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 JUL 23

 Mikhail Leontiev Is One Of Putin's Propaganda Tools

  posted by EAGLE on July 23, 2008 12:00 PM as IMPERIALISM

Mikhail Leontiev Is One Of Putin's Propaganda Tools

Magic words and/or phrases would divert the truth and eventually commit the terrible misdeed of misleading of the misguided and ill-advised narrow-minded audience (in some cases the citizens), because the "propagandists are specialists in selling attitudes and opinions", which automatically create victims, because if the people are not intellectually competent, it would distract and sidetracks facts, which will eventually affect the fate of the propaganda believers who would be fooled by those who present the misinformation, which is provided most of the time with half-truth.

Putin and his junta, after they were deputized by the KGB/FSB high command and elite staff, to take over the state authorities,  had appointed themselves the fascist rulers, which they turned out to be, had already chosen and selected their potential enemies, who are in their opinion all those who would not accept dictatorship and autocracy. Since those developments and since Putin’s introduction by KGB/FSB to take over the Russian government then to reside at the Kremlin, he had in mind the Stalin way of accomplishing missions, which he successfully achieved.

The Russian state that started to be run by FSB, had started to use the Russian "Propaganda Machine" and the state owned media that belongs to the Russian government, which got the largest resources for the direct propaganda against the opposition, human rights organizations and activists, the independent media and journalists, and all occupied nations that are still colonized by the so-called Russian Federation. 

Independent media was dealt with in a way that most of it was either overtaken by theFSB controlled government or closed down, and journalists were harassed, assassinated or chased and perused. Human rights organizations were not allowed to work freely anymore and the activists were hassled and annoyed. In the same manner, all occupied nations were not respected, and most of their citizens had lost the constitutional rights to elect their representatives and so-called presidents, because they became under the direct control of the Kremlin and its associates!

A dear sister had sent me very important, but striking information, that will be mentioned in the following lines, which gives an idea of some of the evil acts that the occupying devils of the North Caucasus are doing to be deep-rooted and well-established in the Circassian occupied land.

An example of Putin’s acquaintances is Mikhail Leontiev who had turned out to be one of the strongest propaganda weapons/tools of Putin's Russia, and he is used against Putin's most hazardous and encompass dangers, according to their imperial list of all those who oppose the Russian "Russist" colonial policies of oppression, tyranny, domination, and subjugation. 

Mikhail Leontiev seems to be the indirect spokesperson and agent who speaks on behalf of Putin in the subjects that the FSB run government intends to engage in, regarding the propaganda against the individuals and nations that they want to target as enemy of Russian “Russists”.

The Russian government did not yet learn a lesson from all committed crimes of genocide, ethnic cleansing, destruction, total occupation and forced exile against Circassia and the Circassian Nation, but now, the Circassian Nation had fallen again as a victim of the Russian lies and propaganda weapon of Putin’s “Russist” Russia, which can be seen on “youtube”, and was performed by thenumber 1 propagandist, Mikhail Leontiev, which got the largest support of media resources for the direct propaganda against Circassians.

The falsification and forgery even reached the Circassian past and present, by the Russian tricky writers and Websites, that showed the ways and means of deception that they follow to steal and confiscate everything, even the heritage and history.

It seems that the occupiers had given the green light to their Cossack mercenaries and colonial settlers to celebrate 90- years’ anniversary of Cossack military troops located in Maykop, Circassia. Those are the grandchildren of the criminals who killed their Circassian forefathers and who are ready to kill the Circassians' grandchildren with the first command from the Kremlin!

Furthermore, the Kremlin, and through the FSB, and its spies and agents are planning to hold a conference about the “Circassian Language and Culture” in Amman, Jordan, with the Russian Embassy’s guardianship and patronage, and was mentioned originally in an article in “The Adiga Psatha” newspaper in Circassian Language, which was published in 27/05/2008; but the conference was postponed few times now, and the new expected date is set to be in October of this year! Is that the only thing left for Russia to do in regard to paying back and compensating for all atrocities, genocide and crimes that were committed against Circassians and made them deportees in more than 40 countries of the world? Are Russians concerned about Circassian language and culture after 140 years of forced exile and deportation for more than 90% of the Circassian population? Is that going to be a "Culture and Language Conference" or is it a political performance that is covered with a culture and language issues? Circumstances prove that it is going to be the famous "Kiss of Death” that Russians are trying to offer to Circassians? Guilt lies only with the abusers…

If Russia is serious and honest about solving out the problems that were created by Tsarist Russia and kept growing as a snow-ball until the present time, then the implementation of the international law, de-colonization and the right of all nations in self-determination are due!

What else would Stalin execute?

Elbert Hubbard said: “Every tyrant who has lived has believed in freedom-for himself”, and Thomas Jefferson had said: “Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God”.




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