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JUNE 2006

 JUN 26

 Adygeya Ice Boils In Baghdad's Hell

  posted by EAGLE on June 26, 2006 6:10 PM as NORTH CAUCASUS

Adygeya Ice Boils In Baghdad's Hell

The following is a translation for a letter in Arabic Language, dated 16, June, 2006, with the title of "Adygeya Ice Boils In Baghdad's Hell", that was posted to NAFEN PRESSE/Circassian Forum, by Hassan Sheroukh:

Our distiny is for wars to follow us wherever we go.  In motherland Tsarist Russia committed genocide against hundreds of thousands of us and expelled thousands more, then the Soviet Union finished up the ones who stayed alive, and when our world population reached two million, Federal Russia blackmailed our identity in return for the "right to go home" to motherland, while our host homelands got the maximum benefits out of us until the last drop of our blood. We fight in the front lines and some of us die as shaheeds and deceased. We are awarded republican and royal medals, and if we returned alive and solicit for our basic rights, many whisper and others shout: You are strangers and guests with us... Don't forget ...

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 JUN 23

 The Communities of the North Caucasians in Diaspora

  posted by EAGLE on June 23, 2006 5:55 PM as NORTH CAUCASUS

The Communities of the North Caucasians in Diaspora


The Imperial Russian wars against the North Caucasus Nations and the annoying and painful conclusions that were derived through as the effects of colonial military occupation went to inflict varieties of disaster, aftermath and results which made the ruinous events of the ethnic cleansing, genocide, deliberate and systematic destruction, man-slaughter, blood-shed, population and demographic displacement and re-distribution, expulsion, imprisonment, killing,  antagonizing, and provocation.
It is obvious and accurate to reach the consequences of the disasters that were inflicted on the nations of the North Caucasus as a result of grave events marked by great loss and lasting distress and affliction state of deep suffering and agony beside the misery that were caused by the major misfortune and loss that were contributed as the outcomes that brought great damage, loss, and destruction of ...

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 JUN 21

 Another Hero, Another Warrior Falls On The Path Of Freedom

  posted by EAGLE on June 21, 2006 4:20 AM as IMPERIALISM

Another Hero, Another Warrior Falls On The Path Of Freedom
Publication time: 20 June 2006, 18:39

The Chechen Nation had been sacrificing and still, the best of the best of their brave men and women who devoted their lives for the freedom that seems to be a sacred element in their heroic struggle against the Russian colonial occupation.

The assassinated Chechen President, and Amir of Caucasian Mujahideen, Shaheed Sheikh Abdul-Halim Sadulayev is another worrier that reached his destiny after striving and trying his best to restore the freedom and independence of the determined Chechen Nation from the tyrant imperial and greedy colonial occupational forces.

Sheikh Abdul-Halim Sadulayev was decorated by President Aslan Maskhadov with two State orders, one of them being "Honor Of The Nation" - and the other one, "The Supreme Order" introduced by President Jokhar Dudayev.

According to Chechen sources, during all his life Sheikh Abdul-Halim Sadulayev left his ...

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 JUN 11

The Russian Partition And Annexation Policies For The North Caucasus

The Muscovites lead by Ivan the Terrible started their conquering, occupational, colonial and imperial wars and aggressions, more than 450 years ago, against all the regions and states around their concentration area in Europe and beyond, which continued through the rest of the Tsars historical era, through the Bolsheviks, and reaching to the present rulers of the so-called Federal Republic Of Russian. Unprovoked violations and hostiles were launched against the peaceful nations for controlling and dominating their destiny.

The Russian Federation of today is the guard and the responsible side of the stolen and confiscated rights and properties which lead to divisions, conquests and annexations. The invaded and occupied lands and territories of the occupied nations and states that Russians enslaved during the implementation of their imperial policies still suffer being under occupation of the colonizing Russian state.

Russia ...

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 JUN 6

 NIZAM TV On Destroying The Village Of Komsomolskoye

  posted by EAGLE on June 06, 2006 1:00 PM as HUMAN RIGHTS

NIZAM TV On Destroying The Village Of Komsomolskoye
The Chechen NIZAM TV had been active in showing part of the truth which was available and documented by video shots that were accessible to the visitors of NIZAM TV Internet site, which were made available to the world to see and hear what those imperial Russians are doing in Chechnya, the North Caucasus Region and all other parts of the colonized regions and territories of the so-called Federal Republic Of Russia.
Most of those videos and movies are within reach also on other Chechen and N. Caucasian sites as some were present on "Google Video" which are available mainly in Russian or English Languages, but some were obtainable in both languages and even the Chechen Language as well.
That gives an idea about other countless crimes that were committed and still; but got no video, cameras, or any other means of recording and/or documenting what ...

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