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APRIL 2007

 APR 19

 Nationalism & Awareness Of Peoples Colonized By Russia

  posted by EAGLE on April 19, 2007 9:35 AM as IMPERIALISM

Nationalism & Awareness Of Peoples Colonized By Russia
A bunch of organized individuals with suspicious intentions, back grounds, connections, aims, locations faiths, support, and admittance of responsibility carried out one of the most horrible and devastating attacks in the history of mankind which resulted in killing and injuring thousands of innocent human beings beside destroying human civilization sites in the city of New York and the U.S. Pentagon in Washington D.C., which lead to creating unprecedented, unexplained, ambiguous, mean, unlawful, aggressive reactions, collateral & capital punishment, and even violating the common internationally recognized human rights issues & values, by creating and legalizing the restrictions of freedom, liberty, and the right to choose human virtues and denomination.
Russia being the largest imperial and colonial power in the world of the 21st century, that rules and controls tens of nations and regions that were occupied by military force against the well-being, interests, and the will of tens of oppressed peoples who are taking into consideration their rights of self-determination and restoring their freedom, dignity, and confiscated territories and homeland.
KGB/FSBmentality of ruling the buried former Soviet Union by the, then KGBand it's tools in the Communist Party, the government agencies, organizations, associations, agents and spies who were distributed all over the country (15 Republics) which lead to stripping all citizens from their basic rights that civilized societies are eager to provide and protect for all citizens alike.
The scene didn't change, and didn't show any difference in the KGB/FSBscenario (but with the FSB new title) of ruling what remained of the buried Soviet Union and still ruled directly by the head of government that is residing in the Kremlin and managed to grab what was left of the "deceased evil empire", which kept a fluffy and meaningless description under the decorated title, the Federal Republic Of Russia. It's the concluded federation that the said federated participants did not have a choice or decision to participate in.
A general evaluation of the Russians' general opinion used to be at the time to be on one part remembering the tyrants from Russia's past such
as Evan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Catherine the 2nd, Lenin, Stalin, and the rest of the Soviet Communist Leaders. On the other part was a new Russian authoritative ruler Vladimir Putin, who succeeded Boris Yeltsin as acting president when Yeltsin fell ill, and within the few following months, he was elected as president of the Federal Republic of Russia, while people who assumedly had elected him did not know who he is, and had never heard about him before!
New regime started initially to show that freedom is granted to all citizens of Russian origin and the other peoples of the colonized regions, nations and territories, which included opinion, religion, economy, travel, and choice, until the eventual grab of power took place which was extended, but not limited to all official government establishments and all security and armed forces.
What occurred in September, 11, 2001, and the consequential international shock created as a result of the disastrous attack, that theories of motives and intentions are still on the rise, made it possible that the terrorism phobia that followed, had encouraged the Russian leadership to ride the wave of salvation that was imposed and shown through the opportunist policies taken against nations from different origins and religions which are still under the Russian Police Statecolonial occupation that are ruled by the "rules and regulations" of the Middle ages! Peoples and nations were and still denied their basic rightsand common human values.
Then came the diversion of controlling all walks of life starting from the media and not ending at the political life level, then reversing the rules of the game of the economic changes, and tightening the rules of the norms and daily life of all citizens and individuals, in a way that freedom is restricted even for traveling within the so-called federation in which a passport is required to travel from a place to another.
Methods that were followed to grab the authorities which included the alliance between the rulers (government) and the leadership of the Orthodox Churchwhich positioned and neutralized all other faiths, and were ignored and by-passed, which reflect and present that the ruling government had selected the religious domination path that indicated obsession and control of all minorities through the alliance with the Russian Orthodox majority.
Russia is not threatened and/or faced with Islamic fundamentalism as some individuals are trying to promote and advertise. The fact is that many nations are threatened in their Motherland by the Russian Security Services, supported by their official and unofficial agencies and groups who are adopting the savage policiesof oppressing nations, peoples, and individuals, both inside the territories of the present Russian state, and beyond, to reach other countries.
All concerned who are following the ill-gotten gains which made the imperial state fell short of good will towards all peoples and individuals who are asking for fairness and justice. The crimes and aggressions committed against Chechens, Circassians, other North Caucasian Nations, the Mari People, the People of Bashkorstan, the Jews, the peoples of the Urals, Tatarstan, Siberia, the KaliningradGermans, the Finno-Ugric peoples, the people who are immigrating from Russia, and all the immigrantswho found themselves brought to Russia by the Russians themselves during the Soviet era.
It is not fair to describe what is going on in the Russian colonies, because of the so called Fundamentalism as such, because reality would indicate that nations awaken and renaissance would restore and consolidate national dignity, because tens of other colonized nations are not Muslims, while the nations that include Muslims got other faiths as well, which contradicts all propaganda attempts to bluff the international public opinion, and intelligence.
The undeclared apartheid policies, which passed the "point of no return", that are implemented against all non-Russian nations and individuals starting waging war to killing political opponents then reaching the evil commitment of torturing, interrogating,poisoningand killing journalistsand Human Rights activists, who are Russian clear-conscious groups and individuals.
According to the above mentioned facts, the international community and the civilized world should take those events into consideration to come up with the correct judgment, to recognize the genocidecommitted against oppressed nations, to investigate the smoking-gun & traces of contamination, to point out at the real criminals, and to address the right issues for the sake of permitting truth to surface and to be as clear and as bright as it should be…

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