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MARCH 2007

 MAR 9

 Eventually, Truth Will Prevail

  posted by EAGLE on March 09, 2007 2:00 AM as GENERAL

Eventually, Truth Will Prevail

Whatever happens, our people should be optimistic, and that will give and enhance life, trust, self-confidence, and the faith in destiny; but pessimism is the opposite of all that because it represents death, destruction, lack of self-confidence, and ignorance.

Even though, the case that is presented in this post is considered a problem within few people, but it is a good idea for any Circassian to think about it in the logical sense, which requires the individual or the whole community to look at things in the way that Circassia the country, and the nation were under a continuous greedy attack from the Russian aggressors for hundreds of years, until the time they conquered Circassia and the whole North Caucasus Region

The logical events then requires the sensible viewers to follow the massacres, genocide, slaughter, and total occupation, while killing and pushing the majority of population to leave motherland, and to end up in more than thirty countries in the world of today.

All Circassians, who stayed alive, and whether they preferred to stay in homeland or had to Be forced for "forced deportation" were left with nothing that could help them even to stay alive and survive. They were left with no means of life support, but comes the wisdom to indicate that destiny of individuals and nations requires us to believe in the fact the God's will overcome all others, and this earth, was created by Almighty God, to make all Human Beings able to survive provided the activity and participation are done and served by whoever wanted to get use of what is available in life.

All of what is mentioned above, doesn't prevent the historical and continuous struggle and fight between good and bad, but to be fair, it would be correct to say that most of the people or in other words, the majority of them are the normal and pleasant who would abide by the rules of manners and fairness, which means that there is part of the society, community, or individuals who are selfish, mentally sick and/or psycho cases, but with different percentage and magnitude of cases.

Those who don't even remember or they assume the ignorance of others, they act as if they were never (or their forefathers and grandfathers) subjected to forced deportation, a war against the entire Circassian nation or a genocide that had taken place in the 19Th Century that lead to the perish of millions of Circassians in addition to all of those disastrous consequences and results.

Those sick and/or mentally retarded or unstable (in different categories), but greedy individuals and groups are there and they are available in all classes of the society or the community, and they avail themselves to cooperate and coordinate with the enemy for their personal selfish gains and benefits. Samples are well known to all who wanted to know the painful reality of those who appointed themselves with the help of the occupiers as the rulers and faithful agents to do most of what they do to please those who delegated them for this kind of opportunist assignment.

Similarly that applies to those who forgot all about their origin and their nation, and to those who would do any thing to collect money, hurt, and harm even their relatives and their fellow Circassians, by any mean to satisfy their ego, which reflects a psychological defect in their unstable, sadist, split-personality, and psychological sickness.

There should be cure though for most of those cases, with different ranges of success, depending on the degree of convincing efforts that are followed to treat such cases, but the most important method to follow is the logical, scientific, and social development way of addressing the communities defects as such.


Justice For North Caucasus Group

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