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 NOV 28

 Circassians Are Hiding Behind Their Pride

  posted by EAGLE on November 28, 2007 1:55 AM as IMPERIALISM

Circassians Are Hiding Behind Their Pride

The Circassian Nation like any other nation that is colonized by Russia, had suffered for hundreds of years and until today, of continuous Russian aggressive actsand policies that varied in magnitude and brutality, but all analyzed in total occupation with consequences of irresponsible violent behavior and all victimized nations and individuals that happened to be on the way of the barbaric forces of well-equipped and trained soldiers and mercenaries.

Thegenocidethat was largely practiced against Circassians who were a target for this inhuman action that consequently leads for total occupation and destruction of the country of Circassia.

The devastated Circassian nation fell victim and was subjected to the Russian imperial controlwhich is considered one of the most brutal colonial occupations in the history of Mankind.

Circassians were slaughtered, displaced, and forced to exile and were forced and pushed to leave their Homeland ...

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 NOV 4

 A Questionnaire About Russian Imperial Contradictory

  posted by EAGLE on November 04, 2007 8:55 PM as IMPERIALISM

A Questionnaire About Russian Imperial Contradictory
This is a questionnaire that is presented and delivered to those who followed and still following the contradictions of the Russian politics and policies, while Russia is still occupying and colonizing tens of nations against their well and/or their wishes.
The same authorities try to present falsely and mistakenly that the Russian state is considered as a state to all its citizens who happened to be living there, while connected with a union that no one of those oppressed nations wanted to be united or considered with; but at the same time ignoring the fanatic “Russists” calls for getting rid of all of those nations that are not considered of their blood!
What does it mean then, when official state celebrations and commemorations are carried out, when solely and only the Russian Orthodox Church is assuming the lead by attending ...

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