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 OCT 25

 Nalchik Events

  posted by EAGLE on October 25, 2005 6:20 PM as NORTH CAUCASUS

The following were posted in "International Caucasisn Forum" in regard to the Nalchik Events:
Sun Oct 23, 2005

hyppo wrote:
it was arranged by outsiders(chechens, ingush) but carried out by locals, who, in fact, are not nationalistically but religiously influenced.

but i wonder at something else- how dumb it was. Obviously, what on earth 200 gunmen could achieve attacking the capital of a populous republic under the protection of a 150 mln country. Theoretically it would be easier to arrange explosions.

I am afraid chechens wanted blood, it makes the performance brighter, louder and WAY more complicated for federals to deal with. And for that, they used unemployed, dumb, but trained and brainwashed kabardenian ship, why to waste their own precious kind.

even here, we are spawns in somebody's game, and are merely used to carry across somebody else's points.

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 OCT 25

 The Close But Far Away Motherland

  posted by EAGLE on October 25, 2005 5:25 PM as NORTH CAUCASUS

The Close But Far Away Motherland
The following is an article that was written by a faithful and committed Caucasian Circassian that was published in the 3rd addition of FREEDOM bulletin Page 4, which used to be published by "The Caucasian Community Center", New Jersey, USA and was dated 01-July-1979. The reason for bringing this issue after more than 26 years of the published article is to show the national feeling and sense of responsibility towards the colonized North Caucasus and doing that against the imperial power that grabbed the region at the time, beside mentioning the human suffering of being forced to live away from motherland.
Eagle/Justice For North Caucasus

The Close But Far Away Motherland
(I woke up from innocent childhood dreams to be at the center of a painful reality.
A new phase of my life just ...

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