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 Putin & Circassian Diaspora

  posted by EAGLE on February 10, 2007 9:55 PM as HUMAN RIGHTS

Putin & Circassian Diaspora
Putin's official visit to Jordan on the 12th of February is regarded as a way of extending and boosting the fields of cooperation in all aspects, which shows the development of better relations with Jordan and the Arab World in recent years and after the fall of the Soviet Union.
The last time that a Russian President had visited Jordan was the time of the funeral of late King Hussein when Boris Yeltsin arrived to the capital city Amman, but fell ill and short of attending the state funeral which took place on Monday 8 February 1999, with the presence of tens of kings and presidents of the world.
News reporters reported that during this visit an important event will take place in establishing the first official contact between a Russian government and the Circassian Diaspora, that was established in Jordan and in the rest of the world after the postponement of the Russian-Caucasian war that ended in 21, May, 1864, which lead to forced immigration and refuge in other countries, and resulted in total genocide against the Circassian Nation and other North Caucasian Nations that were the targets and victims of the Russian Empire's ambitious colonial greed.
I claim that Russia, with the (techno-color) title of Federal Republic of Russia of the 21st century is not different than Russia of the Muscovite's and Evan The Terrible one, that was filled with aspiration of imperial and colonial plans to conquer and occupy other nations' territories and countries.
The reason of this claim is that Russia in the present time is trying to hold on all the colonized nations that were held against their wishes since the series of colonial wars and aggressions that had started and continued on for hundreds of years which got the North Caucasus in mind to capture and take captive for as long as they can!
The Circassian Diaspora of Jordan, and in accordance with the news reports, is going to submit and hand over a letter that would abbreviate and summarize all the years since they had to leave motherland until the present time, which will indicate the atrocities that Circassians had been victims for and still, with no wise Russian leadership as yet had even thought to fix or to repair and cure.
Without emptying the letter or the demanding request of any intended contents and at the same time with all respect for those who are in the process of fulfilling their tasks of doing so, there should be the other point of view and/or discretion of choosing different judgments.
The view should not underestimate or discredit other factors of the whole story, situation and matter.
A real coordination and real contact should take place with those Circassian individuals, and organizations which are and until this moment planted there in Motherland, the land of our great Grandfathers and Grandmothers.
Those brave Circassians who are full of dignity, pride, sense of honor, self-esteem, and vigor, who managed to keep their language and faith in Motherland had preferred to stay at home after the fall of Circassia, with all the harassment's and tough treatment that they got and still getting from the occupiers until now.
Diaspora people which are living in more that 30 countries of the world (including Jordan) are requested to look at the other side of the coin and to look and even investigate the other side of the story. Diaspora should question the present Russian government's policies that support the growth of the so-called nationalism, and the act of enmity which is the typically mutual hatred or ill will, such as the slogans given by the nationalist, chauvinist, and xenophobia activist groups who got their short-sighted demands while they are ignoring the colonized nations and peoples who are considered Russians in accordance with the so-called Russian constitution. Those who got their calls "Russia For Russians" should give the indication first of what Russia they meant and which Russians are involved in their classifications.

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