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"Antiterrorism" from Bagdad up to Paris

posted by zaina19 on December, 2005 as ANALYSIS / OPINION

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From: MSN NicknameEagle_wng  (Original Message)    Sent: 12/1/2005 4:21 AM
Decmber, 1, 2005

"Antiterrorism" from Bagdad up to Paris

When the American tanks entered Bagdad, in the western press was small but sensational information that on some fighting machines of USA there were inscriptions like "after Bagdad - Paris!". What might mean these slogans, is known to those who knows subtleties of the political kitchen, seasoned with so-called struggle against terrorism. Speaking intelligible language, it meant, that France, not kept antiterrorist company, has actually opposed the policy of modern neo-colonialism, that on canons of a superpower what is USA, is a punishable thing. In similar spirit the president Bush jr. has expressed: "The one who is not with us is against us!". So, inscriptions on the American reservation were mirror reflection of a position of the American president.

When in october, 2005 in France antigovernmental excitements with burning of automobiles have flashed, only few knew, that the American threat began to be embodied in life.

To understand refined art of the American special services, it is necessary to comprehend and answer some extremely interesting questions:

- What has forced Americans to relocate Islamic "terrorists" from Afghanistan and Iraq at the other end of the world, on base of Guantanamo?

- How many imprisoned moslems were contained on this American base?

- What was particularly done to captives?

Answers to these questions interesting, as well as difficult. But that the situation has cleared up, it is necessary to have a look on what make lubjansk killers in the Chechen Republic. - But what have to do here the Russian special services? - the unaware person will ask. And why we should doubt to an exchange of advanced antiterrorist experience if the American president does not get tired to repeat about friendship with the president of Russia, especial in the field of struggle against global terrorism, thus convincing us what truthful eyes of the lieutenant colonel of KGB may not tell a lie? From words of the American president follows: things that make Russians under Putin's wise management above the population of an enormous concentration camp under the name "Chechenya", it is the real struggle against terrorism. It is good, what it's not a struggle for democracy. However, at an exchange of allied experience, Americans nevertheless have not risked to operate so roughly and openly as it made the Russian special services and their puppets.

Practically in the Chechen Republic, and already far outside the Chechen concentration camp, it became known to all with what purpose the Russian retaliatory bodies and their puppets kidnap. First of all they, applying inhuman tortures, hire prisoners, or force them to stipulate themselves and to commit perjury. When none of these variants work and if relatives are not capable to redeem prisoners, they are guaranteed slow, painful, but certain death .

Certainly, there may not be no speech that Americans sell guantamanas prisoners to relatives or shoot. But that they torture and hire prisoners, nobody doubts. Well, and on a delicate question - what for the American special services needed to hire imprisoned moslems, the one who though in a small degree is informed on propaganda tricks of the White House and the Kremlin in the field of struggle with "global terrorism" without effort will answer. Probably about specificity of this "struggle" we would not have found out, if not clumsy work of the Russian special services. Failed special operations of lubjansk-kremlin syndicate are too many, and their description would take too much place.

Therefore we shall be limited to one classical beslans failure.

All beslans special operation of Russian special services was initially doomed for a failure. About it became known from interview of Shamil Basaev in radio "Svaboda". In particular he has told about how one of participants of beslans raid - Khodov - was recruited by security officers and sent for preparation of provocation in group of Basaev. But, being in group of the Chechen Resistance, Khodov has repented and has told to Chechens of circumstance of his recruitment and about the further plans of the Russian special services.

On beslans process witnesses of tragedy have suddenly declared, that the majority of corpses of "terrorists" do not belong to participants of operation, that these are bodies of completely unknown people. All this means only that Russian special agents, delivered corpses of people exterminated in the Chechen Republic and,  have dressed them in the military form, have thrown on a place of tragedy. And why should such "goods"  vanish in vain? Besides, it's a good amount of "terrorists".

In this connection it is necessary to recollect, that today's Putins pupils copy actions of fascists of 70-years prescription. The second world war as now it is known, began from operation "Gljaivitz" which was carried out by German special service SS. They, having shot down the personnel of German radio station Gljajvitz and having thrown on a place corpses of the exterminated prisoners disguised in the form of the Polish army, have declared, that the Polish Army has perfidiously attacked German radio station. This bloody performance was used by fascist Germany for declaration of war to Poland with which readout of the Second World war begins. Especially it is necessary to emphasize, that scripts in the form of insurgents occur to changing clothes of killed peace people practically daily in the Chechen republic.

If to take into account, that special services of practically all countries coordinate the actions, because "antiterroristic" operation has nowadays global character the circuit of actions of the American special services is quite logically stacked in events in France where in october, 2005 in Muslim quarters of suburbs of Paris the excitements thrown in other cities of the country have begun. It was visible to the naked eye, that this mass excitements skilfully coped the invisible director.

No, in no way it is possible to assert, that agents of CIA and special service of some countries of a coalition took direct participation in these events. Instructions of special services do not suppose direct participation of employees of special services in such dangerous actions, there is no necessity if work is carried out successfully by the same prisoners earlier recruited on the basis of Guantanamo. Besides the recruited moslems do not have a basic difference where and how to damage "kafirs regimes". Clearly, that radical elements execute this work with inspiration and free-of-charge.

But becomes who benefits by these events, putting enormous damage to economy not only of France, but also all incorporated Europe. In this case two hares at once are killed: besides punishment of obstinate France, the American program on easing the European competitor is embodied in life, whose currency began to restrict appreciablly "green unkle Sam". And who knows, what else dividends got as a result of events in France transatlantic "friends"?

Nevertheless, organizers of excitements have miscalculated, as the refugees who have found refuge in the European countries, especially citizens, what Islamic radicals they would not be, not begin to harm national economy of residing, that means the reasonable person, according to a proverb, "doesn't cut branch, on which he sits". Then whence has come from the Islamic trace in these events ? Not from heavens I guess!? But, maybe therefrom if to trust messages of last days of the European press.

After a lot of the European MASS-MEDIA has published sensational news about existence of concentration camps in territory of new members of the Eurounion, namely in Poland and Slovakia, the first alarm was hammered by Sweden - the most consecutive democratic country. As has informed BBC on november, 18, 2005 in (article "Switzerland will check up, what were doing the planes of CIA", the alarm of Scandinavians appeared not vain. The American planes, using trustfulness of the European colleagues, secretly delivered to territory of Europe prisoners from base of Guantanamo. Half-trouble if in these concentration camps simple prisoners are contained, but the perfect trouble if there were the prisoners recruited by CIA. Hard to imagine amount of the recruited terrorists, if air stations of only one Iceland as the transshipment country, 67 American planes have taken advantage, chartered by CIA.

The government of Sweden is going to investigate all circumstances of flights of planes, chartered by the American special services which used territory of Sweden for their purposes. Probably, other countries of the Eurounion will follow an example of Scandinavians.

Now, after all told, it's easy to explain an origin of "chechen" trace in the European acts of terrorism as that was more recently in Hamburg. And, this Chechen trace in Europe practically always has rather strange contours because "chechens" have not only atypical for caucasians color of skin and eyes, but they do not know a single word on - chechen language. The ones who are looking for "chechen trace" in the European acts of terrorism for the beginning should study elements about an origin of races and peoples, or even occasionally glance at themselves in a mirror, to understand, that Chechens are direct representatives of that white Caucasian race as whom frequently rank themselves unlucky criminalists.

Not clear - to what teach agents in Lengly?

Martin Nordin, for CHECHENPRESS, 01.12.05

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