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 JAN 20

 Today's Decisions Are Tomorrow's Realities

  posted by EAGLE on January 20, 2006 11:00 AM as IMPERIALISM

Today's Decisions Are Tomorrow's Realities
I will start from the word "cry", because the nations of the North Caucasus are still crying and screaming as a result of atrocities and crimes that were and still committed by the Russian colonial forces which occupied the North Caucasus Region for hundreds of years now.

It is true that "seeing or reading are believing"; but feeling the consequences of Russian occupation on the nations and peoples (both in motherland and in diaspora) of the occupied Caucasus is more painful and much more hurting. That colonial pressure and atrocities had created suffering for millions of human beings.Those courageous nations survived while striving, struggling, and endeavoring to be able to restore their stolen rights and always had in mind "never let a problem an excuse".
The present Russian regime is trying to give an image of itself as if it had succeeded the burred Soviet Communist Empire as a great power that is capable to compete with others.Talking about competing, Russia is no way to to be able to compete with USA, because the burred Soviet Union's big lie, was discovered by the whole world when the German boy landed his Cessna-172 in the Red Square, within reach of the Kremlin and the rulers that reside at the Kremlin after flying all the way to Moscow without him being discovered or detected by the Soviet air defenses and that was one of the reasons that took the Soviet Union regime to the grave!
No KGB tricky prescription (magic Solution) was ready and/or useful to save a dying "Stalinist Regime", that participated in the crimes of killing tens of millions of innocent human beings within a period of 60 years.
The way that the KGB and all it's agents and spies had failed to protect the evil empire from total failure and collapse, will be the same way and method that would happen for the evil successor, when FSB will be unable to prevent colonized nations and peoples from obtaining dignity, freedom and independence.
The present Russian regime is trying to go with the stream of "fighting terrorism" slogan, to be able to get the confidence and support of the West, especially the United States, in it's unequal and unjustified war against the Chechen Nation that is extending and spreading now to the other colonized nations of the North Caucasus, while the evil regime is pretending with the "eye widely open" to present the situation in a fake and false appearance, assuming the ignorance of others!
At the end those "Russist" oppressors and "Russist" imperialists will reach the logical conclusion which is 'beggars cannot be choosers".
A government that is ruled by the secret service agents and spies, which keeps screaming "war-crying", and rallying about terrorism, and other "rubber stamp" promotions and advertisements will eventually get to face the truth when all concerned get to the conclusion which is going to be shown and  said openly, directly and in a "straight forward" way to tell them enough is enough, and nations are looking for the right to live free and obtain self-determination.
"Beginning is half done".
Today's decisions are tomorrow's realities. The peoples of the North Caucasus will never surrender to outside forces, farces, illiterates, traitors, opportunists, frustrations, fears, fatigue, faults, frenzies, negative fates, forecasts, fracturing & flattening experiences and bankruptcy.
Peoples will surrender to faith, and Almighty God's destiny and they will open their eyes to the fantastic future that awaits them and their great nations.
Every beginner is a winner and you won't win if you don't begin!

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