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JULY 2010

NatPress: British Company Found Gas In Koshekhablsky Area Of Adygeya

posted by eagle on July, 2010 as ADYGEA

British company found gas in Koshekhablsky area of Adygeya 

16 July 2010 - 09:18 pm - NatPress 

British company JKX Oil and Gas which is engaged in prospecting and extraction of hydrocarbons in Russia and the Ukraine, found out additional volumes of the natural gas in a chink drilled on Koshehablsky deposit in Adygeya, the web-site of American newspaper ‘Upstream’ informed.

Chink Well-20 shown stocks of 22,6 million cubic foots (640 thousand cubic meters) of the natural gas a day and 25 barrels of condensate a day.

The evolved extraction on the deposit can improve the economic parameters of the company and its proved stocks, Upstream informed.

JKX Oil and Gas had finished in November, 2007 purchase of Open Company "Yuggazenergy" owning the license on Koshehablsky deposit, from Cyprian investment fund Mostotal Investments Limited. The sum of the deal made 50 million dollars. The company drilled on the deposit 10 chinks.

Koshehablsky deposit was opened in 1972. The proved stocks of the natural gas ...

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NatPress: Adygeya “Adyghe Khasa” Seeks A Meeting With Medvedev At ICA Council’s Sitting

posted by eagle on as ADYGEA

Adygeya "Adyghe Khasa” seeks a meeting with Medvedev at ICA council’s sitting

16 July 2010 - 09:19 pm - NatPress

Members of the public movement "Adyghe Khasa” of Adygeya Republic sent the President of the International Circassian Association Kanshobi Azhakhov a letter with the offer to organize in August, 2010 an expanded session of the Council of the organization on Red Glade of Sochi. As it was stated in the letter they want it to take place on "the primordial land Adygs (Circassians)”.

The authors of the letter, signed by the leader of "Adyghe Khasa” of Adygeya Arambiy Hapay, consider that it is necessary "… to invite to the session … the President of Russian Federation D.A.Medvedev, the governor of Krasnodar region A.N.Tkachev, the head of Sochi city A.N.Pakhomov, representatives of the organizing committee of the Winter Olympic Games - 2014 in Sochi”.

The decision about sending that letter was made at the last session of the executive committee of "Adyghe Khasa”. In the opinion ...

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NatPress: Brazilians Will Give A Football Master-Class In Maykop

posted by eagle on as ADYGEA

Brazilians will give a football master-class in Maykop

13 July 2010 - 08:41 - NatPress 

Maykop Administration decided to sweeten for the Russian football fans a bitterness of parting with the great football holiday - the World football championship. The town committee on physical training and sports on July, 14th organizes a meeting of the local football fans with the Brazilian stars of mini-football.

The most titled from them is the double world champion Sergio (Paolo Sergio Batista). The leader of the team is Ghi (Guilereme Fonseka Pineiro Lima) - a football player and a trainer, the president of the international charitable organization which deals with problems of narcotism.

On the stadium "Youth" Brazilians will give a master-class and a short seminar for the young football players of Maykop. The culmination of the sport holiday becomes a companionable game between Brazilians and a team of the republican capital.

Beginning - at 04.00 pm. Free entry.

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