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 OCT 29

 Yeltsin’s Telegram (Wire), To The Peoples Of The North Caucasus

  posted by EAGLE on October 29, 2007 10:25 PM as NORTH CAUCASUS

The Text of former President Yeltsin’s Telegram (Wire).

The following is a translation of the telegram (wire) "with no comments", that former Russian President Boris Yeltsin had sent to Circassians and North Caucasians on the memory of the 130 years of the end of the Caucasian / Russian War, which ended in 21-May-1864:

The Text of former President Yeltsin’s Telegram (Wire), to the peoples of the North Caucasus

Appeal to the peoples of the North Caucasus Regarding the elapse of 130 years since the end of the Caucasian/Russian war

Fellow citizens Esquires

The past events bring us back to more than one century, to the years of struggle for the Caucasus and the conflict between the interests of the Russian Empire, Britain, France, Iran, and Turkey, which all bear their shares of moral responsibility to the suffering of the Mountainous peoples(the Circassians).

Fellow Citizens, the results of the Caucasian / Russian war, which had caused many human victims and material losses, are still until now causing pain in the hearts of many Russians.

Let the soil be the sacrifice for those who fell on the battlefield and lost their lives by the harshness of war, and those who left their homeland and died in alienation while suffering the bitterness of the loss of homeland. Let the memory of the sad events be kept in the hearts of the grandchildren to serve us all, and move us away from new tragedies.

The Caucasian / Russian war had been evaluated in different forms according to the political orientations of the different historical periods, and Russia today adopted a juristic Recognizing each is precious to mankind, and show the possibility to bring about a new objective look for the events of the Caucasian war as a heroic fight, that the nations of the North Caucasus had taken, not only to preserve the land, but also to preserve the national culture, that contents the best benefits of the national character.

The problems that we received as a result of the Caucasian war and in particular the problem of the return of the grandchildren of the immigrants, to the historic homeland must be resolved on the international level through negotiations with the participation of all interested parties.

My dear citizens

In our awareness, the Caucasus and Russia are strongly interrelated concepts and no one can imagine one without the other, and I am certain that the spread of building the democratic state and the agreement & harmony between the peoples will ensure the best dreams of the welfare and prosperity of the peoples inhabiting our country.

The telegram (wire) is found in the 10th page of the book "Circassians at the Dawn of History" for its author, Berzej Samkugh, which was published in 10/01/1995

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