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MAY 2010

Radio Adiga: Attempt On Compatriot From Israel

posted by eagle on May, 2010 as ADYGEA

14 05 2010 
Attempt on compatriot from Israel

A student from Israel and a compatriot of Russia, Gerhard Kujan has been attacked by a group of extortionist. Two from Adygeya (Kabehov Rustam and Bzegejov Asker) and one from Karachayevo-Cherkessia (Baychorov Shamil). According to the victim they were attempting to take money from him and after a short quarrel one of the extortionist attacked the compatriot. The victim was brought to the Clinic Hospital of Adygeya in the capital Maykop with light wounds and hemorrhage in the face. 

According to the victim the attackers have extremist ideas against Circassians from abroad and repatriates. "I was heard one of them saying "why we need them here?” and the other said during the quarrel that "we will not let you alone even if you are a "guest” here”. 

The victim is stable but still suffers from lumps in the face. 

Radio Adiga

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NatPress: Litigation Aghirov vs. “Youth Of Adygeya” Newspaper Will Be Continued On May, 20th

posted by eagle on as ADYGEA

Litigation Aghirov vs. "Youth of Adygeya” newspaper will be continued on May, 20th

14 May 2010 - 20:40 - NatPress

The main result of the judicial session on May, 13th in Maykop on the litigation about the newspaper "Youth of Adygeya” and the head of the republican brunch of Rospotrebnadzor Aslan Aghirov became that preliminary hearings ended and on May, 20 there will be consideration of the case in essence. The sudden thing on that day was that Aghirov’s party did not submit a new statement of claim as he had practiced earlier.

At the litigation in court there were present about 20 persons - supporters of the newspaper and Bersirov’s family. The claimant was not present at the hearing, as he was represented by lawyer Bella Aghirova and two young men, probably, security guards of the lawyer. Moreover, the lawyer filed a petition for representing the claimant by her in his absence further.

The party of the respondents – "Youth of Adygeya” (more exact, two ...

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NatPress: Moscow Expert Was Not Allowed To Examination In Aghirov’s Litigation (Adygeya)

posted by eagle on as ADYGEA

Moscow expert was not allowed to examination in Aghirov’s litigation (Adygeya)

13 May 2010 - 22:10 - NatPress

Expert from the Bersirovs’ party Michael Timonin, specially arrived from Moscow, was given up in participation in the examination organized by the expert-criminalist centre of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation on May, 12th in Adygeya. Let’s note, it is a question of investigation of the car accident on November, 4th, 2008, which occured in participation of the republican chief of Rospotrebnadzor Aslan Aghirov on the road Maykop-Psebay in Shovghenovsky area.

"On May, 7th, Rafael Bersirov told NatPress, representing the victims of that car crash in the court, the inspector of the Investigatory management at the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Adygeya lieutenant colonel Oleg Puzankov informed me that my petition was completely satisfied. In that petition I had asked to allow participating in that examination the independent expert who, by the way to tell, had in his hands the results of his ...

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