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 SEP 24

 The Appreciated Circassian Youth Movement’s Success

  posted by EAGLE on September 24, 2009 8:54 AM as NORTH CAUCASUS

The Appreciated Circassian Youth Movement’s Success


Nations rise, grow, and prosper, as derived consequences of the great endeavor, efforts, sense of duty and obligation that the devoted members present and feel that they are morally obliged to assist at times when that assistance is required and necessary in order to maintain a solid position that all dedicated guidance should be forwarded for the sake of saving the very existence, to maintain the survival as a respected and dignified nation between others that equally try to maintain their sovereignty as respected nations that got mutual esteemed appreciation towards each other.


Thanks for the excellent motivation of the Circassian Youths, we genuinely value your high awareness and the way you have performed your important task, and want you to know how much we appreciate the way you have cared for the “Circassian Question”. We can't remember a time in recent years, when our nation have looked so dignified, honored, and pleased with the young generation, who represent the future’s promise and assurance with unbiased standard, that is indicated by the eight point program-declaration that they have declared after their blessed forum’s meeting sessions. All observers and monitors have commented on how firm and coherent, the final resolutions appeared, and the criticism of the status quo and proposals for solving the existing Circassian unsettled problems.


Today, more than any other day before, your ancestors, great-grandfathers and your dignified nation are grateful and appreciative for conducting your move in a logical approach. Hooray for you, Great and spectacular job of yours, you have earned respect for the well done and very impressive work; you are on the right track towards reaffirming the Circassian identity and this is considered a noticeable progress. Thanks for your marvelous and incredible caring and inspiration towards your nation. We are proud of your extra ordinary efforts, to prove that you are real Circassians, and accordingly you have earned love, admiration, and respect.


We want you to know how satisfied your fellow Circassians are, and contented with your voluntary and superhuman work with the wonderful endeavor that you have provided to your Circassian nation. Your intelligence and success in teamwork, have contributed for forming leaned difficult tasks, which left no doubt that a small group of considerate and unselfish, who are dedicated to a noble cause, would pave the way and would change the Circassian-world because teamwork is significant to the extent that it is virtually impossible for anyone to reach the top capabilities without sacrifice; but the most important of all, it is astounding that the Circassian youths have proved that they are able to accomplish such sacred mission, while they are not worried on who gets the credit, that is contrary to the typical situation in most Circassian communities both in Motherland and in Diaspora!


An example of the true loyalty and attachment to Motherland and own nation, was expressed by those who participated and came up with the magnificent results of the one-day forum that was held on the 12th of September, 2009, at the Cherkessk important event, under the title of “Circassian Youth Forum”, which was attended by Circassian youths who are active members at the Circassian (Adigha) Khasa (association) branches, Circassian Congress, and other active organizations, and came from the  Circassian republics and the Circassian enclaves, beside the Republic of Abkhazia in the North Caucasus Region, to discuss the important issues that concern the Circassian nation at Homeland and at Diaspora.


Overall, 8 point-program was declared by the Forum at the end of its extraordinary session, which turned out to be as a "genie erupting out of the bottle" after 145 years of "deep-sleep", which is considered in all measures, a very successful result for all of those courageous Circassian youths (working on behalf of their beloved nation) who seemed that they had never forgotten their duties towards their Circassian Nation.


This important event is considered successful in all scales, angles, and measures, which showed a total fundamental shift that is guiding to  essential and sweeping changes in the thoughts, ideas and minds of people from all classes and backgrounds which is, if steered appropriately, it would express a real description of the Forum’s declaration for the need of genuine change to revive the stand-still situation that is employed by the old guard, who held the occupation’s agendas for a while now, and who got their hesitant well to do any thing useful for the benefits of the Circassian nation, and at the same time they behold their contacts with suspicious sides and parts, that they do not want Circassians to wake up or to take the right position and action towards their presence and future, which meant a “deep-rooted” change and deviation from the usual, typical, and guided corroded policies and public conduct that is not an easy task to deviate from under the political "circumstances", and at the same time the news and documents of the event have reached wider circles and horizons to the whole North Caucasus and beyond to Diaspora Communities. 

Faithful Circassians hope that no body will be able in any way to kidnap or steal the conclusion of the occasion for personal or opportunist gains, but at the same time, I am convinced that such organizing mechanism and coordination that made a successful output, will lead to prompt success and endeavor. 


This sincere message is sent to all participants and their supporters, to bring to their attention that Diaspora Circassians are proud of the gracious commendable efforts existed during the important occasion, and looking forward for more accomplishments.





Justice For North Caucasus Group

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