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Anna Politkovskaya was an outstanding woman, devoted writer, and Human Rights activist. On October 7th 2006, a group of cowards assassinated her because they were afraid to face the truth. She was murdered because she exposed the crimes of the Russian government. Throughout the years Politkovskaya had been tracked down, followed, and investigated but that did not discourage her. Even after several failed assassination attempts, she kept going because she knew that she possessed a gift that was no match for the Russian government. She had the gift of writing, and wrote about the facts. Anna revealed the secrets that government tried kept hidden, and exposed their evil deeds. Even though her life was at stake she never gave up, she knew that it was her duty to keep the world informed. The world will never forget her. We salute Anna Politkovskaya.

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APRIL 2005

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend"

posted by Justice For North Caucasus - Anna Politkovskaya. on April, 2005 as Anna Politkovskaya

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend"
Many analysts including Chechen ones, express opinion, that the next Russian-Chechen war was favorable to Putin in the beginning of his career to come to the authority and to become stronger in the Kremlin, but now Putin would like "a pacification of the Caucasus", as he has already built his "vertical of authority" and does not need propaganda use of "the Chechen card" any more. To the question, why Putin in this case does not begin a real political settlement of the Russian-Chechen conflict, in most cases they refer to a certain "mafia", which consists of Moscow financiers, commands of occupational forces in the Chechen Republic and the puppet officials terribly interested in the continuation of the war, bringing them fabulous benefits with larceny of the "regenerative" and "compensatory" money. And this mafia also blocks - "at the level of intentions" - any Putin's peace plans.
Some western and Russian analysts (among the latter the solo party is sung by known journalist Anna Politkovskaya) expand structure of the notorious "mafia", adding also heads of the Chechen Resistance in its structure, who, according to their belief, also are interested in the continuation of the war, as certain "international centers" plentifully finance "field commanders" during the war, but they will immediately stop this financing if the war somehow comes to the end. As the result it turns out, that literally all the participants and sponsors are interested in the continuation of the war, and the pessimistic conclusion, that the Russian-Chechen confrontation does not have any chance of a compromise political settlement, is made.
Some inadequacy of judgments of Anna Politkovskaya concerning "the high policy" was evidently showed in March, 2003, when she demanded from President Aslan Mashadov "to come down from mountains" and to accept legal participation in the arranged by the Kremlin performance named "presidential elections of the Chechen Republic ". In the context of the fierce war this requirement was so ridiculous, that it received comments neither from the Chechen, nor from the Russian party. The conviction of Politkovskaya that continuation of the war is favorable to Chechen commanders "in the financial plan" looks rather strange. Any journalist applying for the role of an analyst, and who does not want to be at the same level as Shabalkin, should know even bases of human psychology, that is to understand, that a pursuit of material benefits should assume in a person desire to live and to use these blessings in conditions of personal safety.
If during many years a person daily risks his life, it is silly to name selfishness and self-interest the motivation of his acts. In other words, it is silly to assume, that Chechen commanders pursue "financial interests" in this fatal struggle. Especially silly it looks at the background of simultaneous charge of them in "religionism". "Religionism", that is sincere fidelity to some idea, and "gangsterism" - prosecution of terrestrial material benefits, are antagonistic conditions of human soul and they do not get on in one person (unless only in propaganda tricks of Shabalkin, a comparison with who will certainly offend intelligent Anna Politkovskaya). For this reason, if there is "a mafia of war" it is necessary to mention it only in the structure of the Russian party (including the Russian puppets in the Chechen Republic ).
But whether only "mafia", - it does not matter, what structure it has, - is guilty in continuation of the war? Whether this war is really so unfavorable to Putin (what automatically makes some analysts suspect in him a supporter of - at least, objective – stop of it)? In our opinion, Putin and his KGB surrounding is interested not in absence of the war, but in such a condition that the war possessed, so to say, a propaganda reality, at the same time not threatening with serious troubles to Russia , successfully privatized by them with all verticals, horizontals and diagonals. The matter is that when a war proceeds in a propaganda plane, being "an operated conflict", it is favorable to the Kremlin regime, but it is resolutely unprofitable, when it finds uncontrollable scales and intensity, showing military and political inconsistency of Putin and his "strategists".
There is no need to explain for a long time, why "the operated conflict" is favorable to Putin and his security officers' junta. In 2000 Putin began to manage a rather liberal country, where the main condition of democracy was observed: a free exchange of information and opinions. However now even Putin does not name Russia democratic, he sends the construction of the "free country" to some foggy future, stipulating thus, that democracy in Russia will be not the same, as everywhere, but "Slavic", "traditional", etc. And it means that there is not democracy in Russia and there will not be, if political processes in this country would be managed with the KGB junta. And it would be silly to expect democracy from the KGB junta. It is the same as to expect hyenas to become vegetarians at their own hunting. It is quite natural, that the repressive organization created and structured for protection of the totalitarian regime, having got the governmental authority, can come only to the idea of a totalitarian regime. This organization, which has destroyed tens millions of people, simply cannot generate other ideas.
The security officers' junta, sitting in the Kremlin needed "an operated conflict" with all its propaganda horror stories for this restoration of totalitarianism. Putin and his camarilla thought, that they would manage to transform the Chechen Republic into a camp of death, completely isolated from the external world, and to begin and to finish successfully the main operation under a smoke screen of "counterterrorist operation" - an establishment of security officers' dictatorship in Russia, with bereaving of all profitable branches of business and manufactures from oligarchs by classical racket methods. It is not a secret fro anybody, that nowadays Russian oligarchs are only nominal owners of their billions: actually this money and the whole business by means of which it is earned, for a long time are under the control of Putin and his security officers' grouping. Obstinate oligarchs are either killed, or imprisoned, or are made leave the country. So, Putin and accomplices needed "an operated conflict" in the Chechen Republic for an establishment of such gangster totalitarianism.
It is quite natural, that Putin will dislike the war in the Chechen Republic only when it becomes a real threat for him and his accomplices instead of "politics tricks" and "a propaganda horror story". The real estimation of the situation shows, that the war can become such a threat for the Kremlin criminal grouping, only when it leaves "the Chechen ghetto" and get all-Caucasian scales. President Aslan Mashadov fairly warned the Kremlin, that the war would be extended to the whole Caucasus , and invited Putin and his "strategists" to begin peace negotiations. But he did it not because he had any illusions concerning moral responsibility of this mean gang. He simply appealed to their gangster pragmatism, thinking, that the real prospect to get the Great Caucasian War will make Putin's gang to estimate the developing situation more soberly. It is well-known, how Putin's murderers responded to these offers of the Chechen President.
Now, when all mirages of "the political decision" have completely vanished, military-political management of the CRI clearly knows how to achieve victory in this bloody long-term conflict. It is necessary to emphasize, that Putin's regime makes all conceivable efforts, so that the Chechen Resistance had powerful allies not only in the Caucasus transformed by the Russian chastisers into a zone of lawlessness and bloody reprisals, but also in Russia as well. The matter is that numerous opponents of the gangster totalitarianism of Putin begin to realize, that the most organized and powerful force resisting to the KGBism, is the Chechen Resistance. They begin to realize, that it is absolutely ridiculous to oppose Putin, simultaneously positioning themselves as opponents of the Chechen Resistance. A simple principle inevitably begins to operate: the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I think that Chechen politicians and propagandists should not only be ready for such new alliances, but also they should actively work for acceleration of this process.
M. Visaitov , Chechenpress, 29.04.05.
Journalist Anna Politkovskaya detained in Chechnya (LAST UPDATE: Feb 28)

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