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 MAY 22

 Veto On Freezing Circassian Diaspora By Remote Control

  posted by EAGLE on May 22, 2008 9:10 AM as IMPERIALISM

Veto On Freezing Circassian Diaspora By Remote Control

The open wounds that the Russian aggression had created for tens of nations in the North Caucasus and beyond, need serious and sincere efforts to heel and to fix all atrocities which included and not limited to genocide, ethnic cleansing, destruction, forced deportation, and displacement of inhabitants within homeland, and to contain all their effects and consequences.

The sad memory of the 21st of May this year is marking the 144 years of commemoration of the postpone of the Russian-Caucasian War in the year 1864 which lead to disastrous results and conclusions on Circassia, Circassians, and North Caucasians. To make the subjects properly and effectively understood and comprehended without any negative impact, a thorough and careful study and investigation should be accomplished by all those who are looking for the truth and they are concerned to make sure that the facts and the realities are circulated and distributed in order to explain and verify nations’ important issues.

It is very important though to mention here that the 143rd year had witnessed and observed crucial and important events for Circassians which started on the 21st of May, 2007 with the Jamestown Foundation’s conference in Washington D. C., under the title of: “Circassians, Past, present and future”, then the demonstrations in New York City in front of the Russian Consulate, and the United Nations’ building, and the demonstration in Turkey, which all had occurred at the same time and held same signs and demands to denounce and protest the Russian fake celebrations in tiny parts of occupied Circassia for the so-described, “the 450 years of voluntary association with Russia”, and against the Russian plans to host the Winter Olympic Games of the year 2014 in the vicinity of the Circassian city of Sochi, which contains the graveyards of those who defended their Motherland against Russian invasion, then the Harvard University conference during the month of April, under the title, “RUSSIA AND THE CIRCASSIANS: An Internal Problem or an International Matter”, that was followed within one week by the William Paterson University  conference under the title, “Embracing Circassia – Building Our Future ”, and the last was a seminar about Circassians that was held in Istanbul Turkey in recent days.

Because “Knowledge is Power”, understanding the facts by spreading the congested, but useful and meaningful information that was obtained from the conferences on Circassia, is worth to present to all available means of media, study institutes, universities, foundations, and research centers, to understand what actually went on during the repressive, and destructive wars that Russia waged to control and colonize Circassia and the North Caucasus, in order to set up a plan for listing priorities of action to consider, so as to follow guidelines which will be the compass for navigation on the way of claiming, achieving, and restoring legitimate rights for all oppressed nations that Russia is still occupying.

It is obvious to observe the unacceptable frozen status and restricted national activities of Circassian Diaspora that is in accordance with the imperial Russian policies of imposing and controlling the occupied Circassian Nation and even tracking and going after the 90% of Circassians that had to reside in more than 52 countries of the world of today, by using the tools, that in many cases are unfortunately persons carrying and holding Circassian names and titles, but representing the Russian authorities and policies, such as agents spies and employees who are given different descriptions while performing their duties.

Oppression, horror, and state terrorism are still conducted and going on in the North Caucasus in general and on the land of Circassia in particular according to what the dependable speakers had mentioned in Harvard University, and William Paterson University conferences, which illustrated the clue, that the imperial and colonial policies that Russia had always accomplished and performed for more that 450 years, since “Evan the Terrible” and his Muscovites who had started their aggressive wars which lead to the intentions and objectives of conquering territories, and until reaching the present Russian policies of holding on all captured and occupied nations.

The Russians always insisted and stubbornly considered that nations should accept orders and it seems nations and peoples accepted the situation as “disease that cannot be cured, must be endured”. Russia should have known by now that a nation with more than 6000 years of persistence, perseverance, and devotion to human values, would not accept to ignore its national integrity as a dignified and free nation and survival should not be questionable in any way. Also legitimate rights and national pride are not negotiable.

As one philosopher had said, “the wise should think before talking, about who is going to listen, and where and when to talk”.



Justice For North Caucasus Group

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