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NatPress: Maykop Deputies Ask Court Not To Discharge Mayor From His Post

posted by eagle on February, 2009 as ADYGEA

Maykop deputies ask court not to discharge mayor from his post 

Maykop town council of People's Deputies at the extraordinary session on February, 16th declared disagreement with the necessity of temporary discharge Michael Chernichenko from the post of the mayor of Maykop. Besides the Town Council is going to listen to the arguments of the Investigatory committee at the Office of Public Prosecutor, which is trying to achieve that in the court.

According to the chairman of the Town Council Vadim Nikolaev who had opened the session, the offer to support the mayor had had acted from the fraction of the political party “United Russia”. According to the plan of the initiators, references should be directed to Maykop town court, to the State Soviet-Khasa of Adygeya, to address of the republican president Aslan Tkhakushinov. Representative of the Investigatory committee at the Office of Public Prosecutor should be invited by a separate letter.

As “Caucasian unit” correspondent reported from the session hall, as a whole that offer of the fraction of "United Russia" was supported by 21 deputies from among 22 participated in the voting (comment: the Maykop town council consists of 29 deputies). Only one deputy – Zaurbek Shu - from the fraction of the Communist Party of Russian Federation voted against.

“For adoption of such references, - deputy Z. Shu explained his position addressing to the colleagues, - the facts of excess of the powers are necessary: either investigatory body or judicial ones”.

The head of the fraction "United Russia" in the Town Council Evgenie Efremov conducted the further course of the session, devoted to editing of the references. He explained that the documents were adopted by the political council of the town branch of the party, passed the procedure of the preliminary coordination with the fraction of the Communist Party of Russian Federation and the separate deputies.

“No matter how carefully those documents could be edited for their political correctness, - the member of the bureau of the republican committee of the Communist Party of Russian Federation of Adygeya present at the session, the head of the republican Komsomol organization Aidamir Tkhagushev commented for “Caucasian unit” correspondent, - the essence remained constant. That is a pressure upon justice and the investigatory bodies”.

The references to the deputies of the State Soviet-Khasa and to the Adygeya president, in the interlocutor’s opinion, had the wrong addresses. “Just like the town council, - he said, - these instances have no right to have any influence neither on investigation, nor on verdict of the court. And the deputies of the Town Council should know about this. And if they know than it turns out that the purpose of their references is in something else”.

“These references, - the interlocutor explained, - most likely would be published in the nearest number of the town newspaper. In the conditions of the information vacuum preceded it, they, undoubtedly, would cause the increased public resonance. Also what the reader would see: Maykop asks the help of Adygeya. And what would they think about it? At least, that the republic silently looks how the town authorities are “pressed”.

As Tkhagushev noted, any imperatives concerned the mentioned voting the republican committee of the Communist Party of Russian Federation to the members of the fraction in the Town Council were not appeared. “Anyway, - he said, - on the bureau of the party that question was not mentioned” (comment: the fraction of the Communist Party of Russian Federation in the Town Council consists of three deputies).


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