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MAY 2005

 MAY 16

 The Circassians' Genocide And Great Exodus Of May 1864

  posted by EAGLE on May 16, 2005 9:00 AM as HUMAN RIGHTS

The Circassians' Genocide And Great Exodus Of May 1864

May Twenty First is a day of painful memories that marks the Day of Mourning for all Circassians. Circassians all over the world will commemorate the annual anniversary of the fall of  which resulted in the Russian occupation that made Circassian Nation suffer of colonialism and/or forced deportation to be scattered around the world.

The North Caucasus is in the hearts and minds of all the peoples of the nations of  North Caucasus, Circassians and others alike. The North Caucasians in Diaspora wish to return home, where they will be free to work out their destiny as they choose. 

Caucasians love justice and believe in the dignity of mankind.

The North Caucasus is the fabulous homeland, and all nations should live in peace while enjoying liberty, freedom and independence.

The Russian-Circassian War which lasted between 1763 To 21, May, 1864 ended with the fall of Circassia after fierce fighting, and heroic defensive fight that Circassians took against the Russian invading army which lead to the total occupation of the North Caucasus.

The fall of Circassia and other parts of the North Caucasus Region in the hands of the tyrants and savage Tsarist Russian armies that committed genocide and ethnic-cleansing against all invaded nations and amongst them the Circassian  nation which was considered the biggest genocide of the nineteenth century, which was forgotten by later history.

Millions were terrorized, massacred, displaced, or deported to a Diaspora that is as wide and as large as more than forty countries of the world.

It was the wide over-spread catastrophe, and the criminals were those who brought war, death and destruction to the Caucasus Region. Those evil tyrants gained happiness, wealth, fortune, treasures, and the nations' resources.

The sadists enjoyed seeing their victims in pain, sickness, illness, poverty, agony, grief, misery, suffering, torture, distress, danger, sorrow, and misfortune.

The greedy imperial Tsarist Russian empire wanted to occupy, grasp, and colonize selfishly what was supposed to be neighboring nations and beyond, by waging series of aggressive wars with the use of the mercenaries whose duty was to occupy the land from the original owners and then to settle and colonize the invaded and conqueror stolen properties and lands which made the change of the demography of the captured regions in the Caucasus and beyond. That imperial policy made Russia the largest colonial power in the world of today while controlling the destiny of tens of occupied and colonized nations.

The aggressive wars are the same as organized crimes that constitute nothing less than man-slaughter, blood baths, and murders. Who ever profits by the crime is guilty of it.

All the occupied and colonized nations with no exception are looking forward for the right moment-the way that occurred with the buried Soviet Union- for them to practice their legitimate rights starting with the right of self-determination.

The European Union, United Nations and the civilized world are urged to come up with the long due and brave solution for all oppressed and colonized nations who are dreaming of restoring their legitimate rights of self determination.

20 MAY 2006








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