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 DEC 10

 With Controversies And contradictions, History Repeats Itself

  posted by EAGLE on December 10, 2006 3:25 PM as HUMAN RIGHTS

With Controversies and contradictions, History Repeats Itself
Controversies and contradictions are the main dominant factors on the present situation which reflects astonishments and surprises alongside the tragic events that took place with all the subsequent effects and turn outs that followed and still.
All of the high sophistications that had been used for committing horrible crimes around the world, with the responsible authorities keeping silent and even shy and bashful to point at the criminal and/or criminals (probably for the possibility of getting a retirement job from one of those giant projects in the future), which obviously is considered crystal clear facts, figures, and traces to follow the criminals and their bosses and associates all the way to their nests, and directly to the point of evil conspiracies’ planning theatre in their ghost-house residencies!
The Late Alexander Litvinenko, (May Almighty God Bless His Scared Soul) ...

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 DEC 1

 The Russian Genocide Against The Hatuqwai

  posted by EAGLE on December 01, 2006 1:50 AM as HUMAN RIGHTS

The Russian Genocide Against The Hatuqwai

This time, the subject is the same, even though the victims are different; but in all cases, whoever profits by the crime is guilty of it. “Greed and selfishness prepare and plan for the crime; the criminals commit them”. That gets to the wisdom that says “War is the science of destruction, and the tragedy of war is that it uses man’s best to do man’s worst”.

The recent crimes that were introduced and produced to the world by the criminal gang and junta that slammed all human principles for the sake of gaining political and imperial profits in the prospective of increasing the amount and magnitude of influence, authority, and power over all fields, areas, extents, and opportunities.

The subject of today is not far away as of effects on human sufferings and loss of lives and properties, but also to track the Russian ...

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