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 SEP 19


  posted by EAGLE on September 19, 2005 4:55 PM as IMPERIALISM

Living in the 21st century, should make people live, feel, sense, and behave that they appreciate the goodness of enjoying computer digital capabilities, space adventures, scientific achievements, electronic inventions, broad development, and Human Rights awareness.

Russia is considered the largest colonial power in the world of today. Tens of nations and regions are still occupied and colonized by the largest imperial power of our presence and it is time that those who rule the so-called federation in a totalitarian and/or dictatorial ways and means to be aware that peoples and nations are entitled for basic rights that start from self determination that are guaranteed by United Nations Human Rights Charter.

All those nations are eligible by nature, legitimate rights and historical deeds to choose the way that they choose to be ruled and governed. Freedom, Liberty, dignity and independence should not and ...

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 SEP 11

 Forgotten Genocide...

  posted by EAGLE on September 11, 2005 12:40 PM as HUMAN RIGHTS

Forgotten Genocide...
All Known Genocide acts and operations that took place in accordance with historical facts and figures depending on documentary ways and means give the human beings an idea of what the tyrants and criminals had committed against their oppressed victims.

All known genocide crimes had been treated and dealt with in regard to punishing whoever (including the regimes) committed such savage and horrible actions and by compensating the victims.

The only forgotten genocide that no one remembered in the world of today, is the most savage genocide against Circassians in particular and North Caucasian nations in general which took place in the 19th century, when Tsarist Russia concluded a long series of wars and aggressions in the year 1864.  Tsarist Russia at the time, announced victory in the North Caucasus which resulted in total genocide of small and tiny nations of the North Caucasus who resisted in ...

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