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NatPress: Gifts For Repatriates’ Children In Adygeya

posted by eagle on August, 2009 as ADYGEA

Gifts for repatriates’ children in Adygeya 

The repatriates’ children of Adygeya, born in it this year, had been presented with gifts on the eve of the Day of Repatriate. The gift set included articles of prime necessity for toddlers. The gifts were bought by the State Soviet-Khasa of Adygeya4 Vyacheslav Sapiev, the vice-speaker of the parliament, participated in their delivery.

As the repatriate from Israel Aibek Achmiz told NatPress, his family was handed over with a gift by the chairman of the organization on repatriates assistance "HRA" Yahia Stash. “In our family, - the interlocutor said, - this year a girl was born. The same gift was also received by the family of my brother-in-law Khasan Yakhutl, the repatriate from Jordan”.

Let's note, in total for the whole period in the repatriates’ families of Adygeya there were born about 700 children.


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NatPress: Day Of Repatriate In Maykop

posted by eagle on as ADYGEA

Day of Repatriate in Maykop 

The Day of Repatriate gathered on August, 1st on the square by the National museum about 3 thousand people. There were more people, simply there were staid only those who were located on the square so that they could see the performance. There were many people who watched the performances of the actors on the big monitor based on the front wall of the museum.

Perhaps, during the ceremony there was unusual only one thing - putting flowers to "monument to victims of the Caucasian war”. The monument so named just that way, and in the delegation assigned the bouquet there had been included not only public men, but also some officials. As that was a state holiday.

From among the authorities of the republic at the holiday there were the prime minister of Adygeya Murat Kumpilov and the vice-speaker of the State Soviet-Khasa Vyacheslav Sapiev. They reminded that in relation to ...

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NatPress: Repatriate’s Day Is Celebrated In Adygeya

posted by eagle on as ADYGEA

Repatriate’s Day is celebrated in Adygeya  


Yesterday Adygeya celebrated the Repatriate’s Day – a memorable date established in honour of returning to the historical native land Adygs(circassians) from Kosovo.

In the framework of celebration of Repatriate’s Day in Maykop a number of public actions passed. In particular, near the building of the National museum held a concert of many famous singers and dancing collectives of the republic.

Repatriates’ Day is commemorated in Adygeya since August 1, 1998, when the first refugees from Kosovo arrived to the republic.


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NatPress: Investigatory Committee Across Adygeya Reported About "Loud" Cases

posted by eagle on as ADYGEA

Investigatory committee across Adygeya reported about "loud" cases  

The chiefs of the investigatory committee at the Office of Public Prosecutor of Russian Federation across Adygeya had lead on July, 28th a press conference at which they told about the results of the work for the first half-year of this year. At the meeting journalists basically asked questions on investigation of the anticorruption cases.

The head of the investigatory committee Vasily Semenov answered a question on the course of investigation of the criminal case against Maykop mayor Michael Chernichenko that the department he heads has 8 cases against “persons of the so-called protected category concerning which the special order of legal proceedings and investigation are applied”.

In particular, as he said, investigation under two heads of the municipal administrations - Maykop town and Teuchezhsky area - is on. “These persons are protected by the law, - he said, - and in their relation there is a special procedure of institution and ...

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NatPress: Teachers Of Adygeya Achieved Restoration Of Indemnification

posted by eagle on as ADYGEA

Teachers of Adygeya achieved restoration of indemnification   

In Adygeya the republican law “About reimbursement, measures of social support of pedagogical workers” has come into force. It was signed by the head of the republic on July, 3rd this year, and considered by the deputies of the State Soviet-Khasa on May, 27th. But that was preceded with some legislative and public activities.

In the beginning of this year 42 pedagogical workers of Ghiaghinskaya settlement had addressed to the deputies of the State Soviet-Khasa of Adygeya Evgenie Salov, Valentine Melnikov, Anatoly Osokin, Grigory Senin and Tatyana Borchakovskaya with a letter in occasion of inactivity in relation to Federal law # 55 “About education”. It was a question of granting the pedagogical workers with “free-of-charge habitation and municipal services in full and without restrictions”.

Requirements of the teachers were fair, and the deputies of the fraction of the Communist Party of Russian Federation in the State Soviet-Khasa started working. And the technical ...

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