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NatPress: Maykop Town Day’s Celebrations Were Grandiose

posted by eagle on September, 2009 as ADYGEA

Maykop town day’s celebrations were grandiose  

Since the morning till late the night in the center of Adygeya capital it was hard to force the way. Maykop had not seen such a mass, grandiose celebrating, perhaps, in the whole newest history. And that in the view of that in the last year the town day celebrating practically did not take place.

The whole day long a fair proceeded. Only in some places on Lenin's square there were attractions, competitions and other actions with actors’ participation, with rest space was occupied by counters, stands, etc., that is everything that advertised or directly represented these or those goods.

The prices were not so low, the goods were shown quite ordinary, basically of the local production, and, nevertheless, at each counter a turn, if not a crowd formed. It would be rather silly to expect from the sellers to low prices at such fantastic crowds. But people seemed to buy all ...

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NatPress: Adygeya President Met Representatives Of Clergy

posted by eagle on as ADYGEA

Adygeya president met representatives of clergy  

In the Presidential hall of the Adygeya Government House on September, 10th Aslan Tkhakushinov's meeting with representatives of the clergy, law enforcement bodies and intelligency took place, the press-service of the head of the republic reported. Participants of the meeting considered the problem of interaction of the state authorities and the religious associations in the sphere of the spiritually-moral education of the republican youth.

“There is some concern about processes in the republic connected with a forcing of the situation around what had been created through many years by the generations of the inhabitants of multinational Adygeya, - the good-neighbourhood, peaceful disposition, mutual understanding and interethnic consent. It is obvious that there are forces which do not wish the positive development of the republic where peace reigns. Their desire to clash Adygeya inhabitants according to their national attributes, to break down the inter-confessional peace and public consent in the republic is ...

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NatPress: “Circassian Circle” Dancing Show Takes Place In Maykop

posted by eagle on as ADYGEA

 “Circassian circle” dancing show takes place in Maykop  

Authors of the dancing show “Circassian circle” invite all the inhabitants and the visitors of Adygeya capital! Only one day in Maykop!

On September, 30th at 7-00 p.m. in the State philarmonic society of Adygeya Republic (Maykop, Pionerskaya street, 300) there will be the dancing show "Circassian circle" in which spectators could see created at the high-professional level and with love the image of Adygs and the peoples of the whole Caucasus in an original interpretation with using the modern technologies. Information by phones 53-12-77, 53-46-01.

The dancing show "Circassian circle" in Maykop! The show comes to its end, and it becomes close on the stage: tens spectators come to the actors to thank them personally. Inhabitants of the republic “Circassian circle” were touched in the part of their hearts which is given for ever to the small native land, to the ancestors and to what the ancestors bequeathed to new generations. ...

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Natpress: Adygeya President Met Journalists Of Central Mass-Media

posted by eagle on as ADYGEA

Adygeya president met journalists of central mass-media  

The president of Adygeya Republic Aslan Tkhakushinov on September, 4th was interviewed by two leading Russian printed editions. The observer of the newspaper "Izvestia (News)" Jeanne Lokotkova (Moscow), editor Alexander Ershov and correspondent of the edition “Russian Newspaper” (Krasnodar) Ivan Karasev in the dialogue with the leader of the republic mentioned practically all the spheres of the social and economic development of the region.

Materials and articles telling about implementation of the investment projects, development of the industry, agrarian sector, sports and culture of Adygeya will be published before the International investment forum “Sochi – 2009” and the Day of Republic. Up to the 18th anniversary of the republic “Russian newspaper” also prepares a special multi-colored release “Region. Republic of Adygeya”.

Translation: Natpress

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