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 JUL 12

 To Heads Of States Of The G8, We Are The Victims...

  posted by EAGLE on July 12, 2006 3:25 PM as IMPERIALISM

To Heads Of States Of The G8, We Are The Victims...

Publication time: 12 July 2006, 12:20
History books and events reveal dates of war starting and ending between Russia and it's opponents, the oppressed nations that happened to be the neighbors and some times the neighbors' neighbors in regions and territories that extended around the structure of the imperial Muscovites state; but the existing fact and reality is continuity of the war that was started by those Muscovites that rolled over the bodies and corps of the innocent Human Beings which lead at certain times to eliminate tribes, and nations whether partially or totally, for the sake of swallow and ingest what they were able to consume and/or squeeze, force, crush, destroy, oppress,  burden grievously  all what their evil grip could reach and seize, to take or hold possession and control of the homes, properties, subdue, vanquish and conquer the homeland and the properties of others!

Frequent victims of violent criminal attacks that were organized, and committed by the rulers of "Russist" colonial Russian state contained all types of individuals, families, tribes, groups, peoples and nations; but Martin Luther once said: "Nothing good ever comes of violence". Also Albert Einstein said: "Degeneracy follows every automatic system of violence, for violence inevitably attracts moral inferiors. Time has proven that illustrious tyrants are succeeded by scoundrels".

The organized violence that creates an opposition, that is different in magnitude and scale on the other side of the equation. That will create anger that is aroused by unjust, unworthy, and mean aggressive policies which will drive the oppressed and abused side to act and/or react.

An example of the continuation of their war against their victimized murdered and sacrificed human beings who were subjected to deception, oppression, fraud, hardship and mistreatment, genocide, man-slaughter is the pause that took place between the most recent so-described two Russian/Chechen wars.

The Russian armed forces ran away from Chechnya licking their wounds in the year 1996 when they were encircled, surrounded, and defeated by the freedom fighters of Chechnya which lead to a practical total surrender and withdrawal from the Chechen soil.

Those forms of Russian fascist "advances and retreats" war games and offenses that were and still used against tens of occupied and colonized nations with the support of some individuals and opportunists, and colonial settlers, who voluntarily made themselves the slaves of the occupiers,  resulted in human suffering and death to tens of millions of innocent human beings, in the North Caucasus and other regions, parts and territories in the "Colonial Republic Of Russia"  that had one and only one guilt, which is to be dealing with the greedy imperial Russian State, which is the largest imperial and colonial country in the world of today, and in the twenty first Century!

There are examples of unsolved and even growing and deteriorating problems and conflicts of many others that found themselves in fight with the "police state" that wanted to grab and hold the destiny of all of those who just thought of asking for their very legitimate rights which is the self-determination.

Some of those, and in addition to the Chechen war and the deteriorating and unsolved conflict, the consequences of the genocide that was performed against Circassian and Circassians, the problems in Tatarstan, the bloody and inhuman handling and ill-treatment of the Marie People, the Dniester problem created to Moldova, the use of the Russian population living in the three Baltic Republics, the opportunist strategies that developed with Georgia concerning Alania, South Osetia, and Abkhazia, the selfish desire for gains and profits in the Ukraine and Crimea through the possession of territorial gains in ports' constructions in Azov Sea and the Black Sea coastal areas grip and take hold of the Ukraine gas market, the bribes used to make certain politicians support their colonial policies, the official disregard of abuse and offenses against the colonized citizens and "officials" (even though they are considered citizens according to the "written" scripts of the constitution), the intentions of Adygeya's integration with Krasnodar territory, Russian energy monopolies as political tool, beside border disputes with other independent states such as Japan, Finland and others.

The World had ran out of good-well in regard to humanity and self-determination for the nations and peoples who are still until today under the direct occupation and "police state" colonization" that got the right of dictating life and destiny of others; but there are only few elements to illuminate and rectify the right way for the pure and genuine Human Beings to decide on ending the suffering and occupation of a savage and unprecedented colonial aggression.

There should be a positive objection and rejection against the Russian government "unfairly and improperly restricted" people's rights, liberty, freedom, dignity and self-determination.

Human dignity which should be granted and guaranteed for all, requires the necessity that all civilized people should guarantee the basic Human Rights are assured for the large and small nations alike, and the relationship between nations and peoples should not be summarized and shortened between the tyrants and the rest of the world, while bypassing the oppressed nations and neglecting all the nations, and knowing at the same time that their rights are confiscated.


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