to the root of things!’ But not everyone is capable of ‘getting to the root of things’. My late son always used to get to the very root of evil and to see things for what they really were. Putin needed the West’s solidarity in his fight against terrorism, so Moscow apartment blocks were blown up, followed by the Twin Towers in New-York.

And who were those terrorist bombers? What was their purpose? Who had commissioned them to do it? Sasha had proof that the apartment blocks in Moscow had been blown up on Putin’s orders, and the finger was then pointed at Chechens. It is clear thereforea who was to benefit from it. The attempt to blow up the house in Ryazan was again made on Putin’s orders. They had even started the announcement of Chechen involvement in the act but later changed their tune and pretended that the whole thing had been a military maneuver – trying to exploit the stupidity of the man in the street.

Sasha had lived in the Caucasus and he knew the local people’s mindset very well. He also possessed an extraordinary logical mind and was one of the best detectives in Moscow. He realised that it made no sense for Chechens to blow up blocks of flats in Moscow. Chechnya has always had vendettas, but they have their own logic and their own rules. A Chechen would not travel to somebody else’s city and house just to blow it up for no reason. If someone is killing members of a Russian teacher’s family, this means that is being done on someone’s orders, especially, as you have mentioned that the fact of this murder was immediately picked up and trumpeted all over the media. Who is to gain from such acts?

Putin and his henchmen are in a tricky situation right now. His term of office is coming to an end, he has ‘upset a beehive’ but has not achieved his goal. He is not capable of extinguishing the fire he has started in the Caucasus. These are his problems and he has to cover them up. So to prove that the war has not been in vain here are these ‘animals’ in Ingushetiya who are murdering Russian teachers!’ Nationalism is a very shaky ground to stand on and many have perished by it. So who is to benefit from the murders?

I personally find it very hard to believe that the mujahadeen had been ordered to murder a peaceful family and a teacher. Nobody would any longer believe that the apartment blocks in Moscow had been blown up by Chechens, but they can still believe that Chechens are capable of seizing hostages in Beslan or killing a teacher. What you have done, dear Mansur, is to start dividing people into Russians and non-Russians – which is exactly what the real murderers in Moscow want. The plotter of the Ingush murders is sat in Moscow. He has built his power hierarchy and sits at the very top – which means that he has taken on responsibility. In a war where blood is spilled every day, you would always find scum of all sorts, beyond any social or national identity, beyond family or kinship ties, who can pull a black rag soaked in other people’s blood over their ugly mugs, with slits for shameless eyes. It is clear that this ‘rabble’ are not going to escape once they have committed heir vile deeds, they will be eliminated, to remove any witnesses. Similar operations are carried out all over Russia, and not just in the Caucasus.

As for the outcry in the media, well, this is part of Putin’s propaganda effort. It is part of the whole Lubyanka-masterminded operation. You must understand that their operation ‘Murder on its own’ is only half an operation. The main part of it is to parade it before the Russian public, which is what they do. With only one goal – to show the wicked side of the Chechen fighters, to turn the Russian people against the peoples of the Caucasus. And all the while they hide the murders of Ingush and Chechens from the media, because no normal government would want to present evidence of perpetrating a genocide against its own people.

What is important, Mansur, is to remain true to yourself, and not to become their yea-sayer, otherwise your article might actually help them. In 1995 those fascist leaders, the party of war, as Sasha would call them, suddenly started to talk about ‘people from the Caucasus’ - they were preparing the public for a war in the Caucasus. I was working at a factory near Moscow at the time, and I found a leaflet, clearly, a planted one. It was written in the name of ‘Chechen patriots’ in a crappy fascist anti-Russian style. It was clearly a provocation. It is only now that I have come to realise that it had been produced at Lubyanka and distributed through all the factories with the sole aim of influencing all that is moronic and stupid in the working class people in Moscow and the region.

So who is ‘us’, and who is ‘them’? Could I say ‘them’ about my brother, Akhmed Zakaev? He was with me when my son was dying and he was just as upset about his death as I was. While the people of the same faith as mine, other Russians, had poisoned him, without giving it another Christian thought, they had poisoned him with polonium 210. So please explain, my dear Mansur, who is ‘us’ and who is ‘them’. Putin’s government, his ‘pocket’ Duma do not even deserve the name of our ‘enemies’, they are mere criminals, without any faith, without nationality, they have robbed our motherlands, yours and mine. This is a unique example in history, when criminals stand at the helm of a large country. It is too great an honour for them to be called someone’s ‘enemies’. They are like a very strong acid on an unprotected surface, ‘eating into’ everything that is in its way.

Chechnya has not been able to defend itself properly, because of its openness and its honesty. Its President Djohar Dudaev was an honest and decent man, a true officer, and his whole behaviour was based on the notion of honour and conscience. It would seem that he was a perfect man to negotiate with. But those criminals, those lags, they find it much easier to find a common language with other criminals. Sasha wrote about Korzhakov and Khokholkov. Djohar could not bring himself to negotiate with this ‘presidential rabble’, these ‘power leftovers’. According to Sasha, Korzhakov had even demanded a bribe in exchange for organising a meeting with Yeltsin. Having murdered Djohar Dudaev in the most vile manner, they did not want to negotiate with colonel Maskhadov. Can those who have been a ‘nothing’ suddenly become ‘everything’?

In the past a noble Russian tsar found a common language with Shamil He could have killed Shamil just like that, but he was not a plebian, who had lost his conscience but a man who felt for every living being in his country. While the scum we are talking about are capable only of carrying out bloody and violent ‘operations’. These people know no nationality, they should be certified! They are similar to the Chechen Vladislav Surkov-Dudaev, Putin’s man without roots, without ethnicity.

I feel for your grief, Mansur, for your motherland trampled underfoot by soldiers’ boots, soldiers without roots, without ethnic identity, professional soldiers murdering your compatriots in exchange for wages and promotion. But mark my word: everyone will get what they deserve and will be judged very severely, and their most severe judges will be Russians, who will not only be sorry but who will be ashamed of what has been done!

By Valter Litvinenko

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