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JULY 2009

NatPress: In Adygheisk Town “Adyghe Jeg’u” Season Is Opened

posted by eagle on July, 2009 as ADYGEA

In Adygheisk town “Adyghe Jeg’u” season is opened  

On Saturday, on July, 17th, in Adygheisk town “Adyghe Jeg’u”, with which the season of the evenings of the Adygeyan folk dances was opened, took place. The youth branch of Adygheisk town social movement “Adyghe Khasa” organized the holiday.

For Adygheisk town carrying out of “Adyghe Jeg’u” appeared to be a new action and as the organizers promised, it would become traditional. The season opened on the Saturday would be prolonged up to the end of the summer.

Sounds of the accordion gathered inhabitants of Adygheisk town in the town centre. For that evening the organizers and participants of Jeg’u expressed their gratitude to the member of Adygheisk town social movement “Adyghe Khasa” Asker Kabertay, who equipped the place for carrying out of the holiday, not once.

The youth of the town danced till the late evening, that was promoted both with jeg’uach’o evenings by Bayzet Tkhagapso, and the organizers, one of which ...

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NatPress: A New Mayor In Adygheisk?

posted by eagle on as ADYGEA

A new mayor in Adygheisk?  

NatPress got a SMS message from Adygheisk that Adam Tletseri left the post of the acting mayor of the town. This news was sounded in the journalistic circles of Maykop.

NatPress question, whether that information proved to be true, in the Adygeya president press-service they answered that they did not know anything about it.

Aliy Tliap, who earlier headed Adygheisk “Adyghe Khasa” , told that, under his data, session of the town deputies on which that question should be considered should take place.

If to return to what Maykop journalists they also name a concrete surname of the new appointed. That is Gatagu. Mess is only in the names, as some people confirm that he is Aslan - the deputy of the State Soviet - Khasa, the others - Adam, the local businessman.


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NatPress: Russian Newspaper: “Officials’ Hunting – Scandal”. NatPress’ Comments

posted by eagle on as ADYGEA

 Russian Newspaper: “Officials’ hunting – scandal”. NatPress’ Comments  

 The Head of the Adygeya Government,

 Murat Kumpilov

The federal minister of natural resources and ecology charged to investigate the fact of the high-ranking officials’ poaching

Yesterday the minister of natural resources and ecology Jury Trutnev gave orders to his subordinated employees to find out the details of the incident happened on the eve in the Caucasian biospheric reserve.

According to the minister, in the reserve a group of persons with fire-guns had been detained. "The fire-gun in the reserve is an attribute of hunting", - the minister noted.

And that was illegal hunting, to be more exact - a poaching. The piquancy of the situation was connected with the circumstance that the poachers appeared to be high-ranked officials as already happened often for the last time, they were - this time - from Adygeya Republic.

The high-ranked officials were taken red-handed. The officials were found casually at unsuccessful coincidence of circumstances. Hardly the fact of ...

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NatPress: Horse Races In Honour Of Adygeya President’s Birthday Took Place In Krasnodar

posted by eagle on as ADYGEA

Horse races in honour of Adygeya president’s birthday took place in Krasnodar 

President of Adygeya Republic Aslan Tkhakushinov

One of the most prestigious stages on the horse races “The Great Krasnodar Prize-Derby” became the race in honour of the birthday of the President of Adygeya Republic Aslan Tkhakushinov, the press-service of the head of the republic informed. The race took place on the last Saturday on the hippodrome of the regional capital.

“In horse competitions, which total prize-winning fund made 1,4 million rubles, three years-old stallions and mares of the thoroughbred riding breeds, grown up in Krasnodar region and Adygeya Republic participated”, - it was stated in the information.

“As a result of the fascinating fight for the prize of the president of Adygeya Republic Aslan Tkhakushinov which made 500 thousand rubles, the first was red stallion Elber (equestrian – Krasnodar citizen Y.Kulinich). The second and third places were after bay stallions Todes and Agherol”», - it was remarked further in the text.

“The winners and ...

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NatPress: Ecological Watch: Around "Hunting" In Caucasian Reserve Unhealthy Agiotage Inflames

posted by eagle on as ADYGEA

Ecological Watch: Around "hunting" in Caucasian reserve unhealthy agiotage



The fact of detention on July, 5th 2009 in the Caucasian reserve of a group of persons with fire-arms among which there was the prime minister of Adygeya Republic Murat Kumpilov, became during the last days one of the central themes for the mass media. However description of the problem by some mass-media, unfortunately, mismatches the events taken place.

In their pursuit of sensation some mass-media used open distortion of the facts. In particular, in the today's number of the newspaper "Komsomol Pravda on Kuban" it was published the article of correspondent Vladimir Olin "Adygeyan officials taken poaching" in which he informed that the coordinator of the Ecological Watch across Northern Caucasus Andrey Rudomakha had ostensibly declared the newspaper the following: "We quite often have to catch inveterate poachers but the fact that officials were illegally in the territory of the specially protected zone was for the first time; we have ...

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