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JUNE 2007

 JUN 17

 Circassians Seek Justice

  posted by EAGLE on June 17, 2007 5:10 PM as NORTH CAUCASUS

Circassians Seek Justice

 It is not a total surprise that a cult group in USA in the name of "Goodness Christian Ministry", had touched one of the subjects that brought the name of the Circassians to be placed where it does not belong to, and came up with illogical and non-verifiable belief systems, that were not even mentioned anywhere else, which would lead to controversies.

It is worth mentioning that such a cult group, is similar to other cult groups that got their ultimate end to be, their destruction when the Lord returns to claim His own| (as per their claims)! The word cult is usually used to describe certain religious groupsoutside of the mainstream of a religion, and in certain cases they have intentionally killed people, either the group members themselves or others outside of the group.

Other examples of those cult groups, beside the "Goodness Christian Ministry" are: "the Davidians" , Peoples Temple, ...

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 JUN 10

 Fascists & Modern Gas Ovens Prove The Circassian Holocaust

  posted by EAGLE on June 10, 2007 4:10 PM as HUMAN RIGHTS

Fascists & Modern Gas Ovens Prove The Circassian Holocaust 

News and through the news agencies in the recent few days have popped up with the news about the crimes that Russia has just committed, which are a continuation of their everlasting crimes against individuals, citizens peoples and nations.  

The North Caucasians in general and Circassians in particular got the bitter experience from dealing with the Russian rulers and governments alongside their supporters and agents since the day the Russian imperial policies had started to wage wars of colonialism to capture the land and the nations alike.  

This time the crime is of different angle, caliber, size, magnitude, and meaning; but at the same time it is of considered premeditation, willfulness, and with forethought. It is not only a normal or accidental crime, but war crime, murder, assassination, homicide, manslaughter, and killing, against the remains and corpses of ...

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