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 JAN 25

 A Reply To Mr. Paul Goble

  posted by EAGLE on January 25, 2008 10:40 PM as GENERAL

A Reply To Mr. Paul Goble
The following comments were sent to Mr. Paul Goble, and were signed by "Eagle", as a reply for his article "Window on Eurasia: Azerbaijani Novelist Describes Moscow Gastarbeiter Life from the Inside", dated January-25-2008:


Mr. Goble,

I am pleased, like many others, to read your commentaries on many issues, that show your wide vision and the unlimited horizons of your knowledge, especially the post-Soviet, the Russian, and the territories occupied (and still) by the Russian state. The novelty that was your subject of analysis indicates a tiny problem of Human Rights breaches that the non-Russian subjects are facing in Russia with the support of the government that is supported by the FSB arms and branches. I wish that your insight of your analyzing articles would one day elaborate on the problems and difficulties that face the supposed Russian citizens, who come from different back-grounds and origins, which are from more than 100 nations that are occupied and colonized by the imperial Russian state.

The other problems that all citizens of the so-called Federal Republic of Russia are facing is the insecurity in all walks of life, and an example of that was the ethnically motivated attack in Moscow, in April, 2006, against the Culture Minister of the so-called autonomous Republic of Kabardino Balakaria, by 15 attackers who shouted, “Russia for Russians”! You as all those who monitor the situation in Russia and the North Caucasus, understand that this kind of treatment was against this particular minister who is a Russian puppet and a Russian employee that implements the Russian rules and regulations against  his own Circassian people who live in that part of occupied Circassia. Also it should be known to all that the citizens of the nations of the North Caucasus and the other occupied nations elsewhere, need passports and special permits  to travel to Moscow or from a place to another, without mentioning other elements of the rough life that they have to endure in that typical police state.

“The longest day has an end”.

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