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LIMONKA: Lugovoy Serves Death

posted by zaina19 on July, 2007 as ANALYSIS / OPINION

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LIMONKA: Lugovoy Serves Death
Edward Limonov

By Edward Limonov

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On June 15, the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda have published an interview with Andrei Lugovoy, who is suspected by British police to be the executor of Alexander Litvinenko. Litvinenko's story was a headliner for the world media for the last eight months and is a still a headliner. Exotical weapons used for killing - radioactive polonium - as well as personalities of both the victim (Litvinenko) and the suspected killer (Lugovoy), ex-FSB officers both, keeps interest of media boiling.

For me, nonetheless, it was a shocking surprise to discover that my name was pronounced by the sinister Mr. Lugovoy. During the interview, he said that political killing is in stage of preparation for "some man, who has already obtained the image of a fighter against existing Russian authorities, he is destined to become a sacred martyr. For example, so-called oppositional candidates to presidency. They should hire themselves an enormous security troop... Edward Limonov, Mikhail Kasyanov... I think against them something is in preparation."

Lugovoy attributed the intention to kill me or Mikhail Kasyanov, or both, to Boris Berezovsky. He attributed the killing of Litvinenko also to Boris Berezovsky. As I have no reason whatsoever to suspect London-based businessman Mr. Berezovsky to kill me, I took Lugovoy's threat as a threat of Russian secret services to kill Edward Limonov or (and) Mikhail Kasyanov. A few days ago, we discussed Lugovoy's threat with Kasyanov. We both agreed that through Lugovoy we received threat from those who have killed Litvinenko. (I would say, from Government, from Kremlin, from FSB - the executor.) I smiled, Kasyanov was smiling too, but I have to admit that the man who sent us the threat is the most sinister man in entire world, maybe after Bin Laden. So, it is serious. I am cool, but it is serious.

I should take into consideration that Lugovoy's interview was checked out by FSB experts. Hundred percent it was. Lugovoy could not pronounce his threats without permission from his superiors and his final supervisor, President Putin. Otherwise Lugovoy would be given to British for trial.

By FSB's, by President Putin's logic, by the logic of Mr. Lugovoy, Mr. Berezovsky is guilty by only the fact that Putin, the FSB and Lugovoy have pointed at him. However, every smart man, and even some dummies, understand that Mr. Berezovsky is not a nuclear powered country. He is not a secret service with its enormous resources. Mr. Berezovsky has a goal not to convince Russian citizens. His goal is to prepare the ground for possible false explanation of political killing (or killings). Sure, it is a blatant lie, but when the corpse of an oppositional politician will be found, the explanation will be ready within hand distance: Berezovsky.

What will I do? I have planned to buy a bulletproof vest for myself and for my security people. As I am accompanied by security comrades from September 1996, when I was attacked by unknown men and severely beaten (my eyes were damaged), I will have no trouble for adapting myself to more strict security measures. The rest of my destiny I will place in the hands of mighty God. For a private citizen, who I am, it is difficult to prevent an assassination. Looking back at the history of political assassinations in Russian one can consider the following information: Anna Politkovskaya didn't have any protection whatsoever. She was practically helpless under fire of her assassin. Galina Starovoitova was killed in the presence of her secretary. Ruslan Linkov wasn't security man, but just accompanied her. (It is interesting that a rumor was spread that Starovoitova have had with her a bag with over 900,000 dollars. Obviously rumor was spread for the reason to make public opinion believe that crime wasn't political, but common law crime.) Journalist Shchekochikhin from Novaya Gazeta (the same as Politkovskaya) was poisoned but crime was hidden because medical report stated he died of natural death. But Shchekochikhin investigated corruption of politicians, and he wasn't a fragile man. What I want to say is that before committing political murder, the murderers prepare public opinion to accept their own explanation. Or they do it shortly after political murder. "Litvinenko was killed by Berezovsky," "Politkovskaya had enemies in Chechen Republic," "Starovoitova was transporting 900,000 dollars," Shchekochikhin died of natural death," "Sergei Yushenkov was killed by his rival at Liberalnaya Rossia, who wanted Berezovsky's money," etc. The very best explanation for a political killing is camouflaging it for a common law crime over money. The second-best explanation for a political crime in Russia is Boris Berezovsky, demonized by Kremlin over the last years.

Lugovoy is not tried, but details of investigation of Litvinenko's murder didn't leave much doubt about his guilt. The traces of polonium spread over the London routes of Mr. Lugovoy have convinced millions of Brits and Russians: Lugovoy is not for nothing accused of killing. And now that very man, sinister like no one else, is warning Komsomolskaya Pravda readers and world public opinion as to who will be the next victims! It might be a menace, but pronounced by such a man, it is a highly believable menace.

I sleep well. I have good appetite and have no signs of paranoia. But it is a second time for last months that I am receiving death threat. First one was corresponded to me by my lawyer Sergey Beliak, and sent by unfriendly deputy of the State Duma, who was rather happy with message he transmitted. "Say to your client that his elimination is decided in highest places, among high ranking officials of state," he said.

There is no need for exclamations of my emotions. I don't see a need for indignation. I knew from the beginning that I have started a political war against murderers and criminals. A la guerre come a la guerre, as said the French. No Strasbourg Court or United Nations can save my life in Russia. I will do my job. I have no fear.

Shchekochikhin: POISONED TO DEATH

Starovoitova: SHOT TO DEATH

Yushenkov: SHOT TO DEATH

Politkovskaya: SHOT TO DEATH


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