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Adygea Can Accommodate Hundreds of Circassian Refugees from Syria

posted by eagle on March, 2013 as ADYGEA

Adygea Can Accommodate Hundreds of Circassian Refugees from Syria

Publication: Eurasia Daily Monitor Volume: 10 Issue: 40
March 4, 2013 01:10 PM

Syrian Circassian refugees learning Russian in Nalchik (Source: AP)

On February 22, authorities in Adygea stated that the republic was prepared to receive more Circassian refugees from Syria. Republican official Fatima Paranuk stated that the authorities had compiled a list of vacant houses and land strips that can be handed over to the incoming refugees. There are about 500 such properties that can be shared with the repatriates from Syria they claimed. As of February, the official stated, 65 Syrian Circassian families have settled in Adygea, 54 of them in the republican capital Maikop and the rest in rural areas (

Adygea’s government organized special Russian language courses for the 379 Circassian repatriates in this republic of a half-million people. Some refugees left relatives back in Syria and are desperately trying to ...

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NatPres: Constitutional Amendments Approved In Adygeya

posted by eagle on April, 2011 as ADYGEA

Constitutional amendments approved in Adygeya

  • 23 апреля 2011

The second congress of the State Council (Parliament) of Adygeya has approved amendments to the Constitution of the republic. The "president of Adygeya” was renamed "head of Adygeya”.

The initiative received the majority of votes. Both terms used to be equal. Now all laws in the republic will be adjusted according to the new term.

The congress also talked about 15 other issues, including discussions of the structure and reduction of staff of the State Council’s office.

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Window On Eurasia: Adygeya Loses ‘Morally’ By Not Being Part Of North Caucasus Federal District, Activist Says

posted by eagle on January, 2011 as ADYGEA


Window on Eurasia: Adygeya Loses ‘Morally’ by Not Being Part of North Caucasus Federal District, Activist Says

Paul Goble

Vienna, January 20 – Nalbiy Chuchev, the leader of the League of Peace Organization, says that it is too soon to tell whether Moscow’s failure to include Adygeya in the North Caucasus Federal District when that institution was created a year ago but that it is already obvious that the republic has "lost morally” because it was not.
Cheuchev told that the Circassians – for whom Adygey is the most common self-designator – are "a single people … a single Caucasus family living in a single home,” but the inclusion of all Circassian republics within the North Caucasus Federal District except Adygeya has "deeply split” the nation (
Indeed, he suggests, this Moscow decision reinforces rather than helps overcome the Soviet-imposed divisions of the Circassians into Adygeys, Kabards, Cherkesses, Shapsugs and ...

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Radio Adiga: Adygea: Prosecutor's Office Warns Activist Of "Circassian Congress" On Inadmissibility Of Extremist Statements

posted by eagle on December, 2010 as ADYGEA

Adygea: prosecutor's office warns activist of "Circassian Congress" on inadmissibility of extremist statements

05 12 2010


Adygea: prosecutor's office warns activist of "Circassian Congress" on inadmissibility of extremist statements 

On November 29, the Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Adygea passed a warning to Zaur Dzeukozhev, an activist of the Adyg public movement "Circassian Congress", about inadmissibility of extremist activities. The Office found Dzeukozhev's alleged extremist expressions while monitoring local media and Internet resources. 

The "Caucasian Knot" correspondent was told by Sergey Mitusov, Senior Prosecutor's Assistant, that "the warning in this case is not a punishment. In case there is no reaction to the warning, then a person may be attracted to criminal, administrative or civil liability in accordance with the law." 

Mr Mitusov has noted that the Prosecutor's Office had qualified some Dzeukozhev's utterances, revealed on one of the websites, as extremist. "The general idea was in superiority of Circassians, as a nation over ...

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MN: One Girl, Two Mass Brawls

posted by eagle on September, 2010 as ADYGEA

One girl, two mass brawls

Source Andy Potts at 08/09/2010

A battle for the affections of a young girl spilled over into two mass brawls in the southern town of Maikop.

The unnamed femme fatale was seen flirting with two separate groups of students – one from Krasnodar region and Adygea, the other from Chechnya.

Determined to keep her attention, both groups clashed. The first ruck was outside a café, where passers-by quickly broke up the fight, Komsomolskaya Pravda reported.

But a second meeting was arranged three days later in the town square, where dozens of young men gathered to trade insults and eventually blows until the police arrived.

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