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 SEP 11

 Forgotten Genocide...

  posted by EAGLE on September 11, 2005 12:40 PM as HUMAN RIGHTS

Forgotten Genocide...
All Known Genocide acts and operations that took place in accordance with historical facts and figures depending on documentary ways and means give the human beings an idea of what the tyrants and criminals had committed against their oppressed victims.

All known genocide crimes had been treated and dealt with in regard to punishing whoever (including the regimes) committed such savage and horrible actions and by compensating the victims.

The only forgotten genocide that no one remembered in the world of today, is the most savage genocide against Circassians in particular and North Caucasian nations in general which took place in the 19th century, when Tsarist Russia concluded a long series of wars and aggressions in the year 1864.  Tsarist Russia at the time, announced victory in the North Caucasus which resulted in total genocide of small and tiny nations of the North Caucasus who resisted in turn the Russian colonial and imperial ambitions, and lead to death, crimes, refuge of inhabitants to diaspora, ethnic cleansing, total destruction which lead to total occupation and importing different people from different nationalities and origins to replace the original nations that had to leave motherland or to live as intruders with new colonial society at home regardless of all the imperial and colonial pressure against the original left population. Also there were North Caucasian nations that were completely slaughtered and their motherlands' names were changed such as the Hatugwai and the Shapsough Nations!

Those inhuman acts were also carried out in more criminal and savage manors by the Soviet tyrants, when they fought a war against the North Caucasian Federation State and penetrated the region that was recognized by the Moscow Communist government at the time in the early 20th century, then performed the atrocities against the nations of the North Caucasus and followed by their predecessors, which appear on what is going on in Abkhazia, Adygea, Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushtia, Kabardina-Balkaria, Karashay-Cherkisk and Osetia.

Genocide against Circassians and all the rest of North Caucasian nations should be recognized by the civilized world and compensation with apologies are due, and should be presented for the terrorized victims who are still living in motherland and those who had to leave home and live in diaspora that goes as wide and as far as more than 50 countries of the world.

President Yeltsin, the head of the present Russian Federation had signed in the 1990's a shy admittance and acceptance of atrocities and hardship that the people faced and went through, but that formality stopped there and did not go any further for apology, compensation, rights, and corrective actions that the present Russian State is obliged to do in accordance with the International law, to do what is required especially because that particular government is still assuming the occupation and ruling of the North Caucasus.

Almighty God's punishment had already been served against the whole Tsars' family and their associates, and against the Soviet Communist regime!

The forgotten genocide against Circassians and North Caucasians should be recognized and the criminals should be verified...

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