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 JAN 3

 Tricky Maneuvers Connecting Santa Clause With Christmas Holidays

  posted by EAGLE on January 03, 2008 2:50 AM as IMPERIALISM

Tricky Maneuvers Connecting Santa Clause With Christmas Holidays

Russian imperial motivation of suppression, burden spiritually and mentally, abuse of authority and power, extending the “beast of burden” on those who are stricken by misfortune and ordeal, of being the victims who had to suffer disastrous consequences of colonial wars that were waged against them.

The title of this article sounds strange for the first glimpse, but when looking around for the fishy and suspicious intentions of tyrannical and repressive authorities that rule the North Caucasus in addition to tens of subjugated and demoralized nations that are occupied and colonized at the present time by one of the most obsessive and filled with avidity remaining colonial power in the world.

Imperial Russianswere never satisfied of what imperialism and colonialism had brought to their greed and ambition desires, but also took the advantage of the power and strength of their advanced weapons and fighting capabilities against the courage and human values of the victims, who were and still consisted of tens of oppressed peoples and nations.

When Russia presented the proposal and won hosting the Winter Olympic Games of the year 2014 on the Circassian Soil, the land of Genocide, in Sochi, where the cemeteries of Circassians who struggled to defend their homeland against the Russian criminal conquerors,  the International Olympic Committee -regardless of all complains and reservations- ignored all precautions while promoting the public relation issues of the Russian government.

The occupiers ignored and even changed the decision of the Maykop City Courtmade in favor of ecologists to reconsider changing the status of the UNESCO, and Russian occupying authorities’ previously declared protected ecological area. The building of a road to the elite skiing complex "Lunar Clearing" is encroaching on the Caucasian Nature Preserve, reported Ecological Watch on the North Caucasus, that illegal building is being conducted by Putin’s business managerwho illegally constructed on the territory of the Caucasian Nature Preserve. This mountain-skiing complex was illegally created as one of the residences of the Russian president on the territory of this natural monument on the "upper reaches of the Pshekha and Pshekhashkha Rivers", which, as part of the Caucasian Nature Preserve, were declared parts of the World Natural Heritage Sites in the "West Caucasus" in 1999.

Russians lately put forward and insisted on a proposal of making the figure of Santa Claus to be used as the symbol for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, which –as they might believe- will make people of the world forget the crimes committed against Circassiansand north Caucasians during the Russian/Caucasian wars, and at the same time they will take the sympathy of the Western countries including the European Union and the United States of America, to hold on taking any resistance to the idea from the victims who basically oppose holding the games on the land of genocide. The Russian government is after endorsing the opposition to different issue, and to make it look as if it is a religious reason which made people opposes those suspicious evil Olympic tricks.

To be more meaningful and consequential the evil intentions were again on the imperial theater, when thousands of North Caucasian pilgrims were stranded in Turkey, and particularly in the port city of Trabzon, for a very silly reason, which is the closure of the port city of the Circassian port of Sochi due to the suspension of navigation to Sochi, where public officers at the port were on their Christmas holidays! Again, the Russian occupying authorities are mixing the religious events of Christians’ Christmas and Muslims’ Pilgrimage to Makka with each other to create problems that would be understood by the nations of the West as if it is religious troubles which automatically make the Christians in the West support the poor guys who only went for the Christmas holidays! What an evil attitude and concept, which intend to make nations of the world forget or oversee that Russia is occupying the homeland of those pilgrims who had the chance of one life time visit to do one of their required worships, while an international sea port is completely closing in the faces of the real owners of the land, which was invaded and occupied! That means that we are dealing with the Russian Phenomenon.

That reminds again with the puppets that work with the colonial authorities under self-serving conditions, against their own nations and peoples. Those are the destructive and damaging weeds that are full of fear with lack of faith, persistence, priorities and willingness for plan, and take short cuts, that look for instant gratification, and unwillingness to take calculated risks. They got Selfishness, greed that never ends, lack of conviction, lack of understanding of nature’s laws, got ledgers full of excuses, justifications, and apologies. They are poor self-esteem and respects who do not learn from past mistakes, unable to recognize opportunities, endure fatalistic attitude that prevents people from accepting responsibilities for their circumstances due to lack of purpose and courage, and losers who look for quick fixes and profits.




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