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 APR 3

 Smoldering Circassian Memory

  posted by EAGLE on April 03, 2008 5:50 AM as IMPERIALISM

Smoldering Circassian Memory

Positive activities have been noticed lately by holding two conferences about Circassians during the month of April and even within less than one week between the two of them, which makes the serious conferences about Circassia total three in less than one year when counting the Jamestown Foundation one, which was held on the 21st of May, 2007.

The first of the two conferences is going to be held on the 8th of April, in Harvard University by “the Carr Center For Human Rights Policy” in the title, “RUSSIA AND THE CIRCASSIANS: An Internal Problem or an International Matter?”, in cooperation with: “THE DAVIS CENTER FOR RUSSIAN AND EURASIAN STUDIES”,  “THE JAMESTOWN FOUNDATION”, and “THE CIRCASSIAN CULTURAL INSTITUTE”. According to the poster issued, the conference would gather experts from Turkey, Russia, Europe, and U. S. A., to discuss the 19th century conflict between Russia and the Circassians and the role of contemporary Circassian nationalism in the future of the Circassians.

The second conference is scheduled to take place on the 13th of April, in “William Paterson University”, by “The Circassian Cultural Institute” and “The Department of Languages and Culture” at “William Paterson University”, in the title, “Embracing Circassia, Building our Future”.

The legitimate questions remain: who would benefit out of the Circassian loss of memory, and who benefited out of executing the country and the nation of Circassia through criminal intentions?, to appear as if it never existed and even projected to commit the crime of exterminating the nation that used to have all elements of life, constituents of continuity, survival and existence.

Pursuit and tracking of civilizations and ancient-times nations indicate that so many of them had vanished as they never existed before, and even though their valuable ancient ruins still survive as amazing and remarkable human monuments.

The Circassian Nation with more than 5000 years of civilized existence in the North Caucasus, according to documented references, had been afflicted with and put Circassians to sustain continuous aggressions that were committed and waged against their very existence and continuation as a nation. Circassia as a country and a nation that got limited human resources and restricted capabilities in comparison with the aggressors which used to be occupied continuously and repeatedly with constant everlasting defensive wars to defend the very existence with dignity and pride, which brought the eventualities and disastrous consequences and outcomes.

After Tsarist Russian continuous aggressions that lasted for more than 450 years, and since “Evan the Terrible” which were concluded with most destructive war of all, that ended in May, 21, 1864, which lead to devastation and total occupation that included and was not limited to genocide and forced deportation and exile that made 10% of the total population under direct Russian occupation and the remainder were either killed and slaughtered, or forced to compulsory and forced deportation, which is the reality of the Circassian nation of today, that the majority of Circassians are scattered in tens of countries in the World, and the majority of them are living at present time in Turkey.

No matter what used to be the typical and usual deceiving and misleading effects of anesthetization, doping, or hypnotism, for more than 140 years, for the evil purpose of putting to sleep, and/or to idle the Circassian Nation, the awake and devoted Circassians would take the initiative to stand for the renaissance and restoring the stolen and confiscated rights that aggressors had committed against Circassia and the North Caucasus.

Edward Gibbon said: “The wind and the waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators”.




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