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 JUL 20

 Another Boiling Hell That Circassian Happened To Be In

  posted by EAGLE on July 20, 2006 5:35 PM as NORTH CAUCASUS

Another Boiling Hell That Circassian Happened To Be In

Once more Circassians are followed by smoke and fire of a dangerous war, and this time the Circassians who live in Rehania and Kfar Kama, in Israel are subjected to another disastrous effect of the war that is taking place right now between "Hizb Allah" and Israel.

Their only guilt is contained in their luck and destiny of living in war zone areas, due to the consequences of the genocide and great exodus of May, 1864, that were committed against Circassia and Circassians by Tsarist Russia.

Radio Adiga had posted a message which shows the pain and suffering, which followed Circassians and North Caucasians, and still, any where that they went to, whether in motherland, that are orchestrated by the occupiers and colonialists, or in Diaspora which found where ever our people lived and had to be in conflict zones, and happened to be in the middle of uncontrolled circumstances.

All hearts and minds are directed towards our brothers and sisters, and wishing that all Circassians and innocent people will evolve safe and sound from this horrible conflict.

The following is the message that was posted by Radio Adiga:

19-07-2006 The Circassians in Israelsleep in the smoke of the war

Just few days ago a big part of the Circassians of Rehania
came back to Kfar Kama searching for more secured place but today
they must understand that Kfar Kama is not the ideal secured place
to run away from the war.

Today Kfar Kama is covered by the heavy smoke of the burning fields
around the Circassian Village . The fire caused by rockets
from Lebanon that could easily hit the village and we all know
that the war will never end .


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