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Features of incoming victory

posted by zaina19 on May, 2006 as ANALYSIS / OPINION

From: MSN NicknameEagle_wng  (Original Message)    Sent: 5/26/2006 4:07 AM

Features of incoming victory

As far back as over 7 years the Russian propaganda alleges disability and weakness of the Chechen and Dagestan Mujahiddeens for serious actions. Liars of Lubyanka alleged as of the very beginning of their aggression against Chechnya that the Chechen troops had been eliminated and only separate groups of rebellions render resistance to the invasion.

During several years a number of these so-called separate groups varied permanently according to propagandist demands of occupants – from 3000 fighters to 250. However a value – 13 000 allegedly killed fighters has not changed since 2000 when the general of army of occupation Manilov sounded this value for the first time. Furthermore Russian Joint Staff publish regularly information on allegedly killed dozens fighters.

All western mass media and commentators recognize the second aggression of the Russian terrorist troops was prepared more thoroughly in the light of information readiness as against the first war of 1994-96.

Moscow did not puzzle over the problem and placed simply ban upon any unapproved information from Chechnya. Due to efforts of Kremlin the Chechen war disappeared simply from information field of Russia. However this virtual success turned into real defeat.

Having forbidden the war, Kremlin deprived the Russian citizens all rights for truth. Russian society has lost life instinct in condition of non-availability of true information on Chechnya and Caucasus. Having spread net for information on Checnya, Kremlin was caught itself in the end.

At present Putin and his company are not able even to recognize publicly the fact of spread of the war outside Chechnya throughout the North Caucasus. Any such recognition would have heavy information and political after-effects. However at the same time any concealment of reality does not eliminate this reality, but only deteriorates own affairs of a liar. It has run to that occupation command ordered to explain battle casualties with allegedly misadventures to grade anyway losses of the Russian troops in this allegedly finished war as far as it had been simply impossible to conceal totally facts of losses. And a number of such accidents grew up sharply at once.

Analysts tracing situation in Chechnya did not miss an opportunity for emphasize this feature. So the well-known Jamestown University emphasized in its weekly report that so-called accidents with Russian armours in mountainous Chechnya and shooting each other among soldiers that became frequent last time cause certain doubts that the Russian command tries to conceal the truth.

The western commentators notify also that non-availability of information on losses of the Russian occupants in Chechnya and information on battles should not disorient anybody. Moreover the facts tell about the contrary: tension of clashes has not only slackened but also grown up significantly for 7 years of war. At present hostilities are observed throughout the North Caucasus in all republics.

The recent successful sabotage action of the Mujahiddeens in Ingushetia and series of simultaneous attacks of the Islamic fighters in several republic of the region including Chechnya despite of availability of great mass of Russian troops and special services accumulated here serve an evidence of efficient command of the Islamic fighters, availability of certain battle missions, targets for attacks and understanding aims of the war.

Unprecedented courage and impudence of battle behavior of Mujahiddeens in conditions of fight against enemy in the ratio 1 against 300 plus armors and all service branches including so-called spetsnaz and aviation on the part of enemy are evidences of the highest degree of preparedness of moral and battle qualities of the Caucasus fighters.

Commentators focus emphasis on that none Mujahiddeen yields himself prisoner anywhere – in Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachaevo-Cherkesia and Stavropol Region. Even Russian mass media started to tell about this real fact.

7 years of the Caucasus war saved the fighting Muslims from hypocrites of all stripes – from democrats to nationalists and restored the type of fighter who had been forgotten before because of the wrong ideology. This type of fighter is the Mujahiddeen, a fighter for the sake of Allah who likes death on the path of Allah more than secular life. This is the most important and pleasant feature of incoming Victory over the enemy for all Muslims who feel with their brothers in Caucasus. And this is the most dark and bitter feature for kafirs and munafigs of all stripes who feel the breath of inevitable disgrace and defeat during each collision with the heroic Mujahiddeens.

Hamzat Argunskiy

The Letters Department.

Kavkaz Center
2006-05-26 00:54:21

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