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Overturned pyramid

posted by zaina19 on March, 2006 as ANALYSIS / OPINION

From: MSN NicknameEagle_wng  (Original Message)    Sent: 3/3/2006 1:35 AM
Overturned pyramid
Russia - as the overturned pyramid, which is rested on the interests of the negligible, outgoing to the point minority. This regime cannot be held, if sane associations do not prop it up from all sides. A question - why do these associations (country) make this? Why they don’t give Russia to accept normal position?
The most terrible, that threatens to world in the case of rigid pressure in Russia – this is what for it is necessary to deal concerning another, more sane Russian government. World saw this after the rigid pressure in Communist Moscow of President Reagan, who named things its names, the named USSR as the "empire of evil". The pressure of the West led to the fact that the empire began noiselessly and bloodlessly transform into the more- less normal state. It was worthwhile for Reagan to forego his concept earlier than this it was to be made, as this transformation it were wrapped up by the sequential mimicry of parasitic authority, and began to pour the rivers of the blood.
Communist regime collapsed. But who will show pressure on the State Security Agent regime? Where is that new Reagan, who will name things its names and indicate the empire of the evil of Kremlin chekizm, this new mutant of Russian history?
What such as Chechnya for Russia? This is normal, progressive human association quite near in Russia. This is the small, but strong crystal, which not to cleave, not to dissolve. Which itself condenses around itself the amorphous, corroded by parasites medium. Such is the role of Chechnya in the area of Russian influence all last centuries.
By quite its existence, by its independent from the West movement by the same way of freedom, placed genetically in its nature, Chechnya deprives the legitimacy of Russian authority in the eyes of its peoples. These are - the role of Chechens in the contemporary history, their mission in the world. Their ethnic isolation do not stole, but it assigned on them their surrounding peoples. Their ideological, and partly also the ethnic descendants of North Americans, and the descendants of descendants, North Americans, forgot about this relationship.
The jumped out from the mortal loop fates of empires, - due to this property of free nations - to give those surrounding freedom and force, - recall about that, about which you remember those, who today battle for the freedom in the Caucasus. They remember, in spite of bonfires from the chronicles and the books, in which the NKVD destroyed their written history. In spite of the destruction from the century into the century of national elite, which also had a goal to deprive the people of memory about its role in the world. You will recall and understand what you make - this is worse than Kainov of sin. This is the murder of maternal civilization...
When the West finally decided to strike under the conditions of Miloshevich, it was difficult to believe, that the Russian monster will go to the essential risk of suicide, if so changed world. It will not laugh. They laughed, but how? As slowly they crawled, so in a cowardly manner lay about some "sanitary zone". As they impeded after undressed misfire in Ryazan, when it was possible to nevertheless expect that the world will wake up and say that that suspected of such terrible crimes as the explosions of apartment houses and murders of their own citizens, cannot be presidential candidate of Russia. After the explosions, of which they accused Chechens, multithousand interactive interrogations on even freer NTV of those days by enormous majority supported only this notorious "sanitary zone", and almost no one - for the war. But world was silent. But that, which was said - this is worse than silence. This, in the essence, there was the support to aggressor. Because those spoken could not but understand, that the aforesaid by them will not stop aggression, will not stop genocide.
Peace behaved so, as to the peoples of Russia, but not to Chechnya threatens destruction. Without noting that they make them with the hostages of common crime, tied by the together spilled blood, as previously they tied by the joint blockade of the worried to death and ruined country. And that they lost right to the respect in their own eyes and in the eyes of their children. Because Russian regime, drawing people in its crimes, destroys their system of values, substituting by its murderous motto "you die today and I tomorrow". And this will tomorrow begin inevitable, if already today the agents of Russian regime manipulate by foreign public and government organizations then easily and by public organizations in Russia itself. When, intimidating, when, bribing, they convert not about which the not reflecting conformists into kollaborants, which do not think about the fate of their peoples.
But it’s time, finally, to understand that the Kremlin terrorist regime cannot win either cold, or hot war. But it always wins "discharging of international tension".
Regina Vasilyev
Kavkaz Center
2006-03-03 10:27:22

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