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 AUG 11

 A Reply About Russian Imperialism

  posted by EAGLE on August 11, 2007 10:25 PM as IMPERIALISM

A Reply About Russian Imperialism

A kind reply was posted on some of the Internet sites for an article in the title of “It Cannot Be Worse”, and as a re-reply, it should be stated that what should be done, should come from the efforts and good intentions of all concerned, who are involved and at the same time, effected from the “Circassian and Caucasian Disastrous Aftermath Dilemma”, that had occurred as a result of the foreign Russian invasion and total occupation of the North Caucasus.

All will be fully agree with the “questioning opinion” about who is responsible to act first and/or to have the courageous initiative of doing something right in regard to correcting all mistakes and consequences that Russian colonial occupational forces and authorities had inflicted on the people and on the land of Circassia and the North Caucasus.

It is believed that both the Circassian, and North Caucasian Diaspora got so many things to do, and what had been done so far, and after 143 years of Russian total control and take-over of Circassia and the whole North Caucasus Region, is not up to the minimum acceptable standard required in such cases of dealing with tyrant aggressors who used all illegal and savage ways and means, to colonize the land and to forcefully empty the homeland, by forcing the majority of the survivors from the worst and most savage genocide of the 19th Century, that counted millions of innocent people, to forcefully leave to exile to dozens of countries, and to live away from Motherland.

It is certain that what Diaspora had done so far is not enough. All exiled societies, groups, and individuals that compose of the millions in Circassian and North Caucasian Diaspora, should be more interested and serious to address the consequences and subjects that came and popped out, as a result of the lengthy and brutal occupation, which brought misery and catastrophe to the whole region.

It is obvious that the Institute Of Oriental Studies Of The Russian Academy Of Sciences, which is probably connected to the mentioned institute in your reply in the name of "the institute for political science in Moscow”, got so many duties in looking after all the Russian imperial policies, in spreading their imperial lies and propaganda, which reflects the planning, continuity and future prospects and trend of their occupational, and colonial policies against dozens of nations under Russian forced and brutal occupation.

To do so, the reality calls for whoever interested to explain “Who Are The Circassians”, and what happened to Circassia, that even some Circassians do not know the answers of those legal and legitimate questions!

Conferences, meetings, and/or contacts should take place between those who are still heroically living in Motherland under the Russian colonial occupation and all of those who are living in a Circassian Diaspora that extends up to 52 countries in the world of today. The required task upon Circassians is to reach the civilized world with their demands, and to get positive contacts with Human Rights activists, groups, forums, and organizations such as the United Nations, USA, the European Union, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the Arab League, and other respective bodies of the world, even those located in the Russian imperial state. A working group should be formed, to keep up the momentum of discussing all aspects of the problems created by Russia, and to explain all acts of genocide and brutalities against the North Caucasus Region in general and the Circassian Nation in particular, for formal recognition, and for all what Russia should act in accordance with accepting the responsibilities that the Russian state is obliged to adopt, and follow as per the International law.

They should come up with plans to get the right methods of explaining the Russian greed in the North Caucasus, and solutions should be suggested.

The whole world should know the real story about choosing Sochi for the winter Olympic Games of the year 2014, and the suspicious deal, wheeling, and dealing that took place under the table and behind the screens that took place between the Olympic Committee, and the FSB supported Russian government.

Peoples of the world, and the international community should know the simple fact that the victims of the Russian wars and invasions against the Caucasus, would not even think of celebrating association with the occupying country, being the so-called Russian Federation in this field.

Negotiations with the occupiers to get certain benefits by certain individuals should not be the main concern of Diaspora’s claims and requests, and that was not, and is not the main issue in any way, because doing so, would open doors for losing all other rights, that should be presented as demands from the North Caucasus Nations as one package for restoring the legitimate rights with the support of all nations of good-well, and the recognition of crimes committed by the irresponsible Russian armies.

We must bear in mind that circumstances change, and all things must end-up to something new; but rights would maintain their legitimacy.


Justice For North Caucasus Group

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