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NatPress: Adygeya Is Going To answer Creation Of North-Caucasian Federal District With Protest Actions

posted by eagle on January, 2010 as ADYGEA

  Adygeya is going to answer creation of North-Caucasian federal district with protest actions  


1/21/2010 - 05:35 am - NatPress

The expanded executive committee of “Adyghe Khasa” of Adygeya on January, 20th made a decision to organize the protest actions connected with the new territorial segregation of Adygs after creation of the North-Caucasian federal district (NCFD). In particular, they are a meeting and a congress of Adygeyan people. Thus in the session representatives some organizations and people of different fields of activity - about 70-80 persons - participated.

Writer Nurby Guchetl who acted first, told that in the present situation it would be necessary to achieve including of Adygeya Republic and Krasnodar region into the NCFD, as these regions are on the historical Circassian lands. However he simultaneously admitted, as the decision he offered was not the best one. Besides to achieve implementation of the offer, most likely, would be impossible. Nevertheless, as he considers, they should write about it to the president of Russian Federation ...

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NatPress: “Adyghe Khasa” Of Adygeya Continues Investigation Of Incident About Adyghe Djegu

posted by eagle on as ADYGEA

  “Adyghe Khasa” of Adygeya continues investigation of incident about Adyghe Djegu 

1/15/2010 - 5:45 pm - NatPress

Public movement “Adyghe Khasa” of Adygeya Republic continues to achieve punishment of persons guilty of "suppression" to perform Adyghe Djegu on the central square of Maykop on the New Year's eve. Even the press-service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs across Adygeya cannot deny that fact.

As the leader of “Adyghe Khasa” Arambiy Hapay commented on the information of the press-service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs across Adygeya about the incident in the New Year's night, it is senseless to deny that obvious fact. Its witnesses appeared to be a lot of people, as it happened not somewhere on suburbs of the town, and in its center. “Therefore, - the interlocutor told, - the publication of the Ministry of Internal Affairs leads to the idea that the actions against Adyghe Djegu had been the planned actions”.

“In relation to this incident, - the chairman of the ...

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NatPress: Adygeya Preparing Protest Actions Against The Creation Of A New Federal District

posted by eagle on as ADYGEA

 Adygeya preparing protest actions against the creation of a new federal district   

22 January 2010 – NatPress.Net

Extended Executive Committee of the republican movement "Adyghe Khase" of Adygeya republic on January 20 decided to hold protest actions against the creation of a new federal district which divided the three Circassian republics(Adygeya, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachaevo-Circassia) and Krasnodar region(historical land of the Circassians), in particular the preparing of the congress of the Circassian(Adygeyan) people of the Caucasus.

The meeting was attended by representatives of several organizations and people from different spheres of activity.

Lets note that the Russian President Dmitri Medvedev on January 19 divided the Southern Federal District to create a new North Caucasus Federal District comprising six of the seven North Caucasus republics, Adygeya republic remain part of the Southern Federal District.

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NatPress: Teuchezhsky Area’s Inhabitants Asked “Adyghe Khasa” To Help To Find New Municipal Head For Them

posted by eagle on as ADYGEA

Teuchezhsky area’s inhabitants asked “Adyghe Khasa” to help to find new municipal head for them 

15 January 2010 – 19:50 – NatPress

The head of Teuchezhsky area of Adygeya Teuchezh Hut who had been accused by the republican Office of Public Prosecutor of corruption, submitted to resignation on the New Year's holiday’s eve. Representatives of the area said about it at the session of the executive committee of public movement “Adyghe Khasa” of Adygeya on January, 7th. The local peasants asked the organization in its assistance.

The essence of the Ponezhukay inhabitants’ request (aul Ponezhukay is the administrative centre of Teuchezhsky area) was the following. How within the limits of the law “Adyghe Khasa” could affect the procedure of appointment of the operating head of the municipal area, as well as the process of the further elections so that inhabitants of the area had not received in exchange for the corrupter, whose fault had been proved by the law enforcement bodies, to another corrupter, whose fault had ...

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NatPress: What Should Khasa Of Adygeya Do To Incidents With Adyghe Djegu?..

posted by eagle on as ADYGEA

What should Khasa of Adygeya do to incidents with Adyghe Djegu?.. 

15 January 2010 – 19:50 – NatPress

In the evening of January, 7th the executive committee of public movement “Adyghe Khasa” of Adygeya had voted for addressing for consideration of the council of the organization a submission of the claim to court on the fact of interdiction on carrying out of “Adyghe Djegu” on the New Year's eve in Maykop. Simultaneously the executive committee of Khasa supported the address concerned the incident to the Adygeya president Aslan Tkhakushinov. And the main thing from the two decisions was the submission to court.

All the members of the executive committee demonstrated their unanimity at voting. Though before adoption of that decision there were several various offers how they should act. Two ones were the named above adopted to execution, besides others meant criticism of the actions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the mass-media, appeal to Euro-Parliament and execution of all the listed ...

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