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 MAY 11

 Imperial Policies In The North Caucasus

  posted by EAGLE on May 11, 2008 3:20 AM as IMPERIALISM

Imperial Policies In The North Caucasus 

One of the active members of JFNC Group has drawn the attention to an article that was written by a writer in the name of “Vladimir Socor”, which might be misleading and mentioned that, “his anti-Russists is so evident that he seems to put out anything possible to debase their side, even if it meant twisting facts or writing fallacious statements”. It seems to me that the writer does not have the full scope of the picture of what is going on in the North Caucasus in general and in Abkhazia in particular, especially the latest sound of the drums of war between Russia and the recent Soviet/Russian colony, Georgia, if I may use this expression, depending on the facts and figures.

I will reply to the main points that he mentioned in one of his recent articles in the title of “THE WEST CAN RESPOND MORE EFFECTIVELY TO RUSSIA'S ASSAULT ON GEORGIA: PART III” as follow:
“International silence and even carelessness about the ethnic cleansing of Georgians from Abkhazia is a striking feature of the continuing debate on the Russia-Georgia conflict”, unfortunately that shows either a double standard way of thinking or ignorance of the whole issue (with all respect), and the simple reason is that the Abkhaz Nation like the other nations of the North Caucasus was subjected to ethnic cleansing itself that was performed by the Imperial Tsarist Russia in the Nineteenth Century that resulted in military occupation, genocide, ethnic cleansing and forced deportation of Abkhazians, which was followed later on by  a Soviet control, that made Stalin connects Abkhazia to Georgia. Who is going to address such consequences to restore the rights of the scattered Abkhaz Nation? It seems that there is a "jumping conclusion" resolution here, by describing Georgian people who were brought by the colonial authorities during Georgian colonialism, and had decided to leave to return home, with false statements.
“The current crisis over Abkhazia offered Western officials and international organizations a chance to break their long silence and address this issue at the policy level”, means that the respected writer is stubborn regarding the insistence about the “one way communication” attitude towards claiming penalty against the nation that had suffered for hundreds of years defending itself against both Georgian and Russian colonialism!
“Unwittingly the EU came close to condoning the forcible population and border shifts in Abkhazia by extending travel visa facilitations to Russian passport holders there, while denying those facilitations to all Georgian passport holders (including those driven out of Abkhazia).” The esteemed author ignored the fact that the suspicious Russian “generosity” of granting passports for Abkhazians and others, to overcome the international blockade against their country, which Russia itself is a member of the United Nations force to implement that blockade, was not a good gesture by itself, but an evil intention to claim that Russia is going to intervene to protect the Russian citizens staying in Abkhazia!
“With Western governments seemingly reluctant to irritate Russia over Abkhazia, the unresolved issue of ethnic cleansing can be approached at this stage at the level of humanitarian law, human rights and property rights.” The “enthusiast dramatist” returns to ethnic cleansing and human rights issues, and again there are so much of such issues that need to be resolved for Abkhazians! So, who is going to irritate who? On top of that I would like to add that Europe entered voluntarily under the “Russian Gas imperialism” by surrendering its energy fate to the dictating Russian policies, which will keep the situation as is, and to avoid allowing Abkhazia, and South Ossetia to restore their independence by keeping Russia the sole player and contestant in the north Caucasus Region.
“The Russian military, not the Abkhaz (17 percent of the region's pre-conflict population) evicted the Georgian population (45 percent of the pre-conflict population) from Abkhazia by force.” Or the claims of downing Georgian planes with no pilots by Russian Mig planes, and the contradictories about that, we find that the affectionate manner tries to represent again a dramatic picture, while defending the Georgian measures of creating problems, but apparently to distract the attention of the Georgian people and to make them look for an external conflict to ignore the dozens of internal problems that got higher priority to solve out. That would automatically consolidate the Russian control over Abkhazia instead of thinking of reconciliation and demanding the human rights’ basics of self-determination to save Abkhazia and others from the Russian trap!
“Georgia has requested the United Nations Secretary General's Special Representative for Georgia, Jean Arnault, the political head of the United Nations Observer Mission in Georgia (UNOMIG) deployed in Abkhazia, to institute immediately an investigation regarding the presence and use of air defense systems”, the script writer did not remember though, that Georgia itself had agreed on the arrangements that affirmed and stated Russia as the sole player in the United Nations mission to guard the boundary lines that were disconnecting the Georgian and Abkhazian military forces!
“This situation raises major issue of international law and air safety that seem to be relegated to oblivion by international organizations and governments.” and “Moscow's statements that the Abkhaz possess air defense systems need to be investigated for their ramifications.” This kind of promotion for the innocence of Georgia does not change the fact that both Georgia and Russia are endangering the air safety in the area, and both of them are showing the tendency to compete for colonial control of other nations that are looking for simple rights of freedom and independence.
Why Not Ajaria?
Ajaria is considered as an autonomous region within the Republic of Georgia, that is located on the Black Sea with a population of 400,000 people, half of them embrace Islam, and the major languages are Georgian and Russian, with Batumi as its capital city.
In the year 1878 Ajaria was annexed by Russia and, was given by the Bolshevik Revolution, during the Stalin era to Georgia which was incorporated as an autonomous republic into the so-called Georgian Soviet Republic. Under Stalin, Islam and Christianity were dealt with in a repressive way with no mercy.

Abkhazia and South Ossetia autonomous regions were incorporated into Georgia during the Soviet's Stalin era, which were previously annexed by Russia as a result of the Russian-Caucasian wars. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the people of the autonomous republics noticed Georgians had started to adopt national policies and ignoring the other nationalities that were annexed by the Georgian Soviet Republic, with Stalin’s help and blessings.

After  Georgia's  independence from the burred Soviet Union, the people had protested against what they got from Georgian national, and oppressive strategy and demanded that their autonomy be transferred from Georgia, and the majority asked for practicing their legitimate rights of self-determination, that lead to fighting and violence by the expulsion of the Georgian Armed forces from Abkhazia and South Ossetia; but unlike the other breakaway Republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Ajaria had been lucky to avert and prevent any destructive action that is similar to what had happened to Abkhazia, and even south Ossetia, because of the strength and the solid control of Former Ajarian leader Aslan Abashidze, who was fouled by the Russians and was forced to step down and to flee to Russia with his close associates and even his dogs!
What was the main reason that made Russia not interested to penetrate and control Ajaria like what happened in Abkhazia and South Ossetia? The answer is obvious. It is the fact that territorial lay out and location for Ajaria which got no land borders with any of the areas of the North Caucasus that Russia controls and colonizes as part of its imperial policies!
All peace loving nations and the civilized world should rethink and re-assess the situation in the North Caucasus, and look through the scope of human rights and legitimate rights of self determination, and not the imperial compass of keeping the situation as is, to be able to play the trade game with Russia, regardless of the human factors...

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