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APRIL 2009

NC: Mobilization Exercises Conducted In Adygea

posted by eagle on April, 2009 as ADYGEA

2009: April

Mobilization exercises conducted in Adygea
Under the leadership of the President of the Republic of Adygea Aslan Tkhakushinov in the republic have been held mobilization exercises. The purpose of these activities is to check readiness of municipalities to carry out the tasks in the conditions of wartime. In the operational headquarters, Chief of the Office of Special Programs of President of Adygea Azamat Beshkok reported to Aslan Tkhakushinov that the exercises were one of the phases of the complex of activities, provided for 2009, for implementation of the Federal Law «On the preparedness activity and mobilization» in the subjects of the RF. 
At the appointed time, heads of administrations of cities and districts of the republic, having conducted a number of activities within the phases of exercises, by special signals reported to the President of the Republic of Adygea on the results of the preparedness activities at the local level. ...

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Radio Adiga: Nurby Lovpache’s Book “Ancient Maykop” Is Being Published In Adygeya

posted by eagle on as ADYGEA

15 04 2009
Nurby Lovpache’s book “Ancient Maykop” is being published in Adygeya 

In the newspaper “Adyghe Mak’” the announcement of the book of Nurby Lovpache (scientist, archeologist, ethnographer and art critic) “Ancient Maykop” was published. The book is sent to the printing house and now prepared for edition, it was spoken in the publication. However the question of financing of its edition is not solved yet.

“The book will be interesting not only for the experts, but also for the fans of the history of Maykop, the land of Adygs and Caucasus”, - the newspaper “Adyghe Mak’” emphasized. The main thing it is devoted to is finding out of the most ancient date of the town’s foundation in the territory of Adygeya capital, and proof of its continuous existence till the newest times.

The date of the town’s foundation was established by the book’s author by means of decoding the inscription on ...

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RFE/RL: Court In Adygeya Sentences Jordanian Citizen For Abetting Resistance

posted by eagle on as ADYGEA

Court In Adygeya Sentences Jordanian Citizen For Abetting Resistance

April 10, 2009
In a further indication of the extent to which the North Caucasus resistance has become internationalized and of the mobility of its members, a court in Adygeya has sentenced Fuad Saleh Maslamani, a 22-year-old citizen of Jordan -- presumably a Circassian -- on charges of joining an "illegal armed formation" in July 2008. 

The armed formation in question is said to have been based in a mountain region of Daghestan, and to have numbered more than 15 people. Maslamani was responsible for the security of the group and its permanent base, and for teaching its members Arabic.

It is not clear when and in what circumstances he was apprehended, nor why the court sentenced him to only one year in prison. 

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