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JUNE 2009

NatPress: Ecologists ask UNESCO To Include Large Sochi And Adygeya Territories Into “World Heritage Under Threat” List

posted by eagle on June, 2009 as ADYGEA

 Ecologists ask UNESCO to include Large Sochi and Adygeya  territories into “World Heritage under Threat” list 

Ecological Watch across Northern Caucasus sent a letter to address of the 33-rd session of the World Heritage UNESCO Committee taking place in Seville (Spain), with the request to study “the question of inclusion of the object “Western Caucasus” into the list “World Heritage under Threat”. The ecologists also consider that it is necessary to urgently direct to Russia the monitoring mission, “which could investigate directly the state of affairs which had developed in the sphere of environment protection of the object”.

The greatest fears of the ecologists are connected to the territories of Pear Ridge (Big Sochi) and Lago-Naki plateau (Maykopsky area of Adygeya).

The ecologists remind that they had addressed to the 32nd session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee which made the rigid decisions concerned a plenty of recommendations to Russian party. “Unfortunately, - they explained, - practically all the recommendations had not been executed by Russia, ...

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NatPress: Adygeya President: “Dialogue Of Authority With Social Movements Should Be Constructive”

posted by eagle on as ADYGEA

Adygeya president: “Dialogue of authority with social movements should be constructive”  


NatPress gives this news in the way which it had been widespread by the press-service of Adygeya president:

“On the eve of the Congress of social movement “Adyghe Khasa” of Adygeya Republic representatives of its leadership in the House of Government had met with the president of Adygeya Republic Aslan Tkhakushinov.

The chairman of the social movement “Adyghe Khasa” of Adygeya Republic Arambiy Hapay, his assistant Aslan Neguch and member of the Executive committee Chatib Khunagov announced some questions, exciting the Adygeyan public of the republic.

The prime minister of Adygeya Murat Kumpilov, the head of Adygeya president administration of and Cabinet Alexander Pitsenko, the minister of culture of Adygeya Gaziy Chemso and the chairman of Committee of Adygeya on nationalities, connections with compatriots and mass media Vyacheslav Zhachemuk took part in the meeting.

“We, as representatives of the executive bodies of the republican government, are interested in that activities of “Adyghe ...

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CK: Victims Of Mass Fight In Capital Of Adygea Report Its National Context

posted by eagle on as ADYGEA

Victims of mass fight in capital of Adygea report its national context

jun 17 2009, 23:20

The mass fight that burst out in Lenin Square of Maikop, the capital of Adygea, at night of June 10, was initiated by a well-known sportsman, champion of Russia in hand-to-hand fighting. Later, among instigators was an international master of sports in boxing. The "Caucasian Knot" correspondent was informed about it by one of the victims, who preferred to name him for safety reasons. According to his story, there was no direct reason for the fight. The attackers did not like the nationality of someone from his group.

"We get together every evening in this square as this sort of international group: Ossetians, Kumyks, one Azerbaijani, Adygs, Ingushes and Chechens. On that evening I also went there and met an Ingush and six Chechens; we stood there in a circle," recollected the victim.

"I departed from my group; ...

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